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Defining Challenges


By:  Sakib Sherani PAKISTAN is faced with a number of severe challenges that have been left unaddressed for far too long. The impact of these development challenges started becoming visible in linear increments in the 1990s, but now their impact

AMAN Exercise: Epitome of Regional Integration

AMAN Exercise8

By Baber Ali Bhatti Pakistan Navy conceived the idea of hosting the series of naval exercises in 2007 to promote regional naval integration and enhance compatibility inter alia. The word ‘AMAN’ is chosen from Urdu, the national language of Pakistan,


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Tuesday the 2nd February 2021 – Regent Plaza Hotel – Karachi Orgnized by: Rabita Forum International  A seminar organized by Rabita Forum International on Kashmir issue and to show solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir for their just struggle of

Pakistan faces another setback in Reko Diq case

Pakistan faces another 3

British Virgin Islands court passes an order to attach some of country’s assets in its territories By Hasnaat Malik Pakistan is faced with another setback on the international legal front as the British Virgin Islands high court has passed an

Nelson Mandela’s tributes to Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Nelson Mandela's tributes to 1

By Ambassador (R) Syed Hasan Javed “Pakistan is among the strongest supporters of ANC. Instead of establishing embassy tomorrow, you are welcome to do it today, as our great friend. I have been inspired by Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s constitutional struggle



By Lt Gen (R) Asad Durrani Power is all pervasive. The minutest of particles, the most lifeless of organisms, the most insignificant of existence  all have a coefficient of power that can passively, imperceptibly, almost immeasurably, change the course of

Pakistan sees new path of potential balance with Biden administration

President-Elect Biden And VP-Elect Harris Deliver Remarks In Wilmington, DE

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi shared his opinions about Pakistan’s future relationship with the US under a Biden administration on Sunday. Qureshi believes that Biden will have a different approach than Trump, saying the incoming administration would, “prefer negotiations

Webinar :: Pakistan’s Peacefull Nuclear Program, Role in Socio Economic Development of the Country



What happened to those who broke up Pakistan in 1971?

What happened to those who 1

Former Ambassador to Bangladesh looks at the sad saga behind the breakup of East & West Pakistan through the lens of examining what happened to the major characters involved during and after that period By Ambassador Afrasiab Mehdi Hashmi Qureshi



By Saeed A. Malik Recalling the movie “Taras Bulba”, a sentence comes to mind which suggests a methodology for transference of faith. One of the characters, rooting for peace between the Poles and the Cossacks, suggests that they put their