Change occur through different illusion of our sub-conscious mind, observation indicate different differences – over some period of time which create the change in society called social change. It is a natural phenomenon social change take place in all societies, there isn’t any society exist that remains completely static. It is correct of all societies, primitive as well as civilized, society exists globally with full of dynamical influences. The form of change is in the number of population, ideological change, technological change, materialistic change.

Ideology and values capture contemporary components and organizational composition and functions undergo reshaping. The speed and extent of reform may vary from society to society, some change occur speedily other leisurely. Societal change is not related to an individual, it is something which occur in a form of change in the life’s of entire community known as social change but it can be start by an individual effort, illusions and ideologies within any society having the ability to spread change, society to society in any form in this contemporary era of globalization, it is as easy as it seen to spread the ideology of an individual within the state or around the globe through the technology within few seconds and the influential way only comes when the statement regarding any social issue come up not only with the truth but the way of communication decide the tendency of that particular issue spreading ratio but still the speed of social change isn’t exist in uniform condition, all depends on current circumstances thus modern time are faster than the era before 1947 in the world. The only cause was the process of industrialization expansions with in different states domestically and with their performance known internationally after 1947 then before.

Every society is having this power of social change, what makes them different form each other is their own domestic Pandora box which they persist to remain the same because that kind of society having the fear of change which create the psychological impression not in positive form but surly in negative way. This is what globally under developing states are facing most of the time instead of developed countries.

The Asian region having eye catcher countries which are having their status tremendously unbelievable in strategic form and Pakistan is one of them which is facing many domestic issue while having the status of under developing country but it isn’t damage their status which is highly strong strategically and grabs the attention of international politicians and commentators. Inside the Pakistan things which affect most is the power of societal change that people needs to understand, they are the one having the power of social change that can undo the problems. The recognition process which have to be done through the awareness is the urgent need because the most awaited time of election 2018 is most probably near.

Domestic issue of the South Asian country Pakistan is no more hidden locally and internationally. A huge amount in the name of AID Pakistan is receiving from the United Nations since 1948 and the domestic revenue as well generating day by day. The metropolitan city Karachi is known as economic hub. So, the question arises where is the problem occurred and the growing state Pakistan is under developing list so far. The domestic issues are still in unsolved condition people are the prisoner in the cage of their basic needs, bread and butter, shelter, water crisis, electricity issues on and on problems are the part of their daily life’s. Free education for all is only the slogan which contains the high dollar to increase the ratio of amount in the account of black sheep in administrative form in local government as well as federal government and the blame game continues their peak high to higher level. Poverty increasing, inflation is affecting the poor more than an elite. All because the hidden power of social change which belongs to the political developmental structure. This is the true connection having the ability to change the status of state on the globe is undiscovered by the people of Pakistan. Social change and political development is a vast study. People are the owner of the state and the leader of any political party is their worker and accountable in front of the nation. This accountably only comes through the crystal clear organizational frame work given by the people for the people and far the self-interest of government employers. Community based services by the people with unity can come up with positive vibes because the local body system somehow itself a failure in Pakistan.

So, this is the time for Pakistani nation to perform the collective efforts and start attending the community building meet ups area to area for the betterment of the country. Social change has all the power to create the political development which comes up with the visible change on ground. An individual’s ideology and collective performance can build up the pressure on government to proceed as per the demand of people. The community head would look upon the issue on daily basis and created the profile to each and every issue. Especially the basics needs availability issue. Industrialization would help to decrease the ratio of unemployment which would automatically resolve the criminal activities inside the country. Contemporary era needs political development through social change which can be come up only through the collective efforts on national level. Remember power doesn’t corrupt people, people corrupt power.

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