Nuclear Security and Pakistan

By Waleed A Rehman Khattak

In the Atomic age, where nuclear power is being used for military and peaceful purposes, there is no foolproof security system in the world which can prevent nuclear terrorism, even United Nation, International nuclear proliferation and IAEA introduced a multi layered code and conduct for nuclear safety. Pakistan is under heavy fire on the subject of nuclear safety, despite the fact that Pakistan is contributing it’s best into the International security.

What comes in one’s mind when we talked about nuclear terrorism, expert say that “Nuclear terrorism involves the acquisition and Detonation of an intact nuclear weapon from any state arsenal”? Fortunately the world hasn’t experienced any act of nuclear terrorism, yet but it is also on atomic equipment’s and highly enriched material were stolen which is believed to have been sold in Black market.

IAEA has observed many incidents of lost and unauthorized control of nuclear material since its establishment. The peaceful purpose of nuclear technology is increasing day by day, which has intensified the threat of terrorism in which terrorist can acquire enrich uranium from these public power plants although in any kind of accident, terrorist wouldn’t be able to make A-bomb, because of the lack of highly sensitive equipment’s and infrastructure so the chances are high that the terrorists will go for dirty bomb.

A Dirty bomb is not like an A bomb which devastates several mile area and spread radiation on a high yield level, Dirty bomb cause destruction in a small area and has full scale capability to spread psychological terror. Right at the moment there is no viable security system available in the world, which could prevent terrorism. The United nation Security Council and IAEA did introduce multilateral nuclear security initiatives in order to prevent any catastrophic situation and Pakistan also actively contributed in all international nuclear security efforts.

Pakistan established a center of excellence under the UN Resolution 1540 in which nuclear capable countries have to submit regular report explaining the measures taken for radiological security and control of sensitive nuclear material. Pakistan also rectified the convention on the physical protection of nuclear material (CPPNM) in 2016 and also a member of the global initiatives to combat nuclear terrorism, by looking at these measures taken by Pakistan to ensure maximum nuclear security we can easily predict and interpret that, Pakistan nuclear safety is on the top in the world.

Pakistan created National command authority (NCA) to manage and safeguard the Pakistan nuclear assets. The strategic plan division (SPD) is also playing a crucial role in managing nuclear assets along with the Pakistan nuclear regulatory authority (PRNA) which was established in 2001.Pakistan has also adopted the export control act to strengthen its nuclear exports and SPD has formulated a series of regulatory rules to keep an eye on nuclear activities in Pakistan.

According to Pakistan former nuclear scientist Dr. Samar Mubarakmand “Nuclear terrorism could happen anywhere in the world, in a case of Pakistan there is a whole division of armed forces safeguarding the assets, adding to this security management, nuclear devices are now fitted with a code lock device and Pakistan is continuously working on a highly sophisticated nuclear security system.

Western media and international lobbies often propagate against Pakistan nuclear assets to be unsecure and could be end in the hands of terrorist anytime, despite of the Pakistan efforts in nuclear safety and security, western media deliberately keep curtails on India nuclear safety and security many nuclear accidents have happened, where nuclear material was found in the custody of terrorist organizations.

Pakistan needs serious diplomatic overture “Nuclear diplomacy” so India’s false claims and malfunctioning nuclear security can be checked and Pakistan instance acknowledge by world, and the reputation of Pakistan becomes stronger as a responsible nuclear state…

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