Seminar on Indian Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system and it’s Impact on the Region

Organized by : Rabita Forum International

Vice Admiral® Arifullah Hussaini was the Chief Guest and Brig. ® Edgar Flix was the keynote speaker. While the other speakers were: Mr.  Nusrat Mirza , Pof. Adnan Faruqi and Syed Samiullah.  Mr. Zafar Imam Advocate welcomed the speakers and Audience.

On this occasion Vice Admiral ® Arifullah Hussaini said that Bharat is dreaming to gain supremacy in the region butit can never achieve its ulterior motive no matter what weapon it gets. Pakistan is determined to meet any challenge or eventuality or limited war and knockdown Bharat in all its ambitions.

Brig. (R) Edgar Flix said that India is spending 5.5 Billion US dollars to get S-400 Russian Air defense system but it will not succeed to get upper hand over Pakistan. He in his well- researched and comprehensive paper has described the features and capability of S-400 but he emphasized that Pakistan never neglected its defense. In spite of less resources Pakistan has always met all threats of India and neutralized them.  We can also obtain system or can develop such a system indigenously.

Mr. Nusrat Mirza Chairman Rabita Forum International said India detonated atomic Bomb in 1974 in Pokhran, when Pakistan has not come out from the shock of East Pakistan dilemma. Still Pakistan made atomic bomb in 1984. India then came up with Cold Start Doctrine to enter Pakistan from eight soft bellies with full force and subdue Pakistan. In response, Pakistan developed nuclear tactical war heads and Nasr short range missile to neutralize this doctrine. Then India worked new doctrine Proactive Strategy (PAS) which Pakistan is ready to respond in a befitting manner. All efforts are for a limited war which may took place any time by now and India will meet its fate.

Prof. Adnan Faruqi of Karachi University International Department emphasized that India is becoming a country of no tolerance and also one religion country where no other religion has any space. Kashmir and other places have become Killing places. It is developing military bases is Rajhistan and Ladakh. This shows that India is preparing for limited war by 2020.

Mr. Samiullah said that India is collecting weapons and system for a war and also it has imposed Hybrid war together with USA.

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