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An all Parties Conference was organized by Rabita Forum International in collaboration with SuchTV on 5th September 2019 on the occasion of Defense day. The Event was attended by Muslim League N, Jamate Islami, Nizame Mustafa Party, Tehrik e Insaf,

Attempts at defanging PakistanDefense pacts with China imperative

By Kanwar Muhammad Dilshad Grounds for a Great War, possibly a Third World War, are being laid very systematically, by India, Israel, and the Western Secular world. The strategic situation that has now developed after the brutal Indian annexation of

72 years of Pakistan gone wasted!

By Saeed Qureshi The religious zealots contend that Pakistan is a citadel of Islam, although most of the religious parties opposed the creation of Pakistan. Pseudo nationalists gloat that it is a nuclear power. I say Pakistan cannot be the

Daesh looks to gain foothold in Balochistan under ex-Karachi cop

By Roohan Ahmed The Islamic State militant group has named a former Karachi police constable Daud Mehsud the leader of its newly created Wilayah Pakistan, after separating Pakistan from its Khorasan province, two counter-terrorism officials have confirmed to newsmen. Mehsud

Subcontinent’s leaders face the enemies within

By Bernard Weinraub Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan rarely goes to bed before 2 or 3 in the morning, and sometimes he hardly sleeps at all. He prowls his official residence, reading documents, leafing through American news magazines,

The changing face of Indian Ocean

Islam and the Indian Ocean By Arshad Rahim Islam spread to the east and west with amazing speed following its advent in the Arabian Peninsula in early seventh century. Its influence since then on international politics and culture has been

Role of Pakistan navy and security of sea lines of communication in Northern Indian Ocean

Dr. Maliha Zeba Khan The Indian Ocean Region (IOR) has been significant since ages due to its geographical connectivity with land masses. In its entirety, IOR adjoins three continents, Asia (South and Southeast Asia), Africa (East Africa), and Australia (Western

Effects of strategic nuclear exchange

Between Pakistan and India – Brief Review By Brig (R) Agha A. Gul A Pakistani TV anchor explained effects of a likely nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India. It was limited to giving out likely causality figures only and thus

The Illusion of National Security

By Gen Mirza Aslam Beg The intelligent machines like the drones and the cruise missiles that hit Saudi oil facilities, demolished the myth of Security, which the multi-billion dollar US ‘Iran-dome’ air defense system was to provide. With one stroke

63rd IAEA General Conference-Vienna, Austria

16-20 September 2019 Statement By Mr. Muhammad Naeem (Chairman, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission) Leader of the Pakistan Delegation Madam President, Excellency, Ambassador Alicia Buenrostro Massieu, I would like to congratulate you and other officers on their election at the 63rd