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Five looming global flashpoints

By Tom Rogan China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran pose enduring challenges to international peace. But five other possible flashpoints loom. 1) India-Pakistan in/over Kashmir Claimed by Pakistan, India’s Jammu and Kashmir province has long been a center for terrorist

PM sets precedent in DG ISI appointment

Premier notifies Lt Gen Nadeem as new spymaster but after interviews By Kamran Yousaf Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday finally notified the appointment of Corps Commander Karachi Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmed Anjum as the new director general of Inter-Services

The burial of Tipu Sultan, Mulla Omer & Dr. A Q Khan

The burial of Tipu Sultan is described by many British Officers such as Lieutenant Richard Bayly of the 12th Regiment. According to Lieut. Bayly “I must relate the effects and appearance of a tremendous storm of wind, rain, thunder, and

True Inflection point

True Inflection point1

AUKUS vs. Quad By Bharat Karnad The future of non-Sinic Asia has reached a true inflection point. The new military alliance of the US, UK and Australia, superseding ANZUS (Australia-New Zealand-US), is set up to exclusively protect Western interests against

Identifying the criminals that are living abroad

By Asad Hussain The UN is a multilateral body with its main aim to assure another world war does not occur for future generations. Over the years international diplomacy has developed conventions, acts, bills, rules, and much more literature in

A Rohingya refugee’s search for safety, freedom and justice


25th August 2021 is observed as “genocide remembrance day’, but it is not just the story of a single day By Shayan Bauchner Kabir, a Rohingya refugee, fled his village in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state on August 25, 2017. But

Three Years Ago on this day……..


Bismah Mirza Three years ago on this day, I was preparing for my rukhsati, August 29, 2019, from my family home. On August 31st, it was my Nikkah and our home was bustling with activities. My mom was sitting on

A Saigon moment in the Hindu Kush


The US is on the verge of its own second Vietnam repeated as farce in a haphazard retreat from Afghanistan By Pepe Escobar The Taliban are on a roll. Earlier this week their PR arm was claiming they hold 218

Lady B visits Naran


By Bismah Mirza It has been ages since me and my friends were planning to go on a trip to view the beauty of Northern Areas. But may be wishing was not enough for the Law of Attraction to make

The drone threat A progressive fit into the sub – conventional threat matrix

Lt Gen (R) Syed Ata Hasnain Sub-Conventional operations which form such an essential part of Hybrid War are never static by nature. Terrorists and insurgents find equipment and methodologies which transform the very nature of conflict. In the last forty