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Horror in Beirut

Was it an accident or a warning? By Philip Giraldi The Establishment explanation for what occurred in Beirut’s port on August 5th is that the horrific series of explosions that killed hundreds, injured thousands and left hundreds of thousands homeless

Did a Chinese hack kill Canada’s greatest tech company?

Did a Chinese hack kill Canada's 3

Nortel was once a world leader in wireless technology – Then came a hack and the rise of Huawei By Natalie Obiko Pearson The documents began arriving in China at 8:48 a.m. on a Saturday in April 2004. There were

1962 War ‘Secret reports’ lost forever?

Indian Officers

By Claude Arpi ‘The Himmatsinghji Report is still ‘missing’.’ ‘It is a great loss for the knowledge of India’s borders.’ ‘It would have an immense value at a time China is bound to shift its attention to other border fronts

Real reason for ‘grave concern’ over Hong Kong security law


For long, Hong Kong was used by foreign powers as a staging ground for anti-China intrigue; that will be much harder now By Ken Moak Before and since China passed the national-security law (NSL) for Hong Kong, many in the

From the brink

By Admiral Afzal Tahir The political developments in Pakistan over the last two years cast a profound impact on the recent developments in our region. Change of political government post 2018 elections must be considered a godsend. Pakistan had been

Turkey will be the death of NATO Its recent clash with fellow member France off the coast of Libya is an early symptom

Turkey will be the death of NATO1

By Scott Ritter When two countries who are supposed to be military allies fall out and almost get themselves into a shooting match, you know there’s going to be trouble ahead. The problem for NATO is, this time, it may

Did you know WHITES were slaves too?

A quick history lesson, most probably don’t know. The champions of Human Rights today were the greatest violators themselves! The Irish slave trade began when 30,000 Irish prisoners were sold as slaves to the New World. The King James I

Turkey’s approaching crossroads

Turkey's approaching crossroads1

By Carl Bildt Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has resorted to public spectacles to distract attention from his slipping support and economic mismanagement. But one way or another, fundamental change has become inevitable. By reconverting the Hagia Sophia into a

My views on reviews

By Shafique Ahmed Shafique Name of book: Kahtay Hain Naqideen Ghaibana Kia Compiled by: Moin Kamali Pages: 174+18=192 Price: Rs.400/- Publishers: Al-Hamd Publications, M-35, Al-Firdous Pride, Moti Mahal, Karachi Dr. Muhammed Mohsin a well-known satirist is not Doctor of Philosophy

Jingoism is not the answer

Jingoism is not the answer1

Return to status quo ante requires a reset of the calculus of ties By M K Bhadrakumar Details of the military standoff in eastern Ladakh remain hazy. Based on satellite imagery, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute has made the following