Volatile political situation

Pakistan’s political leadership has always been a topic of concern. In Pakistan, the privileged wealthy class involved in politics is concerned to be leaders for that are what they claim to be. The history of these individuals, the means of their wealth accumulation, their integrity, their loyalty and most importantly their vision is of no significance. These people are trained from the start to be excellent It’s no secret that the Sharif family and Moulana Fazal-ur-Rahman have relations with India liars. That is the first skill they are taught to perfect. Currently, Pakistan’s political elites are individuals whose forefathers were blessed by the British for their services. In other words, they were the pets of the invaders and traitors to the cause of independence. When the British left and Pakistan got independent these puppets of the British Raj remained in power.

In this way, the British instilled an indirect system in which they remained in control. Pakistan’s political leaders have hoarded wealth and ensured that dynasty politics prevails. They have no merit, no vision, and have no moral character to govern the country. Their motive is not to serve the nation and country instead it is to ensure that their wealth and businesses are thriving. This is done at the cost of the national interest as they use their positions of power for wealth generation and accumulation. As long as they are getting rich everything can be sacrificed. Their strategies are all based on how to enhance their gain and on how to remain in power. The most basic strategy is to increase the gap between social classes, eliminate the middle class, and increase poverty.

This way they turn basic needs in to privileges ensure their vote bank at a nominal price of a plate of warm food. When necessities become privileges, masses are not concerned about who is in power, corruption, national integrity in fact masses are not even aware of these concepts, they just want to address their basic needs such as hunger. When in power these political elites compete against each other but when the rule of even one party is challenged by a third force, they join forces. If their tyranny and corruption come under fire with the promise of punishment, they all join hands in the name of democracy.

This is what’s going on today, they have all joined hands and there’s no level that these corrupt politicians won’t stoop to, to protect their interest. As a result, whenever they are held accountable for their crimes, Pakistan’s political situation starts to worsen and countries like India and the US start benefiting from the situation. The current alliance of Pakistan’s major political parties against the armed forces and the government has made it very clear that they are willing to sacrifice Pakistan’s geographical integrity for their benefit. It is no secret that they are aligned with Indian, American, and Israeli agenda to destabilize Pakistan. It’s no secret that the Sharif family and Moulana Fazal-ur-Rahman have relations with India Modi government and they have done everything to facilitate the Indian cause at the cost of Pakistan.

It is therefore high time to take serious and decisive action against these parties and their leadership. This has been considerably delayed due to a lack of planning and the foolhardy approach of the present government.  The foreign powers are their back and they pump money as they did in 1968, 1988, 2008 and now more than three billions are pumped as Pakistan denied accepting Israel. Pakistan’s people know that all movements in Pakistan started with foreign funding. It is also a fact that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s team is incompetent and inexperienced in handling such a situation, as a result of which Pakistan is facing such a grim political crisis. They are unaware of ground realities rendering them incapable of addressing problems effectively. PM Imran Khan should sense the winds and make appointments on merit and competence otherwise he may go down in history books as a naïve friend of Pakistan.

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