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Talking big, acting small re

Talking big, 1

Y-j on the Depsang By Bharat Karnad Speaking at the Bloomberg Economic Summit external yesterday affairs minister S Jaishankar hinted at resolution of the border problems with China being sought through a yet higher channel than the Special Representatives level

‘Challenges for China’ in call for bigger US defence budget by Mark Esper

'Challenges for China' in call for bigger 1

American defence chief’s request for Indo-Pacific focus shows that Washington sees Beijing as the enemy, analyst says China must ‘forge stronger ties with its neighbours’ and be prepared for conflict By Kristin Huang China has to revamp its Indo-Pacific strategy

China is now the world’s largest economy

China is now the world's largest economy2

We shouldn’t be shocked By Graham Allison China has now displaced the U.S. to become the largest economy in the world. Measured by the more refined yardstick that both the IMF and CIA now judge to be the single best

Why Australia must steer clear of America’s moral crusade against China

Why Australia must steer clear of America's 1

America’s global standing is in decline, on the back of its single-minded pursuit of military might and consistent flouting of the rules-based order it helped create Anti-China enthusiasts in Australia also need to view China’s record in a historical context

India-China relationsand Ladakh

India - China relations and Ladakh2

Between Simmer and Boil The guandao-armed PLA soldiers at Mukhpari By Bharat Karnad Hearing the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman say the near-clash September 7 at Mukhpari was due to the Indian army offering “serious provocation of an egregious nature” and

China will be taught a lesson

China will be taught a lesson1

‘China is mindful of the fact that it is not confronting the Indian Army of 1962. But the sabre rattling will continue.’ By Archana Masih “I doubt China would indulge in aggressive activity in Arunachal Pradesh because they have been

Wars are not fought for the sake of fighting

Wars are not fought for the sake of fighting1

Long look at the India – China boundary dispute By Lt General N. S. Brar Old soldiers having seen the carnage and horrors of war often turn pacifists, however, given their experience, understanding of the consequences of conflict and the

Trump’s talk of secret new weapon fits a pattern of puzzles

Trump's talk of secret new weapon 1

By Robert Burns President Donald Trump is expanding his arsenal of spectacular, but hard to explain, claims about U.S. military might. First, there were invisible airplanes. Then, a “super duper” missile. And now, a secret nuclear weapon. “I have built

Winter arrives in Ladakh, stretchers pile up at standoff zone

Winter arrives in Ladakh, stretchers 5

While the standoff along the LAC in eastern Ladakh is not showing signs of simmering down, the unforgiving winter weather has started to take its toll on the troops By Shiv Aroor Over the last month, you have heard a

Zhao Tong on nuclear arms dimensions of Ladakh crisis, military capabilities and more

China links troop pullback with Indian 1

In an interview with Network18 Group Consulting Editor Praveen Swami, Dr. Zhao Tong, a senior fellow in nuclear policy at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Centre, Beijing, of the Carnegie International Endowment for Peace, talks about the little-discussed nuclear-weapons dimensions of the Ladakh