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China accuses US army lab of manufacturing the Corona virus

By John Hayward The Chinese Communist Party continued its weird and sinister propaganda campaign to shift blame for the corona virus to the United States with an editorial in the state-run Global Times on Sunday that suggested a U.S. army

The People’s Republic is dedicated

By Andrew Korybko It’s admittedly a dramatic statement to make, but China is saving the world from COVID-19. The People’s Republic already proved that it’s possible to survive the viral outbreak so long as the proper preventive actions are undertaken,

Wuhan virus China’s President Xi Jinping warns spread is ‘accelerating’, country facing ‘grave situation’

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned China was facing a “grave situation” given the “accelerating spread” of a new virus that has infected nearly 1,975 people across the country and killed 56, recently state media reported. “Faced with the grave situation

Instead of US-China decoupling, 2020 should bring acceptance of different development models

The much-touted ‘end of history’ marked the emergence of a multipolar world in which a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to development will not work We must find ways to accommodate ‘developmental diversity’ while upholding the institutions that support international cooperation By Wang

US perspective of the bilateral relationship; to encircle China

By Interaction desk Since at least 2000, the United States has increasingly viewed India as an important partner.  Since then, the United States has made strategic decisions to change policy to push forward the long-term U.S.-India partnership. These decisions include

China, Myanmar to build shared future

What’s there for India? By M. K. Bhadrakumar The state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Myanmar on January 17-18, the first of its kind in nineteen years, has been a transformative event in regional politics from the perspective

Pentagon head says China has become top US military priority, moving past Russia

US Defence Secretary Mark Esper says Beijing is ‘asserting illegitimate maritime claims’ and ‘threatening its neighbours’ sovereignty’ in South China Sea ‘Beijing and Moscow are not only violating the sovereignty of smaller states, they are also attempting to undermine international

Coronavirus, the deadly illness Cthe world

WHO declares coronavirus global emergency as death toll rises China’s health commission says the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases rose to 17,205 with at least 361 deaths. Adrianna Rodriguez, George Petras, Ramon Padilla, Jim Sergent, and Janet Loehrke, Updated Feb.

Building a shared future for all

China expands diplomatic engagement with the world amid rise of protectionism By Wang Huiyao The year 2019 was eventful in global affairs. It also marked the 70th founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). China has changed in

Trump gets his trade deal, China gets the win

China has suffered short-term pain from the trade war, but it stands to gain in the long term By Eswar Prasad Peace rather than more conflict is finally in the cards, at least temporarily, for the United States-China economic relationship.