FATF – A tool of blackmailing

In today’s world, a threat to global peace is any action or anything which is perceived as a threat by the USA and its allies. Whether its progress in the field of science, economic development, political stability, strengthening of national security, an abundance of natural resources, or any other field which might put a country on the path of prosperity and self-sufficiency is perceived as a threat by the USA and its allies. America portrays itself as a peace-loving country that seeks to address make the world a better place but in reality, America and its allies go out of their way to disrupt world peace and to hinder the progress of others. The USA along with its western allies, Israel, and India together combined can be compared to a bloodthirsty monster whose thirst for bloodshed and devastation is not unappeasable.

They preach a model of perfect competition and portray themselves to be supporters of global progression but in reality, they seek to drag other nations behind in order to remain ahead. These countries have been targeting Pakistan since its inception in 1947, however, their bullying behavior has increased tremendously over the past 2 decades. Previously, the USA and its allies at least veiled their ill intentions and tried to develop their narrative on strong grounds. Now, however, they are way past that phase. Drunk with power and fueled by contempt these countries have forgone all standards of humanity and civility. Their basic intention at the moment is to restrict Pakistan’s economic development by ensuring the rollback of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). By doing so they intend to restrict not only Pakistan but also China.

It served the USA well when it referred to Pakistan as its ally but did everything in its power to destabilize Pakistan, politically and economically. Everything from sponsoring terrorism on Pakistani soil to supporting Indian false propaganda with the aim of isolating Pakistan in the global arena. This policy guaranteed Pakistan’s financial and economic dependence on the USA, while ensured that the country’s economy remained on the ventilator. One thing that this global group of tyrants did not account for was Pakistan’s resilience. The nation fought on, defeated terrorism, and through the help of its all seasoned friend China, devised a plan of economic prosperity by way of CPEC. CPEC poses no threat to either the USA and its western allies or to their lapdog India in any way.

The only problem that CPEC poses is the surety that Pakistan will become self-sufficient and that US-Pakistan relations have diverged considerably. CPEC also ensures progression for China and this is not acceptable. In order to contain Pakistan and to roll back the CPEC project the USA and its western allies have entangled Pakistan in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list. This measure is clearly reflecting that the USA intends to bully Pakistan to withdraw from CPEC. This is a blatant abuse of power and is validating Pakistan’s choice to strengthen these ties with China.  FATF turns a blind eye towards the state-sponsored terrorism prevailing in India, despite the fact that India has openly admitted to financing terrorism in Pakistan’s province of Baluchistan.

Despite all this, India is not greylisted or blacklisted by FATF. In the February 2021 review of Pakistan’s FATF status, the country was maintained in the grey list despite the fact that Pakistan effectively addressed 24 out of 27 conditions of FATF. These cheap tricks are all part of the plan to hinder or restrict CPEC’s development but Pakistan is a sovereign country that has the right to take decisions viewing its national interest and it continues to do so. Pakistan’s resilience should not be underestimated nor should the country’s ability to neutralize any threats that might come in its direction.

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