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Imran Khan Could be Ousted by Pakistanis If Fails to Fails to Keep Idealistic Promises

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Imran Khan, who surged into office with a strong support by promising an idealistic scenario of lifting millions out of poverty and combating corruption in Pakistan, could be quickly dethroned by its own people who had voted

India’s hybrid warfare

Options for Pakistan By Ikram Sehgal With the Pacific Ocean dominated by the US and Japan while the Indian Ocean by the US (conceivably along with its new ally India), China has to turn to its centuries-old land routes. As

Pakistan & India NSG membership, stake holders and challenges

By Ali Raza It is a well-known fact that nuclear technology is only used for development of nuclear weapons, but also as a sustainable power source as nuclear energy. Therefore, it is not surprising that many countries aim to have

Fate of Balochistan and CPEC

By Naveed Aman Khan Pakistan is entering into a new phase of economic development through China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under the rubric of One Belt One Road Initiative. CPEC is more than a US$62 billion flagship project which emphasizes regional

Security region – Asia tags – Bomb nuclear war Pakistan India

No surprise – The bomb has made a bad situation worse in South Asia Testing nuclear devices opens up a Pandora’s Box of requirements that can be relieved only by accepting a modus vivendi with an adversary or by accepting

The return of Nawaz Sharif

By General Mirza Aslam Beg After a long hearing, extending over several sessions, the trial court gave the verdict against Nawaz Sharif, rejecting their appeal for seven days delay, enabling them to be present on the occasion. It is a

ISIS is a threat to Pakistan, Iran & Central Asian states

By Mirza Kashif Baig The attacks of 9/11 brought about a radical change globally. The attack was unique and unanticipated and it took more than a decade for the world to understand the reality of those attacks. If the conspiracy

Opportunity Knocks

The evolving and unfolding Afghan situation offers an opportunity for resolution of a long drawn out and seemingly intractable conflict. This opportunity is too good to ignore and it is not going to be there for long because there are

Keeping Pakistan out of the nuclear game

The credibility of the international nuclear non-proliferation regime faces a big question mark By Beenish Altaf There are nine nuclear weapon states. Four of these have not signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). These include Pakistan, Israel, India, and North Korea-which

Foreign media prompted to criticize Pakistan’s military

Pakistan’s efforts for peace in the region have not been positively reciprocated, either by Afghanistan, or by India, as both are probably thrilled with their strategic partnership with the US By Col (R) Muhammad Hanif While the ISAF forces led