CIA backed Daesh a Threat to Pakistan, Central Asia and Russia


By: Abdul Rauf

CIA has had a history of promoting terrorism to achieve their objectives. In a way CIA is the biggest official state sponsored terrorist organization in the world. Post 9/11 the world had been taught to fear the day when radical terrorist groups possess weapons of mass destruction and begin terrorizing the world. This has already happened in the form of CIA along with Israel’s MOSSAD birthing terrorist organizations and letting them loose on whoever dares to question their callous methods. Killing innocents and wreaking havoc by the hands of terrorist organizations like DAESH could really affect their conscience a are cold blooded murderers who thrive in anarchy. USA, Israel and their latest pet India have all taken the same tone of killing innocent people Muslims in the name of promoting peace.

Their methods are exactly like that of the devil. They first these terrorists in a country and allow them to shed as much blood and cause as much destruction as their sinister mind can think of. After which the global champions of peace and stability, USA and its allies jump in to invade the country all in the name of eliminating terrorism. America’s callousness and selfishness knows no bounds and they don’t even hesitate in killing their own people for their self-justified ‘greater good’. Their policy is of deceit, bloodshed and destruction which is served by training God less terrorists, who have no ounce of humanity left in them, and then unleashing them on the ones who don’t fall in line with USA and Israel.

One such tool of USA and Israel is DAESH which is serving their agenda after the fall of AL-QAEDA. Despite of the Western propaganda against DAESH and how it is a terrorist organization of radical Muslims working against the western allies, DAESH has in fact gone against all the forces which have opposed the tyranny of USA. Currently large number of DAESH fighters are present in Tora Bora and being provided for by America and Israel.

The main intention behind nurturing DAESH is to surround Russia and to defeat Afghani Taliban. Afghani Taliban have left America in peace since their occupation of Afghanistan. Instead the Taliban are the only major hurdle in America’s path in Afghanistan. Their freedom struggle has brought a super power to its knees. America has much interest in staying in Afghanistan and despite its claims of leaving, America has no intention of doing so. In fact they are funding and equipping DAESH so that when Afghan Taliban take office in the country, DAESH can be used against the Taliban. Americans intend to Taliban by the hands of DAESH. In addition to this USA and Israel intend to use DAESH against all the major powers of the region namely Pakistan, Iran, Russia and even China. DAESH is an attack dog for hire and American allied countries like India intend to use it regardless of the cost they might face.

According to India’s Ajit Doval, India intends to use DAESH against Pakistan and CPEC no matter what the cost of such an action. Eventually, these terrorist forces will be used against Russia and will serve Yinon plan well. Yinon plan focuses on creating greater Israel while ensuring that no country in the region is large (in land mass or military prowess) enough to challenge Israel in any way possible.

Defeating Taliban by the hands of DAESH will seal the fate of regional and global powers.  US and Israel will set base in the region, then one by one these countries will weaken other regional powers like Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Russia and China and will eventually control everything.

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