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China has won from globalism while America has lost

China has won from globalism

By Paul Craig Roberts America can’t do without an enemy.  An enemy is what funds America’s largest industry military spending and an enemy provides a national security focus which holds our tower of babel together. During the Obama regime, Russia

Northern theatre command with China should have Navy element

Northern theatre command with

By Dinakar Peri The proposed Northern theatre command along the border with China should also have a small Navy element in it as some of the naval systems are useful there, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen. Bipin Rawat said.

COVID-19 accelerates China’s rise!

The COVID-19 will definitely distort global supply chain but will end up intensifying Chinese rise as well, globalization will be back but this time led by the Chinese market socialist system By Saikat Bhattacharyya China’s efficient response to COVID-19 transformed

The Darbuk valley, from where the road to (DBO) takes off along the (LAC)

After changing Galwan claim line thrice, PLA now claims entire valley By Ajai Shukla In June 2017, Indian soldiers in Sikkim took Chinese border guards completely by surprise when they crossed into Bhutan and physically blocked Chinese road construction crew

Pompeo to Afghan leaders Make a deal with the Taliban or risk full US troop pullout

Image: Mike Pompeo, Ashraf Ghani

The stern message, delivered two weeks ago, underscores Trump’s concern that the absence of a unified government in Kabul threatens By Carol E. Lee, Courtney Kube, Andrea Mitchell and Dan De Luce While President Donald Trump remains fixated on the

China-US relations will no longer be the same

China-US relations will 1

By Hu Xijin It is beyond the Chinese people’s imagination that China-US relations have become what they are today. The epidemic outbreak brings new shocks, and the turbulence in relations between the two countries is likely to be more severe.

China’s strategic assessment of Afghanistan

China's strategic assessment of Afghanistan1

By Yun Sun With the U.S. troop withdrawal in sight, Afghanistan’s future seems less certain than ever. As a neighboring state with significant interests at stake, how does China view and prepare for Afghanistan’s future? Since 9/11, the U.S. military

China accuses US army lab of manufacturing the Corona virus

China accuses US army lab of 1

By John Hayward The Chinese Communist Party continued its weird and sinister propaganda campaign to shift blame for the corona virus to the United States with an editorial in the state-run Global Times on Sunday that suggested a U.S. army

The People’s Republic is dedicated

The People's Republic 2

By Andrew Korybko It’s admittedly a dramatic statement to make, but China is saving the world from COVID-19. The People’s Republic already proved that it’s possible to survive the viral outbreak so long as the proper preventive actions are undertaken,

Wuhan virus China’s President Xi Jinping warns spread is ‘accelerating’, country facing ‘grave situation’

china 4

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned China was facing a “grave situation” given the “accelerating spread” of a new virus that has infected nearly 1,975 people across the country and killed 56, recently state media reported. “Faced with the grave situation