Pakistan’s Defense and Offense Intact

Rising tensions between Pakistan and India over Indian Occupied Kashmir is worrisome for everyone and the entire world is monitoring the situation carefully. Both countries are nuclear powers with very delicate history having fought multiple wars since gaining independence with two being on Kashmir issue. Earlier this year Pakistan was forced into action by India by violating Pakistani airspace with the intention of bombarding Pakistani territory but the swift response of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) forced them to retreat and drop their payload in Pakistan without detonation. India tried to violate Pakistan’s airspace the very next day however, this time India lost two fighter jets and one of their pilot was captured only to be released within a day’s time. India’s provocative measures did not stop there and despite Pakistan’s offers of peace India escalated the situation by revoking Indian Occupied Kashmir’s special status on August 5, 2019. Since then the situation between the two countries is really tensed and Pakistan has made it clear that we have had enough. Our armed forces stand ready to defend the motherland at all costs. Pakistan’s military capability visible to the world is only a fraction of what the country is truly capable of. The entire world already knows this and it is aware of the of Pakistani nation’s resilience and resolve. India under the Modi regime has cemented its path towards self-annihilation whether on the instructions of some power or out of utter madness India is opting for a war that no one can win. If a war between India and Pakistan is to take place, it will have consequences for the entire humanity. This Indian madness is being ignored by world powers only because it is in their political and monetary interest to do so. Either failing to realize that a nuclear war would be end of all such gains or whether India and its allies are operating under the illusion that Pakistan will eventually bow down to their desires being the rational national out of the two. Whatever the cause of this misconception maybe India and its allies should understand that Pakistan will not trade its integrity and sovereignty. Pakistan is a brave nation, we have faced, fought against and defeated the worst form terrorism sponsored by India and its western allies. By Allah’s will Pakistani’s remained strong and that should have been enough for the enemies of Pakistan but that is not the case, as they continue to conspire against Pakistan. One other explanation to such unusual escalation may be that Pakistan’s enemies intend to share Pakistan and its people. Perhaps they believe that bulling the nation of Pakistan may force us to comply with everything that our enemy wishes. All such beliefs is wishful thinking on behalf of Pakistan’s enemies. If forced into war, our enemies must understand, Pakistani’s will not back down if challenged and will fight a decisive war this time to uproot its enemies and emerge as a just nuclear power. Pakistan’s weapons are low cost and state of the art. Our missile technology is one of the best in the world and our armed forces are capable of defending their motherland from anything that the enemy might intend to at us. One thing should be clear to all the enemies of Pakistan, not only is Pakistan capable of defending its orders but our armed forces are fully capable of launching a successful offensive aimed at our enemies. It is therefore imperative that India and its allies understand that Pakistan is ready to respond any misadventures against its enemies but if the need calls for it Pakistan will not refrain taking the first step. 

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