USA targeting SCO members

By Mirza Kashif Baig

Tyrants or tyrannical powers operate under the impression that their actions no matter how cruel are justified and are for the greater good or they simply choose enjoy the power and control that their tyranny ensures over others. Regardless of the intention behind the cruel actions of all tyrants one this is certain, they will do everything and use all means available to stay in power.

Their callousness nature inspires fear in the hearts of those they subjugate and this subjugation in terms fuels their ego which fills the emptiness within them, justifying their existence. These strange times that we live in are a web of deceit which feeds a powerful concoction of poison to the general public, such that our conscience sleeps in the hope of self-preservation.

Such times are most suited to worst forms of evil and conscienceless cowards rise to positions of power portraying themselves as strong individuals, hell bent on following the righteous path of peace. Over time this sort of evil has grown stronger and now has formed alliances to rule over the world.

One must not be mistaken for the only way for callous war mongering greedy individuals to rise to power is when the circumstances are bent it their favor by a third party lurking in the shadow pulling all the strings and such is the case today. Tyranny in the form of USA, Israel, India and their European allies is prevailing all over the world, for these countries are governed by weak individuals who have sold their souls to the devil just to feel strong and good about themselves.

These men do as they are told, they appear independent but in fact they are slaves to their masters to pay for campaign and on whose support they acquire such powerful positions. Time, however, ensures that nothing lasts forever neither tyranny nor peace. It seems that the time has come for the sun to set on the influence of the fore said mentioned oppressing powers. China and its allies are providing a viable alternative to this problem, in the form of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

China and Russia have joined hands against the influence of USA, Israel and their European allies to maintain regional and global balance. As mentioned above, however, this initiative serves to challenge the power of USA led global oppression and this does not sit well America and its allies.

This means that they will not hesitate to apply any kind of measures or to use any form of force to maintain their control over the world. As a result USA has started targeting SCO member countries in an attempt to maintain its stop spot and to prevent exposing of USA’s Achilles’s hell. Pakistan is being keep occupied by way of India and through USA sponsored terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Further, the creation of ISIS by USA and its allies ensures that all countries, who don’t favor USA and its designs are being, are kept in check by the threat of potential de-stability. ISIS is wreaking havoc in the region and is targeting Pakistan, Iran, Russia and eventually China. Pakistan has successfully uprooted what little footing ISIS had established in the country but still is engaged by ISIS through Afghanistan.

Russia and Iran are engaged by ISIS in Syria while America and its allies have directly engaged the same countries in Syria as well. Any country who chooses to buy weapons from Russia is threatened with potential sanctions by USA. Further, Iran a country whose will USA could not break through sanctions is now being threatened with potential war by way of some cock and bull story that USA has brewed up to justify its stance.

China is being subject to a trade war by imposing tariffs on Chinese products and by targeting its companies such as Huawei. All these countries are members or potential members of SCO and all these countries are being targeted by USA, Israel and their allies.

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