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Businessmen and the swinging ’60s – A Happier Pakistan

Businessmen and 3

Karachi, east of the Suez and west of Bangkok, was the most swinging city in the 1960s. Dubai didn’t exist and Singapore was a colonial backwater, while Beirut was the only city with any comparable class. In those days, business

Balochistan is not Bangladesh

Balochistan is not Bangladesh1

Pak can nuke Delhi in 8s, Indian professor schools Indian Major Major (R) Gaurav Arya has warned Pakistan that India will exacerbate violence in Balochistan if it does not stop presenting the case of Kashmir. Professor Ashok Swain, in a

Pakistan, stop being a scapegoat!

Pakistan, stop being a scapegoat2

Afghanistan’s instability is due to Pakistan, India’s worsening economy is because of the ISI, Brad Pitt broke up with Angelina Jolie because of Rawalpindi, Prince Harry left the Palace because of Imran Khan, and so forth. You can cook up

Pakistan Navy humanitarian assistance campaign during corona virus spread

Pakistan Navy humanitarian assistance 1

By Ali Basit Today, the world is in a state of war and facing an invisible enemy, the Corona virus or COVID-19, about which we had never thought of fighting with. The pandemic has trembled the existing geopolitical and economic

Solidarity with Kashmir & Palestine Conference by Rabita Forum International to express Solidarity with the suppressed people of Kashmir and Palestine


Interaction Desk On 21st May 2020 a conference was organized by Rabita Forum international to show solidarity with oppressed people of Kashmir and Palestine and also to highlight the tyranny of India and Israel since last seven decade. Those who

Seminar on the Occasion of Youm-e-Takbeer 28th May 2020


A seminar was organized by Rabita Forum International on 28th May 2020 at Karachi. Those who spoke on this occasion were Vice Admiral® Asaf Humayum Chief Guest, Mr. Waqar Murtuza Butt Advisor to SPD, Brig. Haris Nawaz Defense Analyst, Dr.

What India’s China strategy can learn from a herd of burning, squealing pigs

What India's China strategy can learn

By Praveen Swami Three thousand PLA soldiers are now facing off against similar numbers of Indian soldiers along the Galwan River valley in Ladakh, in the largest crisis along the Line of Actual Control since the Doklam crisis of 2017.

The neocons’ Covid-19 fearmongering won’t derail CPEC

US “deep state” operative Michael Rubin’s recent fearmongering in “The National Interest” about how CPEC will supposedly facilitate the spread of COVID-19 throughout Pakistan is bound to fail because he lacks any credibility as an objective observer due to his

ISIS & Taliban conflict

ISIS & Taliban conflict1

By Interaction Desk It is estimated that almost 12,000 ISIS fighters are present in Afghanistan at the moment. These fighters are being kept in check by the Afghnani Taliban and both the factions are in the bloody conflict with the

ISIS is a threat to South & Central Asian countries

ISIS is a threat to South & 1

By Mirza Kashif Baig The attacks of 9/11 brought about a radical change globally. The attack was unique and unanticipated and it took more than a decade for the world to understand the reality of those attacks. If the conspiracy