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War of Nerves

Mirza Kashif Baig Editor                           The world is increasingly becoming inhumane and chaotic. With each passing day, humanity is becoming nonexistent. Human lives have become worthless and are being

Humanitarian Crisis – World should help Afghanistan

By Mirza Kashif Baig Afghanistan has remained a battleground for over two decades thanks to America and its allies. The western world has committed countless human rights violations in Afghanistan and has left the country in a deplorable state. It

Pentagon betrayed American administration

By Mirza Kashif Baig Pakistan and the USA have shared a very strange relationship. America has called Pakistan its ally but has done everything in its power to destabilize and destroy our country. If one thinks about American behavior should

A word of caution

By Mirza Kashif Baig The victory of the Afghan Taliban against the US and the western powers is a great achievement for a militia like the Afghan Taliban while at the same time it is a great strategic success for

Internal Situation going out of Control?

Pakistan is very unique in many ways and one aspect which sets the country apart is the fact that the most grievous threats faced by the country are ones posed internally. While the nation is quite capable to handle external

Imran Khan: Statesman and a Patriot

Prime Minister Imran Khan assumed office in 2018 amid much controversy and criticism from the ruling elites. He was an inexperienced individual who had made great promises of change but his team comprised of all the old & new f

No US airbases on Pakistan soil

In line with the USA’s deal with the Afghan Taliban, the US has decided to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan as the US has realized that it cannot win on the battlefield against Afghani Taliban. This decision, however, is not

No Trade on Kashmiri Blood – An Honorable Decision

The creation of Pakistan and India was filled with many complications and unresolved issues because the British willed it so. Among the issues, the most problematic and the most dangerous was the issue of Kashmir. It was deliberately done by

FATF – A tool of blackmailing

In today’s world, a threat to global peace is any action or anything which is perceived as a threat by the USA and its allies. Whether its progress in the field of science, economic development, political stability, strengthening of national

USA should Mind its Own Business

The New President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, is pursuing the same policy as the Obama administration or for that matter the much-despised American policy of interfering in the sovereign matters of other countries. They forget that