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‘Staggering forward – Modi and India’s global Ambition’ review

Foreign policy in a hurry An examination of India’s diplomacy finds it wanting on many counts, from Pakistan to tackling ‘blind-spots’ like the US and China Books on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign policy have one thing in common: they

India, Russia and the post – American century

India’s impending purchase of the Russian S-400 missile system has come to be the leitmotif of the “2+2” dialogue of the foreign and defence ministers of India and the United States due to take place in New Delhi on September

The death toll for Afghan forces is secret Here’s why

By Rod Nordland Taliban insurgents killed so many Afghan security forces in 2016, an average of 22 a day, that by the following year the Afghan and American governments decided to keep battlefield death tolls secret. It’s much worse now.

Seeking a managed exit A year after US President unveiled his new Afghanistan policy, the stalemate continues

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani was in New Delhi on September 19 for a day-long working visit. A short press release indicates the low-key nature of the visit. The reason is simple the growing sense of uncertainty that prevails. Presumably, Prime

The Russian footprint in Afghanistan

By Ishaq Ahmed Russian engagement and involvement in Afghanistan is not a new development. Previously from regime influence to invasion and currently pursuing its regional security objectives, the Russians have always been deeply involved in Afghan affairs. Their engagement with

The Taliban’s fight for hearts and minds

The militants’ new strategy is to out-govern the US-backed administration in Kabuland it’s working  By Ashley Jackson  But a closer look at Charkh reveals a divergence from what one may expect of an average Afghan district. Administrators there are widely seen

Burma’s crimes go unpunished

By Eric S. Margolis As the genocidal horrors in Myanmar unfold, I am kicking myself for having risked my skin to go see then sainted leader, Aung San Suu Kyi. This event occurred in Rangoon (now Yangon) in 1996 when

Politicizing Surgical Strikes Erodes the Army’s Potency and Deterrent Value

By : Pravin Sawhney Political parties desire populist, quick and ostensibly spectacular results with an eye on elections. But what the ruling party wants is not what the army leadership should do. Here’s a sobering thought to reflect upon as

India playing wily game with US, Russia & China

By Liu Zongyi The twice-postponed two plus two ministerial dialogue between the US and India took place on September 6 in New Delhi, during which US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary James Mattis held talks with their

US – Indian relations Trump gets a unique partner for America first

The inaugural meeting of the foreign and defence ministers of India and the United States in a new “2+2” format on September 6 in New Delhi assumed added significance as an attempt by the Trump administration to translate its Indo-Pacific