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Centre for aerospace power studies

By Air Commodore (R) Jamal Hussain About 31 to 33 satellites are placed in medium earth orbit in space. The system does not require the user to transmit any data, and it operates independently of any telephonic or internet reception,

Kazakhstan’s chairmanship of the nuclear suppliers group in 2019-20

By Tariq Rauf In June 2019, Kazakhstan takes over the Chairmanship of the 48-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) from the current chair Latvia. In June 2019, Kazakhstan takes over the Chairmanship of the 48-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) from the

Why this man is the only reason we are all still alive today

Unknown to the world, Russian officer Vasili Arkhipov single-handedly averted nuclear war at the height of the Cuban missile crisis Nobody knew at the time but it was the most dangerous day in history. On October 27, 1962, the world

Some very interesting predictions….

1-Auto repair* shops will disappear. 2-A petrol/diesel* engine has 20,000 individual parts. An electrical motor has 20. Electric cars are sold with lifetime guarantees and are only repaired by dealers. It takes only 10 minutes to remove and replace an

Japan’s High – Tech Militarization

Asserting independence in an uncertain world By Matthew Edwin Carpenter Contributor Perspectives offer insight, analysis and commentary from Stratfor’s Board of Contributors and guest contributors who are distinguished leaders in their fields of expertise. Japan will continue to move over

Turkey’s “military multi polarity”

US ally and NATO heavyweight to purchase Russia’s S-400 Air Defense System By Andrew Korybko The progress made on furthering the military dimension of Turkey’s multipolar grand strategy might be irreversible by this point after the US suspended the country

Whither Indo-Pacific? Analysis Eurasia review

By Dr. Sandip Kumar Mishra At the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore this June, the US Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan released the US Indo-Pacific Strategy Report. The subtitle of the report talks about the US goals of “preparedness, partnerships

Yemenis mourn the destruction of historical sites

‘I’m watching an entire generation lose our history and heritage’ ‘Notre Dame received a billion dollars in a day, I think we will need 10 years or more to receive that amount’ By Charlene Rodrigues From his temporary home in

India – Israel nexus can’t be ruled out in Sri Lankan attacks

Time has come for the righteous thinking nations to recalibrate their strategies towards this growing menace of anti-Islam mind set of India and curb its export of religious hate mongering in the whole world. By Rafiq Jan Sri Lanka, a

The other side of ‘Allahu Akbar’

In his travels through the Mideast and Africa, our writer found mostly peaceful Muslims, kind to a fault and proud of their religion By James Jeffrey I want to talk about those at the center of the mosque shootings that