Pakistan’s Fabric At Risk

Pakistan is a country rich in culture, resources and diversity; however, due to insincerity and corruption these factors have not been able to contribute to the wellbeing of the country. Pakistan is currently viewed by its rulers as a means to make themselves rich beyond means with little regard to its tragic state of affairs and that of its people. The problems and ignorance has accumulated over time and as a result the country stands at crucial point in time where its existence is being challenged. Since the elected members of the country are not sincere with it foreign forces which are hell bent on destroying Pakistan, find it easy to do their jobs. At the moment, this Pakistan is faced with a number of threats which are coordinated efforts aimed at undoing the very fabric of Pakistan. One such effort is the existence of bloggers which are operating from within Pakistan or outside Pakistan but are being funded by foreign agencies. These bloggers play a significant role in shaping the opinion and emotions of the masses through false directed propaganda. These bloggers are specifically targeting institutions and initiatives which are in Pakistan’s interest for instance CPEC. This project is not popular with America and India that is why these bloggers undergo propaganda aimed at defaming this project by stating that it is an exploitative measure by China which will cost Pakistan its independence. Bloggers have played a significant role in toppling governments and causing instability in countries, especially bloggers were used quite effectively to cause the Arab Spring. Use of bloggers is being complemented by corrupt elected members of Pakistan. For instance Mr. Nawaz Sharif, since he acquired power has developed great personal relations with our hostile neighbor India and it is suggested that this relationship has blossomed for both wish to weaken the armed forces of Pakistan. It seems that Mr. Nawaz Sharif has taken it on himself to weaken the institution for National defense all so that he may remain in power and no one questions him about what he is doing. Ever since Mr. Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, he has went on a rampage against the judiciary and has been trying to portray himself as a victim who has been disqualified because he was serving Pakistan, whereas the reality has been quite the opposite. Since the verdict and the beginning of investigation against Mr. Nawaz Sharif he has went berserk in an attempt to save himself and his seat while disguising it as a campaign which is for Pakistan’s nation. His statements in press conferences have mutinous tone. He has been challenging the judiciary on this verdict and has threatened of dire consequences. These dire consequences refer to civil agitation which might be created to save him and might prove to be detrimental for the well-being of Pakistan. This, however, does not bother him as long as he gets his seat back and his wealth remains intact. One thing worth considering here is the fact that American agenda and the actions of Mr. Nawaz Sharif seem perfectly align and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out whose side is he supporting. He has taken on board all those who previously considered ant-Pakistan. In the wake of the bloggers and Nawaz Sharif, it seems rather convenient that a book surfaces by the name of Spy chronicles written by a former chief of RAW and a former DG ISI. This books highlights some of the internal working of both RAW and ISI. This is a huge blow to Pakistan as the a DG ISI has access to sensitive information pertaining to national security as a result it is only fair that he is being responsible for his actions at GHQ. In addition to all these things a new Pashtoon movement has started which consists of Pro- Afghanistan pashtoons which are again targeting the armed forces and claiming that Pastoons are being mistreated in Pakistan, which is a false accusation and the mistreatment being referred to here, are petty and necessary for maintaining peace within the FATA province; for instance, the development of checkpoints, security search for all and the action against terrorists. These claims are clearly being made on instructions as these claims do not support the stability of Pakistan. These anti Pakistan activities are further being complemented by TV couple of anchors who is spreading religious intolerance and hatred just for personal gains despite being aware that these matters would hurt the country’s image significantly. Furthermore, Sindh province is being dominated by one ethnic group who view Sindh province as an independent state within Pakistan, which is enough to explain their direction which they might take when the moment is right. Also, the suicide attacks on security forces and the cross border violations from India and Afghanistan are all perfectly timed and coordinated efforts to destabilize Pakistan. This is to be checked without delay.

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