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Surgical strike – the Indian fiction

By M Haroon Aslam  “I’ve got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel”  this Blackadder quote is so relevant to the so-called Indian surgical strike against Pakistan in September 2016. The

Disempowering the soldier Indian Army

By curtailing the effectiveness of the Armed Forces Tribunals, the Government is destroying the military justice system which is a disservice to serving and retired personnel By Deepak Sinha With election fever having gripped major parts of the country, television

India’s triad nuclear deterrence is more event management than substance

By Pravin Sawhney With a nudge from those keen on governmental image management, the Indian Navy has carried out its version of the 2016 ‘surgical strikes’ by launching a mission that is more political than military. While the first so-called

Distant handshake Rough weather ahead for Indo-US relations

By Bharat Karnad The 2018 US Congressional Elections are over, and the Republican Party has lost control of the lower House in the legislature  the House of Representatives rather decisively. What does this portend for India-US relations? The incoming Democratic

The salience of Pak-Afghan border management

By Qadir Khan Yousafzai The Afghan Parliamentary elections gained more traction and importance due to the completion of the second round of Afghan Taliban talks with the U.S. delegation in its political office in Doha, Qatar. The head of the

Kabul control slips, Afghan force losses at record – US watchdog

Kabul’s control of Afghanistan slipped in recent months as local security forces suffered record-level casualties while making minimal or no progress against the Taliban, a US government watchdog said Thursday. The latest glimpse into Afghanistan’s security crisis highlights persistent problems

How Modi convinced India to celebrate a ‘surgical strike’ that never actually happened

By Shajeel Zaidi Sparta, a warrior city in ancient Greece, was known for the ferocity of its soldiers. But while its soldiers might have been the best in the ancient world, its citizens were not far behind when it came

Why Rafale and S-400 missile system will not give India’s defence sector an edge

The government’s defence of the deal for 36 Rafale jets is not credible, and so is the multi-billion dollar S-400 deal which has no technology offsets By Bharat Karnad The current Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government

The (IM) permanent Indo US partnership

By Ayesha Abbasi In recent years both the United States and India committed themselves to an enduring partnership first through what was called a “strategic handshake” and later through a “technological handshake”. These initiatives further precipitated when both sides realized

Modi’s economy is getting better, but Indians are worse off

Modi’s economy is growing fast. And it is expected to grow even faster in the near future, beating China’s By Panos Mourdoukoutas That’s according to the recently published IMF World Economic Outlook, which predicts that India’s economy will grow at