Global Instability

Lies, deceit and bloodshed is the new norms of the modern world. Peace and tranquility are farfetched concepts which have been long forgotten and it seems that these concepts are dreams of the innocent. It is sad and frightening to see how a few powerful elements are focused on raising hell on earth. These elements seem to thrive in mayhem. One after the other they hatch devious schemes and build a web of deception to justify their cruel acts. Their sole motive, it seems is to ensure that the bloodshed and cruelty doesn’t stop, for it nourishes them and give purpose to their existence. Only term that does justice to their actions and their very being is ‘evil’.

It’s a clichéd word but if one ponders over its meaning and what it represents then its significance in these times can be truly understood. Most worrisome fact of this situation is that the masses have accepted this as the way of life and in doing so, perhaps have become indirect agents of this evil. Joy and happiness are illusions now which we seek in the most materialistic and useless things.

Sense of purpose is lost and morals are for fools. Such is the world we are living in. Innocent men women and children are murdered every day for the vicious ambitions of these callous elites and the masses remain helplessly silent. Every now and then USA and its allies brew a concoction of lies and invade countries killing thousands, leaving even more injured just to pursue their ambition of global domination.

India kills innocent people in Kashmir every day pursuing their own brand of domination, Israel commits the most vicious atrocities in Palestine daily without any fear and as if this isn’t enough, they create terrorist organizations like ISIS to wreak havoc on innocent people for the sole purpose of giving life to their evil plans. After all this bloodshed the ‘evil’ elites are now moving in for the final showdown. They intend to enslave ‘free will’.

This COVID-19 pandemic is part of that plan, for they need demolish the existing global system to create a new one where the masses are directly slaves to their will. Their weapon of choice is ‘fear’ as they induce fear and present a solution of their choice as the only viable solution to a problem, hence forcing masses to forego their freedom and sense of peace. In the current scenario a great game is at hand.

COVID-19 has destroyed global economies and life has changed altogether. In addition China and USA are at each other’s throats. India is trying its best to start a war with Pakistan by instigating violence. The bullying behavior India, USA and its allies is being challenged by their neighbors and this is compelling these bullies to wage war in order to subjugate and suppress the voice of reason.

Global economic uncertainty, terrorism, suppression of free will, threat of a global war, COVID -19 pandemic and its devastating impact on humanity, threat of more pandemics, global water shortage, global warming and other factors combined have given rise to global instability. China’s emergence as a parallel global power together with Russia to USA and the formation of power blocks combined with COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst and fueled the fire of instability.

This instability is mostly due to the evil efforts of ‘The Deep State’ which is Israel for it is their agenda to enslave the world by first creating such a situation and then emerging as the saviors of humanity.

This plan of theirs, however, is being challenged now and the time is near when fate of the world will be decided as the two forces of good and evil collide to restore order. As to the kind of order restored that will be determined by the victor power(s).

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