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by Eric Margolis Time was when flying to Hong Kong was a really big thrill  or maybe scare would be a better term. Its old airport, Kai Tak, was right in the middle of bustling downtown Hong Kong. Flying into


By Finian Cunningham August 08, 2019 “Information Clearing House” –   The US-led NATO alliance this week designated a whole new hemisphere to itself for “security” operations. No longer merely an “Atlantic” organization, it’s assuming the role of policing the Pacific.


White Paper indicates PLA is on a different trajectory altogether By Pravin Sawhney | Strategic Affairs Expert China’s recently released White Paper on defence did not get the attention it should have in India. In our obsession with Pakistan, it

Sandwiched in between

Setbacks in India-Nepal ties have helped Beijing make considerable gains in that country. But close cultural ties bind Kathmandu and New Delhi and the Government should work on them By Major Gen (R) Ashok K Mehta Yahan sab China ki

Chinese students might be the “trade war’s” first civilian causalities

By Andrew Korybko Reuters released a report on Wednesday about how “U.S. lawmakers prep bills targeting China spy threat on campus“, which included details about some proposed legislation that would impose legal restrictions on Chinese students in the interests of

The great power game is on and China is winning

If America wants to maintain any influence in Asia, it needs to wake up By Robert W. Merry From across the pond come two geopolitical analyses in two top-quality British publications that lay out in stark terms the looming struggle

Putin’s wholehearted defense of China’s belt and road

Puts him at serious odds with India’s Prime Minister Modi By Andrew Korybko The Russian leader’s wholehearted defense of China’s Belt & Road Initiative at last week’s yearly forum on this global series of mega projects stands in stark contrast

China, Russia and the United States contest a new world order

By Dmitri Trenin The United States has recently entered a period of great-power rivalry with China and confrontation with Russia. The China Russia rapprochement has simultaneously acquired the quality of an entente: a basic proximity of world views and close

Geopolitics & the BRI

By Zamir Akram The second Summit on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), held in Beijing from April 26 to 27 and attended by several world leaders from more than 150 countries, provided an opportunity to showcase China’s mega project

China’s Navy surpasses India’s in both strength and doctrine

PLA Navy doctrine advances steadily from “coastal defence” to a “far seas” concept By Ajai Shukla Two of the Indian Navy’s latest vessels  a destroyer, INS Kolkata and a fleet tanker, INS Shakti  were part of a multi-national naval fleet