Occupation Siachen Glacier: USA’s Design

USA plays well. It brought a mindless poor super mind but ambitious Hindutva Leader Narender Modi into Power in India with a  Hindutva religion and slogan that India only for Hindus. This slogan broke the fabric of India but suppressed Hindus for thousand years jumped with joy and considered themselves a superior class human being just like Hitler who brought German into deception of Superior Nation. If Pakistan is saying that Modi is behaving like Hitler that word amused Americans as they think their game is at the right path.

USA also encouraged India to become more ambitious  to occupy Tibet and cut off Xinjiang-Tibet High way which just a few Kilometer away from Galwan Valley and also interrupt China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),the China’s flag ship project of One Belt and One Road. So India constructed road slowly and silently some time it behaved as per design half- heartedly that its construction is a routine work.

But India did a mistake when it openly claimed Ladakh as part of India on 5th August 2019 and revoked article 370 0f its constitution to abolish Kashmir’s special status illegally. Pakistan made hue and cry but there was no one to listen as it was as per USA grand design. This alarmed China and it took necessary measures to protect itself.  India was defeated by China when it came to clash throughout the 4086 Kilo meter Border between China and India in June 2020. Reportedly, forty Indian soldiers were killed and about 100 injured and dozens missing in the clash of 15th June 2020.

Nepal also had border dispute with India. A clash took place with India. In which Nepal killed one Indian soldier and three injured. This was quite a humiliation situation. This humiliation demoralized the army which was already under systematic demoralization. According to a report from Modern Diplomacy asking “Why more Indian soldiers die in suicides and fratricides than in combat?”,  if one soldier commits suicide every third day.” Quite clearly, there are deep systemic problems driving this epidemic in the military, including discrimination against soldiers by their superiors for ethno-religious or caste-based reasons, insufficient rations that leave some recruits on the brink of starvation, and a lack of support for their illegal occupation of Kashmir where most of the suicides take place and the latest clash with China occurred. Against this backdrop, one can only imagine how crushing it was to the Indian military’s already dismal morale to have so many of their members killed by the Chinese without a shot being fired and die of the cold simply because their military couldn’t rescue them.

Indian defense Minister Raj Naath went to Russia to seek help but no satisfactory response was visible. India has finally decided to more openly embrace its long-suspected role of being the US’ main continental proxy for “containing” China in the aftermath of the Galwan Incident earlier the month of June 2020. Bilateral relations with China have since deteriorated to such a point that “Russia Can’t Broker Sino-Indo Peace: The Best It Can Do Is Balance Its Response

In response India may decide to decouple itself with Bricks, SCO and other organizations where China and Russia are co-operating each other. India has been doing terrible mistake by joining American camp for India’s own slavery for which it is used to, how and why Russia and China will help India. If India leaves South Asian region, couple itself with USA, question will arise of its survival.

On the other side, a new perception about India has been built throughout the free world that a doubling down on India’s strategy of regional aggression would remove the friendly yoga mask that it’s worn for years in an attempt to deceive the international community into thinking that it’s “peaceful” and thus expose its true Machiavellian intentions. Many outside observers might not be aware of it, but the much more popular Machiavelli was just a later European version of the lesser-known Indian Chanakya of almost two millennia prior who embodied the exact same “pragmatic” principles but took them to even more shocking extremes. Growing awareness outside of South Asia about the true basis for Indian grand strategy could irreparably harm the country’s “positive” image that it’s invested so much time, money, and effort into carefully cultivating over the decades. It would no longer just be so-called “Chinese and/or Pakistani propaganda” to consider India as the “rogue state” that it really is, but an empirical fact that would by then be impossible to ignore.

India, in this case is in the mood of not only for self- destruction but also of the region and the world. One can imagine if USA occupy Siachen glacier and built the bases to control China, Pakistan, India, Russia and whole of central Asia who can accept this design. Let India rethink that in what trap it has been falling.

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