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Parleying with the PLA The US and Chinese armies struggle to learn how to talk to each other

The US and Chinese armies struggle to learn how to talk to each other A big problem is China’s unwillingness to open up  “You are on dangerous course,” barked a Chinese sailor aboard the Lanzhou, a destroyer, over the ship’s

The world, built by China

By Derek Watkins, K K Rebecca Lai & Keith Bradsher China envisions a vast global network of trade, investment and infrastructure that will reshape financial and geopolitical ties  and bring the rest of the world closer to Beijing. It is

China’s race for dominance

By Peter Morici It may be tough for Americans to accept but cheap toasters and TVs from China come at a terrible risk of lost freedom, because Beijing is using the cash it earns from those purchases in a new

US, China tiptoeing toward trade deal

By Bhadrakumar Melkulangara The joint press conference in Washington on Friday after the second US-China 2+2 (“Diplomatic & Security Dialogue”) throws much light on the tango between the two big powers. Delhi must draw some serious conclusions. Broadly, the American

Prepare for war ‘China leader warns nation’s military command over Taiwan

By Zha Chunming On Thursday, Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered the nation’s military group that monitors the South China Sea and Taiwan to “prepare the war,” at a time when tensions between China and the US continue to grow over

China – The mobile phoenix

By F. S. Aijazuddin For 5,000 years, Chinese imperial dynasties exploited their subjects. It is now the turn of the underlings to return the compliment. Chinese are no more self-conscious than the former Soviets when resurrecting their imperial past, reliving

China expands its control in South China Sea

By Brahma Chellaney As China consolidates its hold in South China Sea and wields its military, economic and diplomatic leverage, smaller countries see no credible option but to work with Beijing, even if that means furthering Chinese objectives. Manila, for

China and Russia have set a nuclear collision course with the US

By Gordon G. Chang China, the New York Times reported last week, “can now challenge American military supremacy in the places that matter most to it: the waters around Taiwan and in the disputed South China Sea.” Therefore, Beijing can,

Russia, China nearing alliance conditions

Russia, China nearing alliance conditions The Chinese Communist Party Politburo member Yang Jiechi is visiting Moscow on August 14-17 at the invitation of the secretary of the Russian national security council, Nikolai Patrushev to participate in the 14 th round

China stands its ground after Trump amps up tariff threats

By Ben Blanchard & Susan Heavey China vowed on Thursday to retaliate if the United States acted on a threat to raise tariffs on the Asian nation’s exports, fuelling fears in financial markets that the trade war between the world’s