Non-Proliferation: Treat India and Pakistan Equally

Pakistan is responsible nuclear power, a stance the country has not only maintained but displayed through its actions from time and again. Pakistan has remained an advocate of peace and has served as the worst enemy for all kinds of terrorism, more so than many world powers who claim to be the lead peace makers. Pakistan has been more successful against terrorists than any other country. It is clear as day now that neighbouring powers are sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan and that the country is a victim of its neighbour’s cowardice. Despite all of Pakistan’s achievements and losses bias attitude towards her has not stopped. India’s Ajit Doval has repeatedly openly made claims of sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan, claiming that it is India’s right to spread bloodshed and anarchy on Pakistan’s soil. Their defence analysts are stating on record that India should de stabilize Pakistan by agitating Baluchistan. Their acting naval officer has been caught in Pakistani soil and has accepted on record to have been sponsoring terrorism on Pakistan’s soil, despite all this not single action has been taken against India to put it on a leash, the so-called peace loving global powers have resorted to display open biasness against Pakistan. Indian government officials have gone so far as to say that they will practice restrain in terms of nuclear proliferation if it means de-stabilising Pakistan. Indians have claimed that they have every right to wreak havoc in Pakistan and that they will adopt any means to do so, even it involves handing nuclear weapons to the terrorists. It’s a very serious thing to say, one that points out the difference between a rogue and a responsible nation. No country, however, condemned this stated or moved to put India in its place, for no one in their right minds would speak against America and Israel’s henchman. It seems that the seal of responsibility and peace loving is only provided to those who are favoured by USA and Israel. It doesn’t matter if such countries are hell bent upon bringing world’s worst fear of a dirty bomb, to life. It doesn’t matter if such a country is involved in the massacre of innocent people of Kashmir and elsewhere in India, it doesn’t matter if religious extremism is prevailing and that extremist hindus are ruling India right now and it certainly doesn’t matter if there have been multiple instances where rackets for uranium have been busted in India. All that matters is the approval of USA and Israel. In short, all the lies and incorrect claims made about Pakistan in the past decade have materialised in India but the world has chosen to turn a blind eye towards this reality because truth is only what USA, Israel and the Western world believes and what is in their interest. The height of the matter is that even now when India has wrongfully attempted to engage Pakistan in a war without any proof and only for its internal politics even then, Pakistan is being told to work on non-proliferation. Such statements are irrational and they openly display biasness towards Pakistan as Pakistan’s nuclear security measures are state of the art and there has never been any proven instance of nuclear proliferation attributed to Pakistan. In contrast India has a proven history of nuclear proliferation and their nuclear security measures are a joke, despite this, Pakistan is being targeted. But India has been allowed atomic reactors of civil purposes to use for military purposes. It is a case of double standard. This must end now and the world should understand that we have had enough. Pakistan is a responsible military and nuclear power and our nuclear power status was only developed to maintain balance within the region whereas, India is the reason that NPT came into existence. DG ISPR Pakistan has made it very clear that we are in no mood to face any undue pressure and that the topic of nuclear non-proliferation should only be discussed with Pakistan if it is being discussed with India on the same terms. Otherwise, Pakistan is in no mood to even consider this issue and the country’s military and nuclear deterrents are enough to prevent it from being bullied.

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