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Living on loans

Living on loans1

By Azim M Mian Pakistani officials who were on a long official trip to the US, which started in early October, for negotiating the revival of the $6 billion loan IMF package kept promising ‘good news’ for Pakistan. In their

IMF seeks closure of public entities’ accounts in banks

IMF seeks closure of public

Global lender wants government to roll out TSAII system this fiscal year By Shahbaz Rana The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has placed a condition on Pakistan to close all the bank accounts maintained by public sector entities and the defence

Dr. AQ Khan A unanimously beloved personality of the nation

A unanimously beloved

By Tahir Mehmood Awan Mohsin-e-Pakistan, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has passed away many days ago but people continue to visit his grave, including from ordinary citizens to his office-mates and security forces officers to civil society members. Undoubtedly, Dr. Sahib

Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum ISI’s unorthodox military general

ISI's unorthodox military general1

Lt. Gen Nadeem Anjum, the new DG ISI, is undoubtedly a man with profound sentiment and who has a flair for embracing the bitter realities. According to Jan Achakzai, a geopolitical analyst, under Lt Gen Nadeem’s leadership, the stature of

Pakistan and its war against terrorism


By Asif Haroon Raja A defense & security analyst terrorism in Pakistan is down, but by no means out. The number of terror attacks and the number of resulting fatalities has started to tick up again; sectarianism is growing and

Will Bolton ever understand the excellence of Pakistan’s nuclear security?

Will Bolton ever understand the excellence

By Atia Ali Kazmi Numerous external entities frequently keep Pakistan’s N-program under their critical spotlight despite the latter’s exemplary track record. Most recently, a former U.S. National Security Advisor (NSA) raised the bogey of Pakistani nuclear weapons getting into terrorist

How significant was the reported Islamabad intelligence summit?

How significant was the reported 1

The summit was symbolised Pakistan’s newfound geostrategic importance in shaping the future of Eurasia By Andrew Korybko Reports circulated over the weekend that Islamabad hosted an unprecedented summit of regional intelligence chiefs. The Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Uzbek, Kazakh, Turkmen, and

How the US got closer to India amidst Afghan crises?

How the US got closer to 1

By Zamir Ahmed Awan US has always used Pakistan’s soil for its own strategic interests and when they could not do it anymore, they immediately distanced themselves from Pakistan got closer to India. It proves true that Pakistan is a

Maleeha Lodhi on the tortured Pakistani-American relationship

Maleeha Lodhi on the tortured

America must learn from its missteps in Asia, says a Pakistani strategist and diplomat *In their very first exchange after 9/11, Pakistan’s most senior leaders urged their American counterparts not to invade Afghanistan. Instead, they said, consider targeted action against

Pakistan discussing expansion of CPEC to Afghanistan

Pakistan discussing expansion 1

Pakistan has discussed the Taliban-led Afghanistan joining the multibillion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) infrastructure project, the Pakistan’s ambassador to the country said on Monday. “Regional connectivity is an important element of our discussion with Afghan leadership and our way forward