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White Swans

Today, technology and the free market are where future White Swans may lurk because politics seem to be a no-White swan zone By Harlan K Ullman Black Swans are wildly unexpected bolts from the blue that in today’s parlance are

My views on reviews

By Shafique Ahmed Shafique Name of book : Bolti Aankhain Author : Khawaja Rahmatullah Jari Pages  :168 Price  :Rs.600/-(10 US dollar) Publishers  : Hedayet Publications, Jari Manzil,A-106, Sector 14-B Shaadmaan Town, North Nazimabad, Karachi. The poet of the book under

North Korea experts tear into Bolton

‘He’s never met a country he hasn’t wanted to destroy’  By Nick Visser & Jesselyn Cook The shake-up also comes just two weeks after Trump accepted an invitation to meet with Kim Jong Un. President Donald Trump’s appointment of John

Quad 2.0 – Facing China’s belt and road?

By Tan Ming Hui, Nazia Hussain The short-lived multilateral Quad of four democracies appears to be earning a new lease of life, partly due to a combined push by the US and Japan. Is this in response to China’s growing

Nepal’s sovereignty and its bigger neighbor

Because of India’s hegemonic policies in South Asia,Nepal remains subject to its exploitation as a client state By Col (R) Muhammad Hanif Nepal is a Hindu state, which lies along the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges. It is

‘Secular’ is a French word for ‘anti-Muslim’

French President Emmanuel Macron can’t achieve his economic policy goals with policies that alienate Muslims By Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry When France’s National Assembly passed a rule last month banning members of parliament from wearing or displaying religious symbols, many shrugged that it

My views on reviews

Name of book : Pakistan May Ghazal Kay Na’at Go Sho’ra Compiler : Syed Muhammed Qasim Pages: 560 Price: Rs.800/- Publishers: Rang-e-Adab Publications, Office No 5, Kitab Market, Urdu Bazar, Karachi. The compiler of the book “Pakistan May Ghazal Kay

There is no justice in our world

A gathering of rich oil Arabs pledged $30 billion this week at a meeting in Kuwait to start rebuilding war-shattered Iraq. Sounds nice but these kinds of conclaves are notorious for offering big but delivering little. The event was billed

Potential consequences of nuclear politics in South Asia

By Usman Ali Khan Established in 1948, the Indian Atomic Energy Commission turned towards United Kingdom for their first help in the making of Apsara. Subsequently, with a similar vision, the CIRUS reactor was supplied by Canada, where, the heavy

Can Turkey renovate its empire by the end of the Treaty of Lausanne 2023?

By Shatha Khalil Turks have never forgotten the Treaty of Lausanne 11, which caused the reduction of the geography of the modern Turkish state, and forcing it to give up large territories that were belonging to it. So it was