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Trump’s exit plan from Afghanistan

By Gen Mirza Aslam Beg This plan should have come some eight years earlier in 2012, when they realized having lost the war and sent Mr. Richard Armitage to Pakistan as head of the Committee of the Senate on Afghanistan,

Road to disillusionment

By K. Hussan Zia This is not about Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif or anyone else but about some of what I have observed and experienced in my eighty-six year journey through life, starting with why and how Pakistan came into

US press Pakistan to cut close ties with China and limits CPEC

By Nusrat Mirza As Pakistan helped USA in the deal with Afghan Taliban, the mistrust in the relations between Pakistan and the United States has markedly been overcome over the last one year and a half. But it USA’s continued

Changing the Trajectory of Pandemic

By Gen Mirza Aslam Beg The Chief Justice of Pakistan ordered all courts of justice to continue functioning as normal. A laudable decision indeed, which reminds us of the famous words of Churchill, when Great Britain was seriously battered, due

The Law of Generosity Combatting Coronavirus in Pakistan

By: Aysha Imtiaz | Source : BBC Travel Outside grocery stores in Karachi, a remarkable scene has been unfolding over the past two weeks. Instead of rushing home after shopping to avoid being exposed to coronavirus, many Pakistanis are pausing

JF-17 Block-III vs F-16 Fighting Falcon C

A race JF-17 Thunder won by a mile Pakistan Air Force for long had been using F-16 C’s as the most elite fighters in its arsenal, but no more. The advent of JF-17 Block III with its deadly weapons capability

US press Pakistan to cut ties with China

By Interaction Desk Pro-USA intellectuals are writing articles against Pakistan China relations saying that high cost of its alliance with China. Due to the poverty in its long-term, strategic planning, Islamabad’s conception that the Sino-Pakistani alliance is key to Pakistani

Int’l support for Pakistan has been minimal, says UN chief at Afghan refugee summit

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Monday that the world “must recognise that international support for Pakistan has been minimal compared to its own national efforts” for Afghan refugees He was addressing a conference jointly organised by the

Expansion of the CPEC

Tehran wants to build “the golden ring” Statement of Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan By Andrew Korybko The Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan shared his visionary plans for CPEC+, the neologism that’s becoming popular in Pakistan nowadays to refer to the expansion

The national security paradigm

By Raza Muhammad Khan The core concepts of defence and security matters have not spawned a serious political debate in Pakistan so far, probably because of their complexity. However, evinced from the scores of the National Security Committee (NSC) and