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Myanmar/Bangladesh: Halt Rohingya Returns

Ensure Refugees’ Security, Basic Rights, Equal Access to Citizenship 20 Aug. 2019  (Source:Human Rights Watch) (New York)  The Myanmar and Bangladesh governments should suspend plans to repatriate Rohingya refugees until returns are safe, voluntary, and dignified, Human Rights Watch said

US bombings on Hiroshima & Nagasaki were not to end WWII but to frighten Soviet Union

By Dave Lindorff Dave Lindorff is an award-winning US journalist, former Asia correspondent for Business Week, and founder of the collectively-owned journalists’ news site Almost three-quarters of a century ago on August 9, 1945, the United States dropped a

France’s G7 document leaves out the climate crisis, focuses on trade and Iran

BIARRITZ, France (Reuters) – Here are highlights of the G7 leaders’ closing remarks at a summit in Biarritz, France: BRITISH PRIME MINISTER BORIS JOHNSON On Brexit: “Well I do think that the EU does tend to come to an agreement

Thousands of Rohingya rally to mark Genocide Day in Bangladesh

Sunday, 25 Aug. 2019 Thousands of Rohingya refugees marked the second anniversary of their exodus from Myanmar into Bangladesh on Sunday by rallying, crying and praying as they demanded Myanmar grant them their citizenship and other rights before they agree

Myanmar troops ‘Sexual Violence Against Rohingya Shows’Genocidal Intent’

By Michelle Nichols U.N. Report UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Sexual violence committed by Myanmar troops against Rohingya women and girls in 2017 was an indication of the military’s genocidal intent to destroy the mainly Muslim ethnic minority, United Nations investigators

Excerpts from FT (London) interview

“First of all, we have enough eggs, but there are not that many baskets where these eggs can be placed. This is the first point. “Secondly, we always assess risks. “Thirdly, our relations with China are not motivated by time-serving

The rise and rise of Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s recent official visit to China on July 1-6 highlights a new template in regional politics the rise of Bangladesh as regional power. Last year Bangladesh outstripped India as the fastest growing economy in South

The Russia – India – China summit, secret and “informal”, rich in symbolism and opportunities?

By Andrew Korybkoa Each of these Eurasian Great Powers has an interest in gradually reforming the global economic system in order to make it more equitable than the status quo, which would thus elevate their countries’ significance within it, especially

“Us” v “them” in SA

Many politicians find it convenient to divide voters by religion or caste The economist “They,” like its cousin “them,” sounds an innocent word. Given the wrong context, though, even a simple pronoun can turn insidious. Since a pack of suicide-bombers,

Rate of glacial retreat doubled

The study’s lead author, Joshua Maurer, a doctoral student in earth sciences at Columbia University, used recently declassified spy-satellite images from the nineteen-seventies to observe how the volume of the region’s largest glaciers has changed. Scientists had already documented the