The Cycle of Change Begins? 

Pakistan’s elections always involved the promises of change and vision of a corruption free Pakistan. This has been going on since the 90s. First it was Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto who sought votes against each other with the promise of a better Pakistan under their tenure. Every time these promises were made the nation trusted them with the hope that they might have reformed, however, every time they came into power these promises proved to be nothing but web of lies. Corruption fast turned into the biggest problem plaguing Pakistan, one which was fuelling all other evils prevailing in Pakistan. Then Mr. Asif Ali Zardari took charge of the PPPP and Mr. Nawaz Sharif returned to Pakistan after an exile of over a decade. Democracy was restored in Pakistan after more than a decade and the people of this country expected change for the better instead they were subject to the worst form of corruption which ate away on the very fabric of this nation and also at the little system that was prevailing in the country at the time. PML-N and PPPP tenures were typical, as soon as they were elected they never addressed the real issues of Pakistan, instead they bashed the predecessor and promises which made no sense as they completely ignored macro-economic and strategic problems of Pakistan. Nation was losing hope in these self-proclaimed leaders very fast and change in Pakistan’s political scenario seemed like an idealistic concept. However, Mr. Imran Khan and his party PTI emerged as a valid alternative to these old and corrupt faces. PTI’s chairman Mr. Imran Khan was talking about all the right issues he was battling these corrupt individuals in the most outspoken manner and mostly his agenda was looking to the issues that were in the minds of the common man. His struggles put a lot of pressure on the government of PML-N and a cycle of change begun with the order of investigations against Nawaz Sharif on the charges of corruption, while finally resulted with the verdict that he is unfit to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan and he was arrested. Investigations of corruption charges against him are still underway and there are still cases that are going on against him and his family. Judiciary seems adamant on working against corruption and uprooting it altogether and now actions are being taken Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Ms. Faryal Talpur. These actions were made possible due to the new found awareness among the nation and it was this awareness that led to PTI winning general elections 2018 and Mr. Imran Khan being elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, as the nation believed that Mr. Imran Khan deserved a chance. His first speech as the Prime Minister of Pakistan further strengthened the belief that change for the better is coming as he talked about all the right matters. PM Imran Khan was open and upfront with the nation, he directly asked for the support and patience of the people of Pakistan while clearly mentioning that the corrupt will start protesting against his government due to the drive against corruption and the nation needs to prepare for it. He emphasized greatly on education and healthcare sector while highlighting the need for jobs and housing. He didn’t cower away from talking about debt repayment or the fact that we need to take loans to operate currently but he was firm that significant steps will be taken for the repayment of debt. Perhaps his most hailed measure was the steps to cut down on government expenditures significantly which would result in significant savings on an annual basis. His speech addressed all factors including, economic, social and strategic matters and this is the reason that it stood apart from the predecessors. It was a serious speech from a man who has a lot expectations riding on him and he is aware that if he doesn’t deliver than the nation may not give him another chance. This empowerment of the nation and the state of awareness is the real positive change in Pakistan. His austerity drive is very much welcomed. The size of the delegations to foreign countries for some or the other business has significantly reduced. The expenses have cut down. The green Pakistan movement has been started to grow as much trees as possible to check the global warming to the extent possible for Pakistan. This also has been appreciated in the country and worldwide. Pakistan is looking for its interest even in foreign policy. USA attitude is becoming harsh and harsher but Pakistan has decided to search new grounds to engage USA and not ready to accept the DO MORE Mantra of America. The change apparently has been seen in some internal and external affairs.

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