Fight to win not to Die

Pakistan has been facing many problems. Out of them some are due to the mistakes of the past and others are to the bullying nature of the world powers. Pakistan has come a long way in the past two decades in terms of defeating foreign sponsored terrorists and restoring her image a peace loving country. Despite this, the world bodies continue to oppress Pakistan by using tools such as the FATF and IMF.  It is strange how blatantly injustice and oppression is being carried out by the world powers in plain sight and yet they are able to justify it as the right thing to do to maintain peace. They uphold the banner of peace and justice while continuing their criminally biased behavior. It is explained in Islam, that when people lose the courage to speak up and  do not stop the wrongdoings around them then injustice and callousness prevails. Global bodies such as the League of Nations and the United Nations (UN) were created in the name of maintaining peace by enforcing the will of the powerful of the world. The fact is UN is mere puppet of the West and more importantly of USA. The illusion created is so powerful that even when the world is aware of that UN will only enforce America’s will even then they resort to UN to seek justice against the wrongdoings of America and its allies. This can be referred to as the illusion for naïve or the incapability of the oppressed to develop an alternative system to counter the corrupt and crooked system prevailing today. It’s high time for Pakistan to its passive and partially submissive approach and to think of a unique solution to this complicated problem. When Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) was being challenged by the enemies of Islam, he did not accept some of their demands even at the cost of confrontation of a powerful enemy. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) stuck by the righteous principles of Islam, prayed to ALLAH for a victory against the powerful enemy and led the small group of Muslims into battle as was the will of ALLAH. He did not stop to think about the economy or anything else. He taught us that the path of Islam is the path for humanity’s excellence and that it is fraught with challenges which are small price to pay for the reward it yield. In pursuing the righteous path, one must not fear the consequences, nor fear the worldly strength of the enemy, but pray to ALLAH for success and remember that in following the righteous path of Islam, ALLAH’s strength is in the arms of the believers. Intention should be honest and belief that one will win is very important. Pakistan and its rulers seem to have forgotten these lessons. Despite the persecutions that the Muslims of Pakistan are facing and the persecutions faced by the Muslims of the world, Pakistan fears that confronting the enemy directly would result in terrible consequence for the economy and on our physical wellbeing. We keep using strong words to fend off our enemies but fear to show the slightest of action to back our words. Even the words that we use portray our acceptance of weakness. Those are not words of the righteous and the courageous. Muslims fight for a higher cause and they fight to win not to die. We are so consumed by illusion of power of this world that our Faith weakened making us forget the omnipotent power of the creator which is for baking those who are willing to sacrifice everything for the right cause. Muslims are being butchered in India, in Kashmir, in Palestine, in Burma and all over the world. In response to this we seek to convince the architects of this design that what is happening to Muslims of the world is unjust and is terrorism of the worst kind. Pakistan keeps telling the UN and the world that Kashmiris are being persecuted in the worst way and is seeking the world’s approval when none is required. We are being cornered and we are reasoning with the ones who are doing it. This naïve approach needs to stop and the world must know that if this continues then our response will be decisive and by the will of ALLAH we will be victorious. InshaAllah.

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