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Pakistan’s Fabric At Risk

Pakistan is a country rich in culture, resources and diversity; however, due to insincerity and corruption these factors have not been able to contribute to the wellbeing of the country. Pakistan is currently viewed by its rulers as a means

Pakistan is Consolidating its Defenses

The current global scenario is changing and becoming more dangerous on a daily basis. New alliances are being formed, new powers are emerging which are challenging United States super power status and there are global increasing war threats. One of

Babur SLBM: Second Strike Capability Confirmed

On March 7, 2016, India test fired K-4 submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) fueling an arms race in the sub-continent. The K-4 SLBM was launched from INS Arihant, which is said to be an indigenously developed nuclear-powered submarine, though with the

Pakistan’s Placement on FATF Watch list: Irrational, Irrelevant and bullying

The relationship between Pakistan and the United States have worsened with time and are an all-time low since Mr. Trump tweeted against Pakistan on New Year’s morning of USA. It seems that the Unites States under its new leadership has

America, Israel and India Nexus

It is said in this world that if you are powerful you can get away with anything; this stands true both on a micro level as the rich and powerful are exploiting the less privileged members of their society and

A new System required: To defeat imperial mindset

Another year has ended with much activity within the country. 2017 has been a crucial year in many ways both good and bad. One good thing which can be said about 2017 is that, it has been a year of

Pakistan has to be Vigilant and Prepared for any Eventuality:Internal or External

Pakistan’s long fought battle against terrorists, is not over yet, despite the many sacrifices and the achievements that the country and its nation has made. However, Pakistan has made great progress in terms of curbing terrorism and uprooting the networks.

US, India and Afghanistan Nexus: A Threat to World Peace

A sound and sane leadership is essential as it is the task of a leader to provide direction. The position of leadership is an important one, for a sane and shrewd leader would help improve the lives of followers whereas

Pakistan’s NSG membership bid has all the required merits

Pakistan maintains the stance that it is a responsible nuclear power and that it has always remained committed to the peaceful use of nuclear technology while ensuring adequate security of its nuclear facilities both civil and military. Despite much criticism

India’s plot to strong arm Pakistan backfires

India under the extreme regime of BJP, similar to Nazi one, has adopted a non-development plan for the entire South Asian region. It seems that the BJP government being led by Mr. NarendraModi has made it his life’s goal to