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Nuclear war became more likely this time here’s why

By Robert Andersen & Martin J Sherwin It is possible that the post-1945 US-Soviet peace came ‘through strength’, but that need not imply nuclear deterrence. It is also undeniable that the presence of nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert capable of

How to limit presidential authority to order the use of nuclear weapons

By Lisbeth Gronlund, David Wright &  Steve Fetter In the United States, the president has sole authority to order the use of nuclear weapons, for any reason and at any time. This arrangement is both risky and unnecessary. The risks

Kim Jong-un North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is now complete

Second, deterrence requires that each side’s arsenal remains invulnerable to attack, or at least that such an attack would be prevented insofar as a potential victim retained a ‘second-strike’ retaliatory capability, sufficient to prevent such an attack in the first

The Indian Chief speaks – but position unworthy

General Bipin Rawat says it like it is on Kashmir, will politicians pay heed? Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Bipin Rawat has been known throughout his glorious military career to have always led from the front. He continues to

Pivoting against China?

By Bharat Karnad The Indian government and its agencies, including the armed services, have been so infected by myopia and the supposed Pakistan threat that, as I have argued for some 40 years now, no one in an official post

Behind the ‘enemy’ line the borders of J&K

The closer you get to the border in J&K, the greater the yearning for an end to ceasefire violations By Happymon Jacob “Why do you want to visit our side of the Line of Control (LoC)?” a senior Pakistan army

A Trump decree is killing innocent civilians in Somalia

By Jamal Osman Other clues as to US activity in Africa – where the present significant expansion of Special Ops activity surely has nothing to do with copious resources found on that continent – can be found in headlines like:

US military plans new nuclear weapons

Making war with Russia and china more likely, experts say By John Haltiwanger The Pentagon plans to build two new nuclear weapons to keep up with the modernizing arsenals of Russia and China, according to a comprehensive Department of Defense

US’s double standards and Pakistan

It is only Pakistan-US cooperation in fighting terrorism that served the US national security interests as well as the larger interests of the international community By Ubaid Ahmad The uneasy Pak-US ties since Donald Trump’s new Afghan policy suffered a

Very well-thought out analysis of the current US-Pakistan situation and our response

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said on record before the Congress that Pakistan had been let down by the US, Gen David Patreous, ex Director of the CIA said there was no evidence of Pakistan’s role in destabilising Afghanistan,