Indian Atrocities in Kashmir War Eminent

Asia as a continent has a rich history. It is rich in mineral resources, and possesses great market potential, while at the same time it is a dangerous neighbourhood consisting of four declared nuclear powers. The south Asian region is the most volatile in this regard as it consists of two nuclear powers, Pakistan and India, both of whom have fought four wars since 1947. A major unresolved issue among the two countries is that of Kashmir. Pakistan has always voiced concern over Indian atrocities in the valley and it has been a major point of concern for Pakistan. Pakistan has exercised restraint on many occasions with India in good spirit to improve relations between the countries; however, India has shown intent of the sort. Despite repeated invitations from Pakistan to settle disputes through dialogue, India has refrained to do so. This has been a major test of Pakistan’s patience and as a responsible nuclear power Pakistan has always shown restraint. Despite all the efforts of goodwill, India has shown its true fascist nature by revoking Kashmir’s special status on August 5, 2019 and this is something that Pakistan is not willing to tolerate. Kashmir’s lockdown, the atrocities against its people, blockage of social and mainstream media are all signalling towards a major ethnic purge in Indian occupied Kashmir and Pakistan is in no mood to overlook this matter. India has been taking Pakistan’s peaceful gestures for granted but no more! The escalating military readiness on both sides is alarming. Pakistan stands on high alert and the military is prepared to respond in kind to any misadventures form Indian. If India believes that this is just an episode and would conclude in its favour then she is ruefully mistaken. Pakistan has always stood with the people of Kashmir and has always acted as a responsible nuclear power but her patience is waning. Citizens of Pakistan stand ready with their brothers and sisters in Kashmir. India needs immediately lift the curfew in Kashmir and should restore the valley to its previous special status as preliminary measure as Pakistan will not stand by and watch the ethnic cleansing of their brothers in Kashmir. At this crucial moment in time, one can’t help and wonder as to the real reason for this measure by India and the most logical answer is that this move will facilitate, Israel, India and America by disrupting CPEC. One theory circulating these days that Israel and USA, by the funding of the Arab world, will form military bases in this region to restrict China and CPEC. This does makes sense, especially if one considers the half-hearted approach of the entire world in the Kashmir matter. Under the protective umbrella of USA and Israel, Indian terrorism is flourishing and is going unchecked. Work is being done in India under the slogan ‘ India is only for the Hindus’ which delivers a warning to all minorities stating that either convert and become a Hindu or leave India otherwise defiant will be killed by the powerful fascist regime in India. It seems in this time, if one is a Muslim,his life has no value. If Kashmir had been a non-Muslim majority region, India would have been kept on a leash.  This negligence from the world, however, doesn’t mean that the people of Kashmir are helpless as they are not. People of Pakistan are standing with them firmly despite the agenda of the world powers. America has offered to mediate in the Kashmir issue but Pakistan must be wary of this offer for it would mean the disintegration of Pakistan and India’s complete rule over the entire Kashmir area. Pakistan is strong militarily, her military and civilians have a just cause in the form Kashmir, Pakistan is a nuclear power and that is enough to keep the enemies their senses and the thought of two nuclear powers on the brink of war should be enough to jolt the world into action for no one will be able to escape the consequences of such a war.

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