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Range cruise Missile launched from ship container

The Russians and the Israelis already have such missiles By Bill Gertz Could turn any merchant ship (or truck or train) into a missile platform Pictured the Israeli variant. China is building a long-range cruise missile fired from a shipping

The H – 20 and JH – XX

China’s two (yes, two) new stealth bombers The JH-XX would likely have shorter range (900-1500 miles) and a smaller payload than the H-20, but would be much faster at speeds up to twice the speed of sound. In January 2018,

China’s PLA troops in Venezuela is game changer

By M. K. Bhadrakumar Unlike Russia, which has a history of force projection abroad, this is an extremely rare Chinese move. Although vital Chinese interests are at stake in the war against terrorist groups in Afghanistan and Syria, China refrained

With China certain, proposes measures to manage it

“Can give China access to Indian ports, if it accommodates our core interests” By Ajai Shukla A new report on national security that the Congress Party released on Sunday in Delhi provides an insight into how key relationships with China

China’s space prowess overshadows ASAT test

Ashley Tellis: India must “brace itself for a long-term space competition” By Ajai Shukla An analysis of India’s March 27 anti-satellite (ASAT) test concludes that it was directed squarely at China, but would not deter Beijing from interfering with, or

Commander of US central command (CENTCOM) “concerned” about China’s “Belt & Road” (BRI)

Is taking S-CPEC + real seriously By Andrew Korybko The Commander of US Central Command (CENTCOM) told the House Armed Services Committee just how “concerned” he is about China projecting its Silk Road influence from Gwadar to Africa through S-CPEC+

A highly strategic corridor

During the 1962 war, China’s Air Force was not in a flying condition because of lack of fuel. It possibly got some from Tajikistan, where it is building its new base. We must keep a watch By Claude Arpi A

Heading towards strategic instability

India must be alert as there is a possibility of emerging disruptive technologies prompting inadvertent conflict By Happymon Jacob In late 2018, the government decided to set up three new agencies  the Defence Cyber Agency, the Defence Space Agency and

The uncertain future of warfare

By Leopold Schmertzing The most useful analysis on the future of warfare highlights how cultural, institutional and professional biases can cloud objective thinking on forthcoming military conflict. For example, analysts often fall into the same trap: imagining the conflicts they

The new Beijing – Moscow Axis

A shared rivalry with the U.S. has reunited the two powers, as in the early days of the Cold War. But this time, China is the senior partner By Yaroslav Trofimov When President Sukarno of Indonesia inquired about China’s economy