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By Shafique Ahmed Shafique

Name of book : Bolti Aankhain

Author : Khawaja Rahmatullah Jari

Pages  :168

Price  :Rs.600/-(10 US dollar)

Publishers  : Hedayet Publications, Jari Manzil,A-106, Sector 14-B Shaadmaan Town, North Nazimabad, Karachi.

The poet of the book under discussion “Bolti Aankhain” (بولتیآنکھیں) has earned very reliable respect as well as popularity regarding his poetic efforts in the literary world. Khawaja Rahmatullah Jari, right from the very beginning is creating not only Ghazal and all kinds of poetic genres but also writes HAMDS and NA”ATS. Including this book he has four books to his credit.

His first book was “Zarb-e-Lateef” came out in 1988 this is an anthology of Hamds, Na’ats and Qata’at. Author’s second publication was “Fasl-e-Dil” consists of only ghazals seen the light of the day in 1992. A collection of his poetic works published in 2000 under the title of “Paanch Momalik: Paanch Shair.”

Mr Rahmatullah Jari’s fourth book published in 2016. The name of the book is “Raqs-e-Qandeel” it has Hamds, Na’ats and Manqabats (dignity and praise of Prophet’s (PBUH) companions and other holy personages) in its skirt.

During the study of the book under review from the dedication to his last verse of the last ghazal he looks a man of human-loving and enemy of all kinds of evils of the society. The author is looking a social critic and against of all kinds of exploitations not in the present poetic book but he remained and wrote from the very outset of his poetry-writing against injustices, dishonesty, suppression, cheatings and oppression.

He is very eager and vigilant towards picking up the elements which destroying the pretty face of peace, love, humanism, honesty and truthfulness. During pinpointing and expressing of his experiences he has never tried to harm the literary values and qualities. He knows what difference exists between events and literature. H

e is also aware of that very capacity of creativity which helps a writer or poet to change a raw matter in to the finished goods. His style is eloquent and impressive. He is a true paramour of people and poetic-writing. It may be said in the other words that he does not consider literary works as an amusement.

He is of the view that literary creativity is a serious job. It needs deep study of literary traditions, socio-political consciousness and spontaneous of vividness. The author of this book has himself that very ability and expertness which is unavoidable for a genuine writer.

His all works are the evidences of this fact. His all works are precious and praiseworthy. It is hoped that the book will be received with warmth of affection and zeal.

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