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China in brace position as Five Eyes form united front Beijing can expect more concerted efforts against it from the US

China in brace position as 1

Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand, observers say Signs of joint action emerged two years ago with Canadian arrest of Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou, at the request of the US By Su-Lin Tan China is bracing for a stronger pushback from

China has not ‘captured’ any Indian Territory!

China has not 'captured' 4

The Chinese have only created limited defences for protection of their posts which are located much away from the Line of Actual Control, notes Colonel S Dinny (retd), who served as Commanding Officer of an infantry battalion deployed in the

Chinese Army build-up from Ladakh to Arunachal Indian Army increases troop deployment all along LAC

Chinese Army build-up from Ladakh to Arunachal4

Even as India and China continue to discuss ways to reduce tensions in Eastern Ladakh, it is emerging that the Chinese Army has deployed its troops all along the over 4,000 kilometre – long Line of Actual Control after which

China has captured 60 sq km of Indian land!

China has captured 60 sq km of Indian land!2

Within the army, there is growing concern that New Delhi will allow the Chinese to retain the territory they have occupied in the last month By Ajai Shukla In what the army is recognising as a repeat of Pakistan’s 1999

Geopolitical implications of the China-India standoff at Ladakh

Geopolitical implications of the 1

By Dr. Atia Ali Kazmi ‘Study the past if you would define the future’, guided the wise Confucius centuries ago. The current situation of China-India standoff in Ladakh thus compels the policymakers and political analysts to delve deep into key

Nuclear Rivals clash in the Himalayas

Nuclear Rivals clash 1

By Eric S. Margolis Last week, the world’s most populous nations, India and China, both nuclear armed, clashed in the high Himalayan region of Ladakh. At least 20 Indian troops died and 12 were reportedly taken prisoner before a cease-fire

China has won from globalism while America has lost

China has won from globalism

By Paul Craig Roberts America can’t do without an enemy.  An enemy is what funds America’s largest industry military spending and an enemy provides a national security focus which holds our tower of babel together. During the Obama regime, Russia

Northern theatre command with China should have Navy element

Northern theatre command with

By Dinakar Peri The proposed Northern theatre command along the border with China should also have a small Navy element in it as some of the naval systems are useful there, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen. Bipin Rawat said.

COVID-19 accelerates China’s rise!

The COVID-19 will definitely distort global supply chain but will end up intensifying Chinese rise as well, globalization will be back but this time led by the Chinese market socialist system By Saikat Bhattacharyya China’s efficient response to COVID-19 transformed

The Darbuk valley, from where the road to (DBO) takes off along the (LAC)

After changing Galwan claim line thrice, PLA now claims entire valley By Ajai Shukla In June 2017, Indian soldiers in Sikkim took Chinese border guards completely by surprise when they crossed into Bhutan and physically blocked Chinese road construction crew