2019 Review of the Year – International


January 01:  (US and Israel formally quit UNESCO)  Washington & Tel Aviv ditch international body over ‘anti-Israel bias’

January 02: China makes history as the first to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon.

January 05: authorities asked for peace after violence erupted as the yellow vests protests continued in France. Nearly 50,000 people have taken part in the demonstrations throughout the country. (CNN)

January 06: At least 30 miners were killed in Afghanistan after a tunnel collapse. According to officials, the victims were mining for gold illegally. (Reuters)

January 10:  Nicolas Maduro was sworn in for his second term as Venezuela’s president. (Reuters)

January 15: Brexit vote: British Parliament rejects Theresa May’s Brexit deal. lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected  by a vote of 432 to 202.

January 15: Attack on Kenya nerobi DusitD2 hotel –  21 dead. An upscale Nairobi building complex has been attacked by terrorist group al-Shabaab.

January 18: Mexico pipeline explosion: 73 killed and 74 hurt after fuel theft. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has launched a major crackdown on fuel theft, which the government said cost the country more than £2bn last year.

January 21:  As many as 100 Afghan security forces killed in Taliban attack.

January  25: Qatar confirms it will no longer fund Hamas salaries. It will no longer fund salaries of Hamas employees in Gaza but will still give aid to poor families, after the Palestinian enclave’s Islamist rulers refused to accept wage payments over conditions allegedly attached by Israel.

January 25:  JAKARTA. Death toll from Indonesia floods, landslides climbs to 68.

Foods and landslides hit the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, an official said on that, some 6,700 people in 14 districts have been evacuated and are now living in shelters, schools, tents or mosques.

January 27: (Philippines) At least 20 people have been killed and dozens more injured after two bombs exploded during a Sunday Mass near a Roman Catholic cathedral in the Philippine island of Mindanao.


February 02: Iran unveils, successfully tests new long-range cruise (Hoveyzeh) missile, capable of covering over 1,350 kilometers.

February 02: Iran’s unveils a “state-of-the-art” domestically produced cruise missile-equipped Fateh submarine, which the defence ministry said is capable of firing cruise missiles.

February 05: From critic to convert: Former anti-Muslim Dutch politician embraces Islam. A former Dutch politician from Geert Wilders’ right-wing Freedom Party (PVV) has announced his unexpected conversion to Islam. Joram Van Klaveren’s ‘Road to Mecca’ moment occurred while researching a book critical of the faith.

February 13:  40+ people killed in suicide attack on Revolutionary Guards in Southeastern Iran.

February 16: Fifteen Egyptian troops killed or wounded in North Sinai.

February 18: Srinagar, Indian-Occupied  Kashmir – At least nine people, including three armed rebels, four Indian army soldiers and a police constable, have been killed in a gun battle in India-Occupied  Kashmir.

February 20: At least 70 dead in Bangladesh building fire where blaze started housed a plastics warehouse, according to firefighters.

February 24: (SRINAGAR) At least 42 Indian soldiers were killed and multiple were left injured after a  Suicide attack at Indian-occupied Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

The attack saw explosives packed inside a van rip through buses in a convoy of 78 vehicles carrying some 2,500 members of the paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).

Adil Ahmad Dar, 20 year age, suicide bomber radicalized after beating by troops, three years ago, his parents told Reuters.

February 25:  Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister resigned.

February 25: U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged the United States and Russia on Monday FEBRUARY 25, 2019, to preserve the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and to extend the New START Treaty before it expires in 2021.


March 08: It was announced that 261 people in the Philippines have died from Measles this year already. That’s a 547% increase from the last year. About 2.6 million kids remain at risk in the country. Hundreds of children have also died in Madagascar as the outbreak continues. (CNN)

March 10: An Ethiopian Airline flight crashed shortly after takeoff, killing 157 people. The flight was especially full because it was carrying UN officials headed to the UN environmental summit in Kenya. (CNN)

March 11: After weeks of protest in Algeria, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced he will be not run for a fifth term in office. He has also delayed the election, and a new date has yet to be set. (BBC)

March 13:  (School Shooting in Brazil) two gunmen entered a Sao Paulo school and began shooting teachers and students. At least 8 people died from the gunfire and another ten were injured. The suspected shooters are also dead. (CNN)

March 21:  Ferry capsize kills nearly 80 in Iraq’s Mosul.

March 15: (New Zealand Christchurch Mosques Shootingk) An Australian gunmen martyred at least 50 people during Friday prayers at two mosques in Christchurch the worst attack in the Pacific country’s history.

March 23: ISIL defeated in final Syria victory, ending a four-year battle against the group that once held territory spanning a third of Syria and Iraq.

March 23:  Mozambique cyclone claims more victims as death toll exceeds 400.

March 23:  Somalia’s al Shabaab attack on government building in Mogadishu kills at least 15.

March 24: (Attack on Mali Village) armed men dressed as hunters entered a Fulani village and killed 134 people and wounded another 55. The attack is still under investigation. (CNN)


April 09: Eleven people died during the protests in Sudan, including members of the “state force.” Protestors are fighting for an end to the current president’s 30-year reign. (Reuters)

April 10: (New Zealand Changes Gun Laws) in a 119-1 vote, New Zealand’s parliament voted to ban military-style semi-automatic weapons. The decision comes weeks after a mass shooting that left 50 people dead. (CNN)

April 21: Sri Lanka’s deadliest terror attack ever . Health ministry says 253 people were killed 500 wounded. A series of coordinated bombings on Easter Sunday has rocked churches and hotels in Sri Lanka.

April 21: The Government of Pakistan officially handed over   ‘state-of-the-art ‘Jinnah Hospital in Kabul to Afghan authorities. The FO said that Afghan Vice-President Sarwar Danish, Afghan Minister of Public Health Dr Ferozuddin Feroz and Pakistani Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Ali Muhammad Khan, jointly inaugurated the “200-bed state-of-the-art” hospital in a ceremony held in Kabul.

April 11:  WikiLeaks Founder: Julian Assange arrested in London.

April 15: April 15: the famed Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire in Paris. The fire took a long time to put out, and it will likely take months to assess the damage. The iconic spire at the top of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris collapsed after a major fire broke out.

April 16:  Egypt passed constitutional changes that could allow current President Sisi to rule until 2030. The changes also give Sisi more judiciary power. He was expected to step down in 2022, but with these changes, the date is now uncertain. (BBC)

April 19:  Rioters in Northern Ireland shot and killed journalist Lyra McKee, who was just 29-years-old. As of April 20, two suspects are in custody. (Reuters)

April 21:  Easter Sunday, about 290 people died and hundreds more were injured in an explosion at churches in Sri Lanka. The bombings were coordinated and are believed to be terrorist related. (CNN)

April 21: US-led coalition ‘killed 1,600 civilians’ in Syria’s Raqqa. Amnesty and Airwars say US, UK and French forces only admitted to 10 percent of killings. Donatella Rovera, senior crisis response adviser at Amnesty, said, “Many of the air bombardments were inaccurate and tens of thousands of artillery strikes were indiscriminate.”


May 03: South Korea reported that North Korea has been testing short-range missiles. The US still needs to confirm the report. (BBC)

May 05:  (Over 20 People Die in Gaza) twenty-three people died after a fight erupted between Gaza and Israel militants the day before. Rocket missiles and airstrikes are still occurring. (CNN)

May 09: The US Defense Department announced that North Korea did launch multiple ballistic missiles. The missiles went about 185 miles before landing in the ocean. President Trump stated he is still open to talks with the country. (Reuters)

May 11:  Mena Mangal: a  prominent Afghan journalist and political adviser has been gunned down in Kabul.

18 May:  Indian Navy successfully test-fires Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM)

May 25:  Islamic insurgents kill at least 25 Nigerian soldiers, some civilians in ambush.

May 25: Eight  person was killed trying to climb Mount Everest. It is suspected that many of the deaths are caused by weakness and exhaustion due to the delays on the mountain because there is overcrowding. (Reuters)

May 30: (South Africa Makes History) South Africa made history after it was revealed that more than half its cabinet members are women. (CNN)

May 31: (Honduras US Embassy Fire) after protesters lit fires in front of the US Embassy in Honduras, the front entrance was left damaged. It took all morning for the fire to be put out, but no injuries have been reported. (CNN)


June 07: a suspected bomb explosion hit a rural Swedish town. The blast damaged many buildings and injured at least 20 people. Police are still investigating the attack. (Reuters)

June 10: more than 1 million protesters took to the streets in Hong Kong. The group is protesting an extradition bill that allows China to extradite fugitives. On June 12, police began shooting rubber bullets in the crowd. On June 15, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam suspended the bill. (CNN)

June 10: A Mali village was burned, killing at least 100 people. Police and rescuers are still investigating and searching the scene. No group has claimed responsibility. (BBC)

June 12: At least 26 people were injured after a Yemeni rebel group fired missiles at a Saudi Arabia airport. The group that claimed responsibility is the Houthi rebel group. (BBC)

June 12: India conducted a successful first test flight of the indigenously developed Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV) from a base off the Odisha coast.

June 17: three suicide bombers detonated bombs in Nigeria, killing 30 people and injuring another 39. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. (CNN)

June 17: Iran announced that in ten days, it’ll breach the Iran Nuclear Deal and obtain more than the limit on uranium. The country said it would cut back if other countries step in and protect it from US sanctions. (BBC)

June 17:  Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi died on Monday 17 June, in court after the conclusion of a trial session in the espionage lawsuit. 

“Tyrants” for the death of  Mohammad Morsi was murdered:  Turkish President

June 20: Iran shot down a United States military “intruding American spy drone” after it entered into the country’s territory.

June 23: Palestinians reject economic part of US peace plan. The United States has revealed a proposal to create a $50bn global investment fund for the Palestinians and neighbouring Arab states, designed to be the economic engine of the long-awaited US Middle East peace plan.

June 24: America accuses India of religious extremism and anti-Muslim policies.

June 30: tens of thousands of citizens protested for democracy in Sudan. The protests left 7 people dead and another 181 injured. Many of the injuries were caused by gunshots fired by the government. (CNN)

June 30: President Trump landed in North Korea, marking the first time a US sitting president has done so. Trump and Kim Jong-un are meeting to discuss the nuclear and trade talks started earlier in Trump’s presidency. (BBC)


July 02: Houthi Rebels launched a drone attack on a Saudi Arabia airport, injuring nine people. Houthi rebels claimed responsibility that afternoon. (CNN)

July 03: An airstrike on a Libyan migrant center killed 40 people and injured another 80. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but officials believe it could be the Libyan National Army. (CNN)

July 08: Thousands displaced as heavy rains batter fragile Rohingya camps. Days of heavy monsoon rains have battered Bangladesh’s Rohingya camps with floods, landslides, and high winds  displacing at least 2,700 people, damaging thousands of homes, and killing a woman and a young boy.

July 12: (Russia Delivers Shipment to Turkey) Turkey received a shipment of Russian-made S400 air defense missile system. This shipment poses a threat to the relationship between the US and Turkey. (CNN)

July 19: (Iran Seizes British Tanker) a british-flagged oil tanker went AWOL and was seen heading towards Iran. Officials believe the vessel has been captured by Iranians. (BBC)

July 19:  Afghanistan: Kabul University hit by explosion. At least eight people have been killed and 33 wounded in a blast.

July 06: Nuclear weapon material worth $72mn seized in a car in Turkey. The 18.1-gram haul was found highly-radioactive substance used to build nuclear weapons and power nuclear reactors in a car in the northwestern Bolu province.

July 02: 14 Russian Navy servicemen have died after a scientific deep submersible caught fire while on a mission.

July 08:  India successfully test fires 3 anti-tank guided Nag missiles in Pokhran range

July 15: Italian police seize MISSILE, guns and neo-Nazi material in raid on far-right militants.

Jul 26: North Korea tests ‘super-powerful’ missile weapons as long as ‘warmongers’ After 27 years: England beat New Zealand in thrilling World Cup Cricket final.

July 28:  An attack on people attending a funeral in Nigeria left 65 dead. Of those dead, 20 died on the scene and 4 died trying to chase the assailants. Officials believe Boko Haram is responsible. (CNN)

July 31: North Korea launched its second missile in a week. The country launched two short-range ballistic missiles off the east coast. The country has stated it’s a warning to Seoul in regards to the planned military training with Washington. (BBC)


August 04:  India test-fires its state-of-the-art Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile (QRSAM) air defense system as tensions soar with Pakistan.

August 04:  Frenchman successfully flies across English Channel on hover board.

French inventor Franky Zapata has successfully crossed the English Channel on a jet-powered hover board.

August 07: The Philippines declared a national dengue epidemic after 622 people died between January and July. There were 146,000 cases reported between that time, as well. (CNN)

August 07: Despite peace talks between the Taliban and the US, a bomb went off near a police station in Kabul, killing 14 people. The Taliban has officially claimed responsibility for the attack. (BBC)

August 10: There was a shooting at a Norweigan mosque, injuring at least one person. A suspect has been taken into custody, and multiple weapons have been found throughout the mosque. (CNN)

August 11: A fuel tanker exploded in Tanzania, killing 60 people and injuring another 70. A witness said that the truck swerved after trying to avoid a motorcyclist, causing him to lose control and turn over. (CNN)

August 16:  Gunman kills 20, wounds 26 at Walmart store in El Paso, Texas.

August 18:  A suicide bomber entered a wedding in Kabul and blew himself up during the festivities.

The death toll is at 63 nearly 200 hundred people have been injured in the western part of Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

August 18:  (Sikh – Indian)  Panjab University: Woman student leader takes part in protest for separate Punjab

August 18:  Iran unveils new missile ‘Bavar-373’ defence system at an unveiling ceremony in the capital, Tehran.

August 24:  Brazil’s leader sent the army to go fight the fire that has taken hold of the Amazon. President Bolsonaro’s decision comes after many countries threatened to attack Brazil’s economy if he continued ignoring the fire. Many of the fires are now said to have been started deliberately. (BBC)


September 03:  Indian Air Force gets its first Apache helicopters, army aviation stakes its claim

September 14: US Prsident Donald Trump has confirmed that the son of Osama Bin Laden, Hamza, was killed in a US “counterterrorism operation.”

September 17:  Two separate suicide attacks in Afghanistan have killed at least 48 people and injured dozens others.

September 21:  Saudi oil facility Drone attacks loud explosions erupted at Khurais oilfield and Abqaiq processing facility.

September 27: The stability and prosperity of South Asia cannot be separated from the Kashmir issue: Turkish President Erdogan.

September 27: Turkey’s Erdogan refuses UN dinner over presence of Egypt’s Sisi.

September 28:  Afghanistan’s Presidential Election:  Ashraf Ghani set for second term after  results, He secured 50.64% Mr. Hgani’s rival ,Dr. Abdullah Abdullah won 39.52%.

September 28: Houthis launched a major operation against Saudi forces near the kingdom’s southern region of Najran, capturing or killing a significant number of troops, their spokesman said.


October 03:  North Korea said it tested a new submarine ballistic missile just a day after agreeing with Washington to resume nuclear talks. (CNN)

October 03:  (Iraq) Anti-government protest started on 1 October and clashes with security forces. After two days Death toll nears 100, Baghdad has imposed a curfew. The protesters are demanding their basic rights – employment and services.

October 08:  Regional Al-Qaeda Leader Killed during a joint U.S.-Afghan raid in southern Afghanistan.

October 08: Dr. Mahathir Mohamad defends Jammu and Kashmir remarks which were critical of India during the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

October 09:  Turkey’s military operation in Norht-East Syria, aimed at removing Kurdish-led forces from the border area and creating a “safe zone” so millions of Syrian refugees can be returned.

October 11:  Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wins Nobel Peace Prize.

October 12:  Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Salman approves massive US military deployment for Saudi Arabia’s ‘defense’

October 12:  KILLER STORM Typhoon Hagibis kills 48 and 186 injured as it batters Japan.

October 18:  Bombing In Afghanistan Kills 62 Worshipers. An explosion rocked a mosque in eastern Afghanistan as dozens of people gathered for Friday prayers, causing the roof to collapse and killing 62  wounded 36 others worshippers.

October 22:  Lorry found with 39 bodies in southeast England. Truck, which is said to have started its journey in Bulgaria.

October 25:  Joint Statement by Russia, China, the United States of America And Pakistan on the Afghan Peace Process.

October 26: ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi reportedly killed himself after running into a dead-end tunnel during a US military raid in northwest Syria.

October 29: The representatives of State of Manipur’s King Leishemba Sanajaoba have announced separation from India, forming the Manipur State Council.


November 02:  Mali’s government said a terrorist attack on the Malian Armed Forces has left 53 soldiers and one civilian dead. No group has claimed responsibility. (CNN)

November 03: The German city of Dresden declared a “Nazi Emergency” after years of extreme right activity and hate crimes. Officials are attempting to combat the growing number of extremists. (CNN)

November 03: Protestors blocked Baghdad as the anti-government protests continued. (BBC)

November 06:  Deadly car bomb blasts rip through bus terminal in Syria’s al-Bab 18 civilians have been killed, while at least 27 others were wounded.

November 07:  US Develops Bacteria Strains to Detect Bombs Hidden Underground  Raytheon

November 07:  Indians angry with Google over ‘2020 Sikh Referendum’ app,  accuse Pakistan of supporting secessionist movement.

November 10:  (Iraq Protests Worsen) the death toll of the Iraq protests rose to 319. The day before, security forces killed four people as they tried to push back protesters. (CNN)

November 13:  Israeli forces have killed a top Islamic Jihad commander  in an air raid on his home in Gaza City. In response to the rocket barrage, Israel launched dozens of air raids on Gaza, 32 Palestinians have been killed in the bombardment, according to health officials and medics.

November 13:  China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (CSSC) was officially unveiled in Beijing, becoming the world’s largest ship maker.

November 18: A car bomb went off in Syria, killing 15 people and injuring another 50. Authorities placed blame on Kurdish groups in the area, but no group has claimed responsibility. (CNN)

November 25:  (Priceless Diamonds Stolen from German Museum) thieves stole three jewelry sets from the Dresden Green Vault in Germany. The thieves stole three out of ten diamond sets with 37 pieces each, but officials refuse to release more specific descriptions. (BBC)

November 24: Russian warship ‘Marshal Ustinov’ arrives in Cape Town for first-ever joint drill with Chinese, South African Navies.

November 24:  At least 24 killed after plane crashes in DR Congo’s Goma city.


December 01: 19 passengers killed, 21 injured in Russia after commuter bus plummets from bridge into frozen river.

December 01: USA – 9 killed, in South Dakota plane crash, including two children, and injured three others while a winter storm warning was in place.

December 04: A fire triggered an explosion at a Sudan factory, killing at least 23 people and wounding another 130. A committee has been set up to investigate the incident. (CNN)

December 06: A gunman opened fire and several vehicles went into the crowd of protestors in Baghdad. The attack killed 12 people and wounded another 22. The attackers have not been identified as of late. (CNN)

December 08:  A factory building in Delhi caught fire, killing 43 workers. Over 100 people were sleeping in the factory when it caught fire. The fire is under investigation. (CNN)

December 14: The Lebanon crisis continued as anti-government protests escalated in Beirut. Dozens of people have been injured as police and protestors clashed. (BBC)

December 21: Death toll in the India protests rose to 18 after 10 people were killed, 9 of whom were by gunshot and one was a child hit with a stone. The protests are due to the controversial citizen law passed earlier. (CNN)

December 21: Nearly 56,000 guns were handed over during New Zealand amnesty. The semi-automatic gun ban was set in place after the  Christchurch shooting that left 51 people dead earlier this year. (BBC)

December 27: Kazakhstan plane crash: 14 killed as Bek Air flight goes down near Almaty airport

December 28:  78+  killed 125 wounded in Somali capital Mogadishu car bomb attack.

December 29:  Taliban attack on Afghanistan army base kills 10 wounded 4 soldiers.

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