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A highly strategic corridor

During the 1962 war, China’s Air Force was not in a flying condition because of lack of fuel. It possibly got some from Tajikistan, where it is building its new base. We must keep a watch By Claude Arpi A

Heading towards strategic instability

India must be alert as there is a possibility of emerging disruptive technologies prompting inadvertent conflict By Happymon Jacob In late 2018, the government decided to set up three new agencies  the Defence Cyber Agency, the Defence Space Agency and

The uncertain future of warfare

By Leopold Schmertzing The most useful analysis on the future of warfare highlights how cultural, institutional and professional biases can cloud objective thinking on forthcoming military conflict. For example, analysts often fall into the same trap: imagining the conflicts they

The new Beijing – Moscow Axis

A shared rivalry with the U.S. has reunited the two powers, as in the early days of the Cold War. But this time, China is the senior partner By Yaroslav Trofimov When President Sukarno of Indonesia inquired about China’s economy

Is China about to abandon its ‘no first use’ nuclear weapons policy?

By Minnie Chan & Kristin Huang The growing US-China naval arms race is putting pressure on Beijing to reconsider its long-standing nuclear policy, analysts say But one source said that unlike the US, China is incapable of launching a pre-emptive

New land warfare doctrine is not a credible deterrent to China or Pakistan

By harping on non-conventional operations like COINOPS as its primary task, the Army is shrinking its role in conventional war By Pravin Sawhney The Land Warfare Doctrine, released by the Indian army on December 19 is a disappointing document. Its

Its success provided a major boost to China’s space programme

By Agence France-Presse A Chinese lunar rover landed on the far side of the moon on Thursday, in a global first that boosts Beijing’s ambitions to become a space superpower. The Chang’e-4 probe touched down and sent a photo of

China and India in Central Asia Competition or Convergence?

By Andrew Korybko It is quite probable that India’s growing role in Central Asia via its US-approved Chabahar Corridor to the region will lead to increased competition with China there. But there is also the possibility that the two Asian

Parleying with the PLA The US and Chinese armies struggle to learn how to talk to each other

The US and Chinese armies struggle to learn how to talk to each other A big problem is China’s unwillingness to open up  “You are on dangerous course,” barked a Chinese sailor aboard the Lanzhou, a destroyer, over the ship’s

The world, built by China

By Derek Watkins, K K Rebecca Lai & Keith Bradsher China envisions a vast global network of trade, investment and infrastructure that will reshape financial and geopolitical ties  and bring the rest of the world closer to Beijing. It is