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A turning point in the history of Sindh


By Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh  History is replete with instances of small events giving birth to mammoth change. One such event in the history of Sindh was the Manzilgah communal riots of 1939, which proved to be the parting of

What Pakistan and the Muslims of today can learn from the rise and fall of past empires


By Muhammad Aslam Shad Unless and until we go deep into the study of history, it keeps agitating our mind as to how an archipelago of rainy islands off the north-west coast of Europe came to occupy nearly a quarter

Pakistan’s hand in the Taliban’s victory


As the Taliban swept across neighboring Afghanistan, some Pakistanis saw it as a reason to celebrate By Ishaan Tharoor Islamist organizations in a number of Pakistani cities doled out sweets to locals. On social media, some people crowed over the

Corruption of 118 billion found in Pakistan


Post under PTI Minister for Communications Murad Saeed By Shamim Mehmood A corruption of 118 billion of rupees in digitization of Pakistan Post has been reported, Public Accounts Committee (PAC) ordered thorough investigations to submit the report. Sources said that

How Russia and Pakistan are supporting one another on Afghanistan


Russia’s and Pakistan’s defence of one another in the face of third-party criticism is newsworthy By Andrew Korybko Russian and Pakistani officials are winking at one another on Afghanistan as evidenced by recent statements. Russian Special Presidential Envoy for Afghanistan

Questioning FATF’s prejudice against Pakistan


Pakistan continues to be on FATF’s grey list which makes us wonder whether or not FATF is deliberately being unfair to Pakistan. Muhammad Akhtar questions FATF’s reputation and how it is falling for India’s propaganda of keeping Pakistan isolated from

Seminar on Pakistan’s Defense Day – 2021 — Fateh Mubeen Organized By Rabita Forum International


Celebration of Defense Day of Pakistan Tribute to Defenders of Pakistan and the Shuhade of 1965 war- Fateh Mubeen 0n Sunday, The 5th September 2021 – At Such TV Center – Karachi The Armed Forces of Pakistan and the people

Webinar on 25th August 2021 on QUAD’s Expansion to EU and NATO Countries: Threat to Belt and Road Initiative Quad is a threat to (BRI) belt and road initiative

Economically Independent Afghanistan could make Region Stable- Dr. Ashfaq Hasan Tabliban’s behavior is positive while DAESH is a challenge-Ambassador Shahid Amin New face of Taliban is coming into lime light- Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh Taliban have groomed themselves politically and

Why and how India was partitioned


By K. Hussan Zia History is a record of what actually happened, supported by credible evidence. Ideally, it should not be tainted by one’s opinions or conjecture. Unfortunately, intentionally or otherwise, this has not always been the case with narratives

Reception bids farewell to Kyrgyz Envoy


Thursday the 15th July, 2021 By Zafar Bakhtawari, Chairman Pakistan Central Asia Friendship Association from Islamabad Islamabad : Tehreek Insaf Senator Chief Organiser Saifullah Khan Niazi has said that Kyrgyzstan is an important country for Pakistan and he would propose