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Rabita Forum International Organized a seminar titled Security of Pakistan: Sacrifices of Civilians and Armed Forces

at Regent Plaza on 25th September 2018 In this seminar, Lt. General(R) Moinuddin Haider, Vice Admiral(R) Asif Humayun. Commodore (R) Syed Obaidullah, Professor Adnan Farooqi, Muhammad Ayaz, Waleed A. Khattak and Chairman Rabita Forum International Mr. Nusrat Mirza shed light

Pakistan – Russia strategic ties Efficacy over regional confrontation

By Muhammad Javed Siddique  The Asian region has nice political, military, economic and geostrategic implications for the remainder of the world. Modern challenges have influenced the international order, usually when the cold war and particularly in past few years within

Nuclear Security and Pakistan

By Waleed A Rehman Khattak In the Atomic age, where nuclear power is being used for military and peaceful purposes, there is no foolproof security system in the world which can prevent nuclear terrorism, even United Nation, International nuclear proliferation

Profiling Nasr and Prahaar

By Brig. Zahir Ul Haider Kazmi This part is a collection of declared specifications and assessments made on Nasr and Prahaar ballistic missile systems. A technical and technological assessment of these systems would assist in ascertaining their effect on the

Doongar Singh  A Pakistani Brigadier looks back to an Indian JCO

By Brigadier (R) Mehboob Qadir It was Mid 1972. We had just arrived in Ranchi from Agra, badly shaken and bruised, after a fateful train journey, during which we lost a fellow officer, killed by an armed escort needlessly, and

Trump’s slashing of Pakistan aid is justified but futile

By Hal Brands Over the holiday weekend, the Trump administration canceled more than $300 million in aid to Pakistan as punishment for its continued unwillingness to take decisive action against the Taliban and other extremist groups. That decision is eminently

The US-China cold war is now playing out in Pakistan

By Johann Chacko On Sept. 01, days before US secretary of state Mike Pompeo and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, were due to arrive in Islamabad, a Pentagon spokesman announced that the department of defense

Pakistan’s Army reverses the great game The Oxus meets the Indus

By Kamal Alam In 1947, Pakistan’s army inherited the default position and strategy of British India in opposing Russian influence and inroads into Afghanistan and Central Asia. Now, for the first time in 200 years, they have reversed the old


By : Tanzeela Khalil Imran Khan’s victory in the 2018 general elections has ingrained an atmosphere of positivity in Pakistan. The victory speech delivered on 26 July 2018 focused on human development, tax reforms, strengthening the institutions, ensuring accountability, improving

Growing Pakistan – US strategic divergence

By Javid Husain US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent visit to Pakistan, which was followed by a longer and more productive visit to India, has served to highlight once again the growing Pakistan-US strategic divergence in a marked contrast