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Just how strong is the Chinese military?

Just how strong is the Chinese military1 copy

China is investing in advanced weaponry and equipment, and overhauling its military command structure to modernise its armed forces By Shawn Yuan Amid repeated air incursions close to Taiwan, and reports that China has tested hypersonic weapons, the world is

Tajikistan approves construction of new Chinese – funded base

IAF's goofs and Delhi's post-Pulwama debacle1

As Beijing’s security presence in Central Asia grows By Reid Standish Tajikistan has approved the construction of a new Chinese-funded base near the country’s border with Afghanistan as Tajik officials warn of growing threats emanating from its southern neighbor.* In

This Chinese combat drone can dominate Asia

This Chinese Combat Drone Can Dominate Asia

If the recent Air Show China, formerly known as the Zhuhai Air Show, made a single lasting impression it’s the PLA’s unrecognized advantage in unmanned aircraft. Although the event, which is held every two years, is for promoting the domestic

China will emerge as World Power together with Russia – Quad and AUKUS shall not work

China will emerge as World Power together

By Interaction Desk In response to Quad and AUKUS, Russian and Chinese warships have encircled the American base in Japan to limit the mobility of US forces. It has happened after Russian President Valadimir Putin’s statement that China need not

China researchers score a quantum leap

China researchers

Scientists in Hefei have established the world’s first integrated quantum communication network By Dave Makichuk “Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it.” ― Niels Bohr In the strange world of

The road to balance in Asia Pacific

The road to balance in Asia Pacific

Geopolitics of American Rebalancing and Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, explains the unique coupling in the political, economic, and security-military spheres that can make or break the global order By Dr. Atia Ali Kazmi One of the defining factors of

China determined to build iron ore hub in Africa as Australia goes Quad

China determined to build iron ore 1

World’s largest untapped reserve in Guinea could be online by 2025, expert says By Ken Moriyasu There was a time when Japan, like China today, was the rising power in the East that kept military planners in the West awake

China, Russia, Iran Turkey and Central Asian countries’ Economic block

China, Russia, Iran Turkey and Central Asian countries’ Economic block2

By Interaction desk A safe passage through Afghanistan for all the countries connecting it to Gwadar to Russia and a safe passage through the Central Asia countries and Iran all the way to Turkey, connecting Western Europe to these countries.

The Declining market for secrets

The Declining market for secrets2

US spy agencies must adapt to an open-source world By Zachery Tyson Brown & Carmen A. Medina For nearly three-quarters of a century, the United States intelligence community has supplied American military and political leaders with information and analysis intended

Russia, China circle the wagons


Iran is in it By M. K. Bhadrakumar The Tehran Times reported on Wednesday that Moscow has conveyed to Tehran that the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) has reached a consensus on Iran’s admission as a full member of the grouping.