On the occasion of Yome Takbeer, Rabita Forum International organized a seminar Nuclear Deterrence & Security Stability in South Asia

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On 25 May 2019

Vice Admiral
Arifullah Hussaini, Prof. Dr. Shaeshta Tabbasum , Prof. Shujaat Hussain ,
Imteiaz Faran and Nusrat Mirza spoke on the topic.

Admiral® Arifullah Hussaini was of the opinion that full spectrum of deterrence
is only possible if our nation is equipped with sophisticated technology and knowledge.
Due to deterrence the war has been avoided in South Asia and world over. USA
has established its primacy after attacking Japan with atomic bomb. But
American supremacy is in question now.

Nusrat Mirza Chairman Rabita Forum international in his
introductory speech said
that 28th May
1998 called Yome Takbeer that gave this nation a confidence and respect among
the nations of the world to become 7th Nuclear Power. Pakistan obtained
 a unique technology in spite of
sanctions and all kind of pressure and hurdles. That showed the resolve of the
nation to counter India which has with the help of the world divided Pakistan
in 1971 and then to frighten Pakistan by detonating the atom bomb in Pokhran in
1974 naming smiling Budha. After that Pakistan has no option except to respond
and also become a nuclear power. It took 10 years to achieve the desire goal.
In 1984, we have enriched the uranium to the atomic level. It was known to USA
but as it was engaged in Afghan war to defeat the USSR so it did not object or
resist at that time but considered that it has the capability to reverse
Pakistan’s nuclear program at a later stage. 
But it could not do as the resolve of Pakistani nation was so strong
that USA and its allies neither could restrict or limit or reverse our
advancement in nuclear technology.

Our advancement was in two directions: peaceful use of
Nuclear technology and military use. We have demonstrated our skill by
detonating the 7 bombs; 6 in Chagi and one in Kharan hills on 28th
May 1998 and a day after. The progress made by Pakistani scientists in the field
of Peaceful use nuclear technology for the betterment of human beings is
tremendous and has been appreciated throughout the world. Mr. Amano the
Chairman of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) based in Austria has
lauded Pakistan’s efforts in the fields of Agriculture, Health and Education.
He also paid rich tribute to Pakistan for safeguarding the Nuclear Power Plants
and new techniques developed by Pakistan in health and Education. In security
area Pakistan has been accepted having one of the most protected systems of the
world for nuclear assets. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto initiated the atomic program,
Dr.A.Q Khan enriched the uranium. The detonation was done by Mian Nawaz Sharif
on 28th May 1998 which is a pride for him. The power politics and
other things are in the middle and the man also changes. For one thing that one
achieves one should not expect that now he can do whatever he likes or become
absolute powerful man. Heroes are heroes. The nation respect Heroes.  If one would like to keep this title, one
should live politics and or controversy.

Shujaat Husain said it is phycology is more dangerous than the weapon

Imteiz khan Faran president Karachi Press Club said our
weapon for defense and not aggression.

Prof. Dr. Shaesta Tabssum paper is included in this issue.

Zafar Imam Advocate welcomed the speakers and the audience.

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