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Foreign policy lessons from ZAB


With PTI steering the foreign policy wheel, little has been achieved but more has been lost at international forums By Eric Shahzar With the new United States administration coming into power, many foreign policy experts have started to lay out

What China’s rapidly expanding nuclear industry means for the West Beijing understands how electricity can be used to build an empire?


By Nick Butler On Mar. 11, Pakistan inaugurated its most recent and largest civil nuclear power project with the opening of the 1.1-gigawatt plant in Karachi, doubling the capacity of Pakistan’s four existing nuclear facilities. A second similar unit is

Nuclear Pakistan:Focus on Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy for the Service of Mankind


Organized by Rabita Forum International Thursday  the 27th May, 2021 at Such TV Center Speakers: Nusrat Mirza: Chairman Rabita Forum international Mr. R.K. Ansari: General Manager K2 & K3 Power Plants Dr. Javed Iqbal: Institute of Space Technology Karachi University

K –2: A State of the Art Nuclear Power Plant starts Operations


by Mirza Kashif Baig Pakistan became a Nuclear power almost 23 years ago and Pakistan’s nuclear program is focused on the safe and secure usage of nuclear power with particular emphasis on the peaceful usage of Nuclear energy to address

How can Pakistan, Russia and China jointly stabilise West Asia?


Pakistan and Russia are both pursuing “balancing” strategies that emphasise connectivity-driven “economic diplomacy” By Andrew Korybko The prestigious Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hosted a webinar on Monday with Pakistan’s Strategic Vision Institute (SVI) titled “Russia-Pakistan cooperation: regional interests and

Pakistan to become 23rd biggest economy by 2040


US intelligence report Most populous countries in Asia are positioned to be among world’s largest economies, says Global Trends report By Zain Ul Abideen Siddiqui Pakistan is set to become the world’s 23rd biggest economy by 2040 based on its

Fifth Generation warfare & Challenges to Pakistan


Perception of Balochistan Research/Interview Questions 1.What type of threats Pakistan is facing due to fifth generation warfare? Ans. Primarily, non-kinetic. It comprises, demoralizing propaganda, psychological warfare against the vital pivots of the nation, judiciary, army, competence of Govt and exaggerated

Growing Pak-Lanka relations, all thanks to India


By Syed Zain Jaffery Pakistan and Sri Lanka have always been reliable allies with their historic relations regardless of geographical and religious constraints. This equation of reliance and relationship further advanced during the recent visit of Imran Khan, PM of

Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy

By Interaction Desk Everything about Nuclear is not bad, there are numerous benefits of nuclear energy and Pakistan is actively working towards harnessing those beneficial uses, so much so that a Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) was founded for this

No choice – The monster FATF black hole Pakistan is facing


No one in Pakistan can think of an NRO to political crooks, criminals By Shaheen Sehbai Many in Pakistan and abroad have been wondering why PM Imran Khan has taken an extreme position against the corrupt politicians, saying repeatedly that