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America defeated yet again


By Humayun Gauhar The Taliban victory in Afghanistan was an event foretold. Everyone with a modicum of brains was saying that this was inevitable; only they didn’t know when and how. As it came to pass, it came earlier than

The US Attack on Afghanistan was not OBL


By Khan Zia It is generally believed for various reasons that the U.S only attacked Afghanistan after Taliban refused to hand over Osama bin Laden to them. This is incorrect. The events that led up to the decision tell a

The US drought & its connection to National Security


By Erin Sikorsky The implications of climate change for Pakistan’s security are indeed frighteningly portentous taking into account the simultaneous galloping growth in population. Does anyone care? One would not think so looking at the pre-occupation with Nawaz Sharif, fixing

What America didn’t understand about its longest war


That the war went on so long may be tragic, but it is hardly surprising By Carter Malkasian As the United States leaves Afghanistan after 20 years of war, there can be little doubt that we lost the war  or

America is not ready for a war with China


How to get the Pentagon to focus on the real threats By Michael Beckley The United States has spent $19 trillion on its military since the end of the Cold War. That is $16 trillion more than China spent and

Fizz is gone from Biden-Putin summit


By M. K. Bhadrakumar The US National security adviser Jake Sullivan listens to President Joe Biden speak during a news conference after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Wednesday, June 16, 2021, in Geneva, Switzerland. The morning after a Russian-American

Lock him up! Why is repeat offender Trump still a free man?


By Simon Tisdall The ex-president is accused of abuse of power, fraud, tax evasion and more but he has not been charged with anything.  A sudden fall from power always comes hard. King Alfred was reduced to skulking in a

Pivot to Arctic What’s behind US – NATO military buildup in high North?


By Ekaterina Blinova The US is stepping up its military presence in the Arctic region together with its NATO allies, while at the same time calling on other nations to restrain from Arctic militarisation. What’s behind Washington’s self-contradictory stance and

What explains America’s antagonism toward China?


By Zhang Jun In the last few years, the view of China as a strategic rival has taken over the American political mainstream, with leaders largely choosing confrontation over cooperation. Two features of this shift stand out: how quickly it

Biden actually wants to engage Russia and China


Sinophobia and Russophobia are deeply entrenched in Washington but Biden is trying to navigate a more pragmatic approach By M K Bhadrakumar Anyone who tried to divine Russian policy on the Biden presidency out of the corpus of statements by