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Hindutva: New Face of Nazism

Indian PM Narendra Modi intends to establish Indian hegemony by starting a war with Pakistan and the Muslims of the subcontinent. Much like the Nazi’s persecution of the Jews, Indians further intend to commit a genocide against Muslims. Their hate

Bio-Chemical Attack on the World: Coronavirus destroys Economies and Killing Human Beings

Truth in today’s world what is preached or propagated by the powerful elite. In order to understand this concept we visualize a group of individuals or a collection of families which control and own, either directly or indirectly the majority

Fight to win not to Die

Pakistan has been facing many problems. Out of them some are due to the mistakes of the past and others are to the bullying nature of the world powers. Pakistan has come a long way in the past two decades

Modi Seeks to Establish Indian Hegemony at the Cost of War

Indian PM Narendra Modi intends to make use of a number of factors in an attempt to establish Indian hegemony by starting a war with Pakistan and the Muslims of the subcontinent. This he intends to do by means of

India: Planned Muslim Genocide

The RSS is an extremist organization in India which follows the doctrine of ‘Hindutva’ which promotes Hindu supremacy. The ruling party in India BJP is the political wing of this extremist organization. With the second tenure of Narendra Nodi, the

Pakistan’s Defense and Offense Intact

Rising tensions between Pakistan and India over Indian Occupied Kashmir is worrisome for everyone and the entire world is monitoring the situation carefully. Both countries are nuclear powers with very delicate history having fought multiple wars since gaining independence with

X37B Space Air Craft a trouble Maker for Mankind

It is not good for mankind that two X37B space crafts remained in space for 780 days. It had life 9 months in 2005/6 but has been increased to 780 days. It’s worrisome for two reasons: First whenever it was

Pakistan Will Protect Its Freedom At All Cost

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan delivered an unforgettable, very impressive  address to UN general assembly on September 27, 2019. MR. Khan’s speech was direct, honest and was truly reflective of the feelings of the people of Pakistan. His

Indian Atrocities in Kashmir War Eminent

Asia as a continent has a rich history. It is rich in mineral resources, and possesses great market potential, while at the same time it is a dangerous neighbourhood consisting of four declared nuclear powers. The south Asian region is

The Successful USA Visit of Imran Khan

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran khan’s visit to USA from 21st to 23rd July 2019 was quite strange and yielded some magical results. Pakistan was treated as a friend of America despite of playing the villain for quite some time