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No help from USA

When President Trump met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Houston, we heard much about the friendship between the American and Indian peoples. However, there was a deafening silence when it comes to a human rights crisis in Kashmir

1984 Punjab was the Template for 2019 Kashmir

By Andrew Korybko The draconian controls imposed in contemporary Kashmir and the slow-motion ethnic cleansing taking place there in response to its indigenous people’s popular self-determination movement were first pioneered by what India did in Punjab 35 years ago when

The ‘bulldozed earth’ policy will not work in J&K

By Lt Gen. (R) Zameer Uddin Shah I have culled the term ‘Bulldozed Earth’ from the ‘Scorched Earth’ Policy followed by USA in Vietnam and which ended in dismal failure and the victory of the Viet Cong over the greatest

The Indian troll army’s obsession with rape

By C J Werleman If you’re a writer active on social media then you probably fight off ‘trolls’ every day. But if you question the Hindu nationalist government of India, you find yourself dealing with an entirely unique breed of

Kashmir Caged: A Fact-Finding Report

Jean Drèze, Kavita Krishnan, Maimoona Mollah and Vimal Bhai We spent five days (9-13 August 2019) traveling extensively in Kashmir. Our visit began on 9 August 2019  four days after the Indian government abrogated Articles 370 and 35A, dissolved the

Hurriyat leader Geelani urges Kashmiris to unite, issues 5-point ‘programme of action’

1)  Geelani issues ‘heartfelt appeal’ for peaceful protests against brutalities 2)  Asks government officials, police to protest against their ‘humiliation’ 3)  Tells Kashmiris around the world to act as ‘ambassadors’ 4)  Calls upon Pakistani leaders to ‘come forward’ to help

Kashmir : India’s Afghanistan

By Munir Akram (The writer is a former Pakistan ambassador to the UN.) WHEN the history of modern India is written, it is likely to record that the imperial ambitions of Hindu India died in Kashmir. Afghanistan is justifiably known

Assam final NRC list out: 19,06,657 people excluded

NRC final list out: At least 19 lakh people in Assam have been excluded  in the final NRC list.  A total of 3.29 crore people had applied for it, of which 3.11 crore have made it to the final list.

Taliban, US “finalise” peace deal, announcement after days

Trump’s remarks on troops’ timeline raise questions about deal By: Tahir Khan The Taliban and the US have “finalized” a peace agreement in talks in Qatar to end the war in Afghanistan, sources familiar with the negotiations said on Monday.

Afghan Taliban Say Peace Deal and SCO option

Interaction Desk The Taliban said on 24th August 2019 that they expected negotiations with the United States to conclude the following day, finalizing a peace deal to end the 18-year-old war in Afghanistan in the ninth round in Doha Qatar.