No peaceful transition of Power in Afghanistan’s and Chaos at Kabul airport


By Mirza Kashif Baig

The recent victory of the Afghani Taliban over the US and its allies has been received with mixed reactions from different parts of the world. The western allies are spewing venom against the new Afghani regime whereas this newfound peace is being welcomed by most of Afghanistan’s neighbors. How is the US left Afghanistan is quite surprising for many for it displays cowardice and most importantly, it seems like an attempt at a final act of mischief before leaving the country. It seems mischievous on part of the US as they could have negotiated a settlement before leaving to ensure a smooth transition but instead, Americans chose to depart in a haphazard manner leaving the country in a state of complete uncertainty. The American design dictated that the Afghani nationals fight amongst themselves so that the American occupation can be justified and also destabilize the entire region.

This, however, did not happen the Afghan Taliban announced a general pardon for all their adversaries and immediately started a campaign of confidence-building measures through which they are ensuring that peace ensues in the country. This is evident from the fact that there have been no acts of violence or agitation in Afghanistan since they have taken over. The only noted disturbances including Suicidal attacks on US army and Afghan national close to American in the country took place at Kabul airport which is under American control for the time being.

Without any hesitation, one can blame India that this incident is the work of Indian Intelligence Agency RAW whose chief is on record to say that India will use ISIS to disturb CPEC and with the defeat of USA in Afghanistan, India is the worst looser and desperate. ISIS has taken the responsibility of the suicidal attack at Kabul Airport.

Or pentagon can be blamed to attack of Taliban in the time to come. USA also doing some disgraceful and cowardly acts in which US involves main false promises to the skilled and specialized workers of Afghanistan (including doctors and engineers etc) of a better life in America and dumping them in various countries around the world to live in tragic conditions. To protect their citizens from this tragedy the Afghan Taliban have decided that they will only allow foreign nationals to depart Afghanistan.

This is a responsible measure on part of the new Afghan regime as it is their responsibility to protect their citizens against all matters and considering the prevalent conditions it is the only sensible option available to them. The US and its allies are going out of their way to create problems for the new Afghani regime and are using all the tools available to them to create problems for the Afghan Taliban.

They are doing their best to spread false news about the situation in Afghanistan by using media and it is worth noting that it was through false propaganda and lies that the US legitimized their occupation of Afghanistan. They are making use of the same tool to cover the humiliating defeat suffered in Afghanistan. No country, however, is more furious than the UK over the victory of Afghan Taliban. It’s a little questionable that even the US, which has suffered a humiliating defeat, is not as vocal and frantic in this matter when compared with the UK.

This raises the question as to what is bothering the UK so much that they have lost their cool. It is perhaps the fact that they have lost the Great Game and Russia has had access to warm waters despite the British plans. If the former statement is true than this is just as humiliating a loss for the British as it is for the US.

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