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No US airbases on Pakistan soil

In line with the USA’s deal with the Afghan Taliban, the US has decided to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan as the US has realized that it cannot win on the battlefield against Afghani Taliban. This decision, however, is not

No Trade on Kashmiri Blood – An Honorable Decision

The creation of Pakistan and India was filled with many complications and unresolved issues because the British willed it so. Among the issues, the most problematic and the most dangerous was the issue of Kashmir. It was deliberately done by

FATF – A tool of blackmailing

In today’s world, a threat to global peace is any action or anything which is perceived as a threat by the USA and its allies. Whether its progress in the field of science, economic development, political stability, strengthening of national

USA should Mind its Own Business

The New President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, is pursuing the same policy as the Obama administration or for that matter the much-despised American policy of interfering in the sovereign matters of other countries. They forget that

Clash of Titans: Russia & China vs. USA

USA has established itself as a bully and regardless of how much they try to guise themselves as peace loving and just, their cover is blown. USA can go to any means to promote its interest and has no remorse

Volatile political situation

Pakistan’s political leadership has always been a topic of concern. In Pakistan, the privileged wealthy class involved in politics is concerned to be leaders for that are what they claim to be. The history of these individuals, the means of

New Great Game Has Begun

Tyranny, bloodshed, wars based on lies and deceit are some of the pillars of the western society. Europe has its bloody history where they fought mindlessly amongst themselves and others. Conspiracy upon conspiracy, lies, and constant treachery are the values

Corruption Eroding Pakistan

Nations are formed when the collective population holds their collective interest above their own personal gains. Self-interest of a nation as whole is when its citizens are aligned a collective unit and willing to sacrifice their own self-interests for the

Global Instability

Lies, deceit and bloodshed is the new norms of the modern world. Peace and tranquility are farfetched concepts which have been long forgotten and it seems that these concepts are dreams of the innocent. It is sad and frightening to

Occupation Siachen Glacier: USA’s Design

USA plays well. It brought a mindless poor super mind but ambitious Hindutva Leader Narender Modi into Power in India with a  Hindutva religion and slogan that India only for Hindus. This slogan broke the fabric of India but suppressed