By: Nusrat Mirza

ISIS’s ever increasing presence in Afghanistan is growing threat for Taliban, Pakistan, Iran and Russia, central Asian Countries and china. Originally USA intelligence community considered that it is ultimate weapon to keep Russia under pressure and keep Russia closed within their Countries’ boundary. When ISIS was emerged it was called Daesh than ISIL and now ISIS.  It has lager prospect to create a Muslim state Dolate Islamia with larger boundaries from Syria, Iran and Turkey to other Islamic states. The idea is derived from Khorasan state once a very powerful Muslim empire. But from the very beginning, I had researched that it is an instrument of USA to which USA community called ultimate weapon to destabilize Muslim World and focusing Russia and covertly China too. It was revealed that some 2000 fighter came from Europe and 100 from USA and a friendly country of USA probably Israel has given necessary weapons and funds. Unfortunately, the Muslim world could not visualized its implications as Turkey was providing them lodging and safe route to reach Syria as Pakistan did for Taliban to fight against Soviet Union. It was also considered that the Yinon plan of greater Israel is at work to draw new boundaries of Middle East including Iran and Pakistan. Israel support to Daesh was evident as the injured daesh fighters were reportedly treated in Israel. This plan was smashed by Russia and Iran in Syria fighting very hard battle with USA, Israel and other countries.  Then thousand Daesh or ISIS fighters flew with unmarked plans from Syria to Afghanistan. Those who were monitoring this movement claimed that a number of ten thousand ISIS fighters shifted to Afghanistan. There were some skirmishes between Afghan Taliban and ISIS and Taliban apparently defeated them though it was the tactical move to keep quiet for a while. When Afghan Taliban installed in government then ISIS will show the mussels.

Though Afghan Taliban considers ISIS as no problem; but perhaps it will be very hard job for Taliban and Pakistan. Recent attack near Pakistan on August 24, 2019 in Jalalabad Afghanistan in reaction of USA-Afghan Taliban negotiation’s success, is a sign how ISIS is going to take it road of action; Suicidal attacks, bomb blasts, direct clash using sophisticated weapons made in USA, Europe and Israel and even India which is going to play a negative role against Pakistan and Afghan Taliban, Iran and indirectly against China.

The agreement between USA and Taliban is about to sign either in September or October 2019 in the presence of Guarantors of the treaty Pakistan, China, Russia and others.  Afghan Taliban has to resolve the differences with Ashraf Ghani Government. Prepare a road map of USA withdrawal from Afghanistan. USA has to leave Afghanistan within 15 to twenty four months. Afghan Taliban after a struggle of 18 years has defeated USA in the longest war in the USA history. But real test and war shall begin when Taliban will hold the power. The ISIS shall be main enemy together with some Afghan factions having help of India.

It is advised that Afghan Taliban may remain in close touch with Pakistan, covertly and overtly together with Iran, China and Russia. Russian interest in Afghan peace has accelerated the peace Talks with USA and has given an edge to Afghan Taliban as Shanghai cooperation Organization has remained an option for Afghan peace process and this organization with priority of Pakistan shall be always be at back of Afghan Taliban in case of any adventure or misadventure of USA or India. Let Afghan Taliban understand that India is a player and bad played with USA in Afghanistan. Afghan Taliban who looked humble and simple with turban has shown wisdom, diplomacy along with unparalleled bravery. Congratulations to them. In case of ISIS, Afghan Taliban must address the issue vigorously and wisely and take help without hesitation from Pakistan, Iran, China and Russia. These four countries in which Pakistan has a lead will be available to help Afghan to counter the penance of ISIS.

The writer is the Chief Editor of this magazine.   

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