The decade’s top Honour and Pakistan’s decisive triumph amongst 190 countries in lieu of the bi-decadal cutting-edge

The domino - effect verdict 20214

The domino – effect verdict 2021

The humanitarian munificence and self-abnegations of Ms. Bilquis Edhi along with 3 scientific accomplishments by a Pakistani polymath, the bi-decadal Arch-researcher Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi, have conjointly made the country stand tall amongst the world states as well as the entire nation ‘a judiciously proud one’ amidst the international community at the level of a two decades’ planetary round-up of the impact realms demonstrated by the world nations…!

The historic victory of two Pakistanis has marked a momentous and bounteous pennon-depiction of the nation amongst communities of the world by bringing two extravagantly treasure-feathers into the country’s cap. In a quite judicious way, with an unparalleled subtle or rather a sagaciously sane manner – both of them, henceforth, have fetched a ‘decisively tall stature’ of Pakistan among the world nations.

By virtue of well-prudently earning and forthrightly securing 1st of the 21st century’s bidecadal apex laurel for their homeland. The well-appealing ‘dual honours’ feather of the ‘pride of two decades’ brought to the nation’s cap by the fabled and true humanitarian Ms. Bilquis Edhi, along with the distinguished polymath arch-researcher Prof Aurangzeb Hafi, holds fast, indeed, such a farsightedness and sagacity in its own right, that archive-trajectories of the centuries to come, have to ask for the merit-ordained hats off to both Pakistanis and their meant-endeavouring!

Impact Hallmarks IH, a Britain-based international organization announced its domino-effect verdict last month, declaring certain works, resolutions and personalities as the most impactful during the entire course of the two decades.  After a long, competitive and transparent process with the IH emblem-ethos; ‘Valuing the Impact Value’ and ‘Lets worth the Impact-worthy’, a total of 20 finalists were shortlisted out of over 1.6 million notables with diverse backgrounds and from over 190 countries. Pakistan’s Ms Bilquis Edhi and Prof. Aurangzeb Al Hafi were listed among “Top of the Top Ten”.

Others included in the list were: Dr. Muang Zarni human rights activist (Myanmar), Graca Machel an advocate of women & children rights (Mozambique), Greta Thunberg the youngest climate activist (Sweden), Jacinda Ardern 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand, Maggie Doyne Founder of The BlinkNow Foundation (Nepal), and Pushpa Basnet social worker (Nepal).

According to the Impact Hallmarks’ announcement, “Ten extravagantly towering silhouettes have pixelated the rock-solid images and inimitable descriptions onto the large canvas of the first two decades of the 21st century. “They stood out… by virtue of the impact they have had on munificent realms and bounteous vistas of the first bi-decadal course of the new century and the new millennium as well.”

The verdict called the top ten persons “true patrons of change, the flag-bearers of righteousness and the domino effect architects of the Top-10 of the impact hierarchy of the decade.” Ms. Bilquis Edhi along with human rights rapporteur of the UN Prof. Yanghee Lee and the US ethicist Stephen Soldz, segmented the Top Triarchy of the decade, according to the verdict.

Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi, an erudite, a polymath and a discoverer, was placed in the Top-10 hierarchy among the most impactful persons of the world, for his research-based accomplishments, which include; (a)n the first-ever scientific demonstration of Magneto-Hydro-Tropism MHT, (b) IRT Model of Chid Disability Prevention & Embryonic Iatrogenesis, (c) and the first methodological baselines engrossed annotation-broadsheet with reference to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, which was made available to the World Health Organisation, and others concerned on March 3, 2020 for the academic considerations.

Other scientific discoveries, shortlisted by the Impact Hallmarks were ‘Boson’ by François Englert and Peter Higgs (Belgium & UK); and ‘Neutrino Oscillation’ by Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald (Japan & Canada). In 2016, a team of Pakistani scientists, led by Principal Discoverer Prof. Hafi, made a major breakthrough by carrying out the first scientific demonstration of Magneto-Hydro-Tropism (MHT). He performed the first experimentation of exposing plasma and other object-testers to approximately 1.2 Tesla at an altitude of over 4,000ft from the ground level.

“The experiment was performed on a female rabbit and certain objects in the air, and the results produced by it were declared a ground-breaking discovery by the scientists the world over,” opined the experts on board. The phenomenon would have broad-spectrum and far-reaching impacts on multi-spheric segments of basic as well as applied sciences, the scientists believe.

The discovery provided nucleic framework by laying the very core conceptual foundations of an entirely new orbit-realm in high energy physics, and that was why the international organisation, the Impact Hallmarks, selected the scientific discovery due to its impact extending far beyond decades. Prof Hafi’s research work titled IRT Model revealed enough-provable linkage and incontestable ‘causal relationships’ between certain medications and multiple forms of disabilities among newly born as well as unborn babies.

Prof Aurangzeb Al Hafi says that despite huge developments in ‘medical measures’ like vaccine-inoculations, and their massive encroachments, the past 45 years have witnessed an enormous rise in complexities of pre-birth as well as post-birth disabilities. He tells APP that most of the prevalent drug-formulations are predominantly based on complex chemical-compositions, which, essentially, do pose serious threats to the physio-chemical synchrony of fetal tissues  thus, eventually leaving the baby on severe vulnerabilities of life-long disabilities  both, structural as well as functional.

Not only are these embryonically ‘non-compatible’ hefty drug-formulations hard to be absorbed by the fetal tissues, but also their chemical structures remain intransigently tough enough to be broken down and processed by the fetal cells in the same time-frame and interval-break-intermissions, as those of the mother’s body-cells.

“Such drugs and chemical-compositions must be brought under strict international legislation, in order to safeguard the lives of massive proportions of unborn babies, that are prone to predisposal of detrimental devastations,” pleads the researcher.

His scientific revelations were included in the list of 20 most impactful persons/ works of the decade, shortlisted from among 1.6 million entries from across 190 countries of the world through well-defined criteria. An online opinion poll continued at till January 25, 2021, for the global audience to vote and pick out the ‘Object/ Person of the Decade’.

The 48-year-old multidisciplinary scientist has been engaged as the P.I. [Principal Investigator] for post-doctoral research works at the Asia-Oceania Post-Doctoral Academia (AOPDA), as well as several reputed universities of Asia, including the Punjab University, Lahore.

Dr. Hafi holds a progressive list of distinguished firsts listed as under: –

1 – The cutting-edge breakthrough emergence of 1st annotation broadsheet for shielding against COVID-19, along with developing the deca-archic baseline methodological framework for broad-spectrum shielding mechanism against Orthocoronavirinae.

2 –  The historic commencements of ‘IRT Trans-referential Research Model of Iatro-Teratogenicity’ & ‘Trans-Positional Theory of Embryonic Iatrogenesis and Terato-Kinetics’ in the basic enquiry-realms of pre-birth and post-birth child-disability prevention.

3 –  The breakthrough-discovery and the monumental landmark conception of the phenomenon of Magneto-Hydro-Tropism in the recorded history of applied sciences.

4 – The splendidly far-viewed scientific instigations of the framework-outline of ‘Magneto-Kinetics’ based upon two co-relational equations, previously unavailable in the entire scientific literature, ever published. Prof. Aurangzeb Al Hafi The illustrious conceptual frame-working instigation of ‘The Coherency Codex’.

6 – Historic presentation of the ‘Magneto-Sectorial Model’.

7 – The commencement of the ‘Hecto-dimentional Research Strategies Model’.

8 –  The adoption of NEDV designs in quasi-experimental research in experimental plans for magnetic exposures of organic and inorganic substances.

9 –        The inception of Magneto Agri-circadian Clock.

10- The salient discoveries of the co-relational linking between plasma activity & solar flux and the ferromagnetic susceptibility of certain biomes in varying geomagnetic sphere-fragments, for the first time in the entire scientific history.

11 -The invention of ‘Deca-spectrum He-Ne~Diode’ MF susceptibilities measurements apparatus at micro & macro levels of MF exposures.

12 -Virtuously responsible for evolving the first comprehensive design-schema for post-disaster epidemiological susceptibilities & pandemic outbreak’ (Post-DESPO) appraisals for catastrophic situations [The first DESPO-Asia appraisal adopted by the UN agencies, was instigated by Prof. Al Hafi].

Dr. Hafi served as the head of several projects concerning the disable population during Tsunami-2004, and maintained liaisons with the UN and other agencies concerned. The disaster research works were sponsored by Yuasa Ltd of Japan and EBM Ltd of Pakistan. Prof. Hafi, is also credited for being the first to identify the ‘teratogenic effect’ of the toxic-remnants in subsoil water, posed over by ecologically non-compatible modern sewage and drainage systems.

Prof. Aurangzeb Al Hafi has earned a singular reputation of Pakistani academia at the international level. He has distinctively been depicted and featured in over 347 internationally reputed chronicles, journals, testimonial, and high ranked institutional reference circulars including the UN reference archives, ‘Who’s Who in the World’ (Edition 2006, Marquis, USA), Tri-annial Postdoc Gazette (2013-2016), and numerous other mentionings.

Major offers and noteworthy nominations, declined by Dr. Hafi on the basis of certain intrinsic resolute merits and patriotic concerns, include the lucrative post offers ranging from principal research officer-ship and faculty deanship to chancellorship of reputed institutions around the globe. The distinct most is the declination of the nomination for Nobel Laureateship in 2006.

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