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Unusual Stint at PMA

His beginnings in the army were not very propitious. His difficulty sprouted from the beard he sported which, especially an untrimmed one of the ‘suchi’ definition, was not as common as it is today. When he refused to part with

Can’t get an F-35? Could Pakistan’s JF – 17 be the next great Fighter Jet?

Key point: The JF-17 lacks stealth By Sebastien Roblin in the 2019 Paris Air Show, Pakistan its lightweight JF-17 Thunder jet fighter it began building a decade ago in conjunction with China. You can see the seven-ton fighter performing maneuvers

Water scarcity and the India – Pakistan Indus Water Treaty

Emily Hawthorne: I’m Emily Hawthorne, a Middle East and North Africa Analyst at Stratfor, and this podcast is brought to you by Stratfor Worldview, the world’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform. Individual team and enterprise memberships are available at Rebecca

Dr. Shireen Mazari for holistic approach towards controlling nuclear arms

Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari Friday underlined the need for exhibiting holistic approach at international level towards controlling arms, urging the member states of Nuclear Non-Proliferation-Treaty (NPT) to abide by the agreement in letter and spirit. “We need

How World Bank arbitrators mugged Pakistan

Thanks to the World Bank’s flawed and corrupt investment arbitration process, the rich are making a fortune at the expense of poor countries. The latest shakedown is a $5.9 billion award against Pakistan’s government in favor of two global mining

CPEC – How China furthers without any substantial help from Pakistan

China, under CPEC flagship, has been continuously working on basic infrastructures in Pakistan yet Pakistan’s bureaucracy fails at every step to facilitate the development. For how long, will China keep on supporting the burden? By Imtiaz Gul Under the CPEC,

The conspiracy that failed

By General Mirza Aslam Beg What happened during the last few months was ‘a crisis period’ for the state institutions, drifting in a state of helplessness to handle an ordinary matter of the state. Luckily it was the unexpected intervention

Quaid Azam’s Pakistan and its Strategic Stability

Rabita Forum International organized a seminar with the collaboration of Such Tv on Thursday the 19th December 2019 at premises of Such Tv Karachi The Speakers were Mian Abdul Majeed Chancellor Textile University Karachi and President Nazaia e Pakistan Foundations

Strategic Defense System of Islam

Nusrat Mirza On May 23rd, 1983 American president Ronald Regan introduced the doctrine of Strategic Defense first. This was signal to all American scientists to develop weapons which render all nuclear weapons useless. As a result of this, America has

PAKISTAN NAVY and PMSA Conducting Multinational BARRACUDA-X Exercise

from 02-04 December, 2019 PAKISTAN NAVY and PAKISTAN Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) are conducting a Multinational Annual Oil Spill Response BARRACUDA – X Exercise from 02-04 December, 2019.  The Multinational Annual Oil Spill Response Exercise BARRACUDA – X Exercise is