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A clear, straightforward explanation of why leaving the Iran deal matters

By Doug Mills If you find yourself unsure what to think about President Trump’s decision to exit the Iran nuclear accord, and to violate its terms by imposing broad sanctions that the United States had pledged to lift, you are

Commandos buying thousands of small missiles that pack a bigger punch than hell fires

As counter terrorism missions show no signs of slowing down and civilian casualties always a worry, the commando command is turning to a light, guided munition to chase down fast-moving targets  By Paul Mcleary Small insurgent groups have long used

Why silicon valley must go to war

 Should technologists prevent their tools from being used to wage war? By Christopher M. Kirchhoff This question was answered with a furious yes at Google recently, when more than 3,000 employees signed a memo protesting the use of the company’s algorithms

Henry Kissinger – “If you can’t hear the drums of war you must be deaf”

In a remarkable admission by former Nixon era Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, reveals what is happening at the moment in the world and particularly the Middle East By Alfred Heinz Speaking from his luxurious Manhattan apartment, the elder statesman,

A military bemedaled, bothered, and beleaguered

By William Astore Today’s “best of” piece takes me back a long way. Historian and retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel William Astore sent me an email out of the blue in the fall of 2007 about the staggeringly over-decorated commanders

Changing World Situation Requires Resilient Nuclear Posture, DoD Official Says

WASHINGTON —The world has changed and America’s nuclear strategy has to change as well, the deputy undersecretary of defense for policy said here today. David J. Trachtenberg told a Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies seminar on Capitol Hill that the Nuclear Posture

CIA chief’s meeting with Kim Jong-un is latest step in winding path to talks

By Austin Ramzy & Emily Cochraneapril Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. director and nominee to be the next secretary of state, traveled to North Korea and met with its leader, Kim Jong-un, the strongest indicator to date that plans for direct

US hybrid war arrives to replace Cold War

By Dmitri Trenin It would be too far-fetched to compare the recent US-Russian standoff in Syria with the 1962 US-Soviet Cuban missile crisis. Then, a nuclear war between the two was highly probable, and the existence of humanity was in

Analysing current American geo-strategy

The US is accustomed to leading the world order it has engineered since WWII By Zahid Mehmood Zahid It is safe to say that no country is more distressed by today’s dynamic global landscape and the tectonic shift in global strategic

Trump might give Iran an incalculable windfall

President Trump said the United States would be withdrawing forces from Syria “very soon” at an event last week in Richfield, Ohio By Max Boot  “We’re on the two-yard line. We could literally fall into the end zone. We’re that