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ON May 12 2018 at Regent Plaza Hotel Karachi  A Seminar was organized by Rabita Forum International on above subject and above stated date. Gen.(r) Moinudin Haider was the Chief Guest and Mr. Nusrat Mirza Chairman Rabita Forum international presided.

US offered $5bn to refrain from carrying out nuclear tests

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Monday alleged that former US president Bill Clinton offered him $5 billion to refrain from carrying out nuclear tests in 1998. “British leaders and other international leaders also asked me not to proceed with the

Straight from Gen. Ashfaq Kayani’s mouth!

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi A few hours ago I received a call from Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, former Army Chief with reference to my earlier piece about him being perhaps the only person who knew the mystery of the

CPEC & enemy woes

By Mirza Kashif Baig CPEC has been termed as a game changer and this is exactly how Pakistan, China, India and US view it. USA was skeptical about the project throughout and has since its announcement taken a biased and

Mountbatten’s ‘Shameful flight’

Pakistan would have fared better if Jinnah had lived longer By Ahmad Faruqui Churchill had used the expression ‘shameful flight’ to describe the hurried British exit from India. UCLA’s Stanley Wolpert, the biographer of Jinnah, Nehru and Gandhi, made that

Pakistan too important to abandon, says Robin L Raphel

By Muna Habib Robin L Raphel, is a retired ambassador who until recently was a senior adviser to the US Sate Department’s special representative on Afghanistan and Pakistan. A former ambassador to Tunisia, Raphel had also served under former US

The wages of prevarication

By Saeed A. Malik On 3rd May 2018 Nawaz Sharif emerged from the NAB Court, and standing on top of the steps, made a declaration to the assembled group of reporters. He announced that he had many secrets tucked away

Analysing Pakistan – Japan relations

Pakistan and Japan are engaged in dialogue and consultation in various fields aimed at improving cooperation and coordination Dr. Khalil-ur-Rahman Shaikh Japan and Pakistan established formal diplomatic relations in 1952. Both the countries enjoyed economic relations before the birth of

Balochistan’s sense of deprivation, perceptions & realities

By Brig (R) Agha Ahmad Gul Introduction “Pakistaniat” can be defined in many ways, but in essence it implies, an attitude of belonging with commitment to the nation-state called Pakistan. Every nation-state has fault lines which tend to divide its

Nawaz – “Patriot” in power but “Proud traitor” in opposition..!

By Nasir Azeem For a few days, I had eagerly been willing to write and announce an article on the 11 points agenda presented by the Pakistan Tareek-e-insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan. I wanted to do this in front of