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Pakistan’s Deteriorating Society!

Bismah Mirza (B.B.A) (I.O.B.M) Pakistani society is on a deteriorating trend! Negativity and disbelief are dominate features of this society. Acceptance is fading away and difference of opinion is taken as an offence. On a slight excuse people lose their

Industry analysis future outlook & Trend

Nashia Mirza In the developing world, the availability and cost of power can play a vital role in economic development and people’s well-being. As countries become wealthier and their populations grow, demand -for energy increases. Traditional sources of energy are

Israeli Agents in America

Kim Petersen When a state arises from the dispossession of an Indigenous people and when that state persists in the brutalization, murder, and humiliation of the Indigenous people, some vociferous voices are likely to respond to such moral outrages. The

Iran report has something for everyone

This is not a case like South Africa, Libya or North Korea all of which admitted the existence of their respective nuclear programmes before undertaking to scrap them. Whatever its merits in terms of reliable information on Iran’s nuclear ambitions,

Long live people’s resistance in Nandigram

As observed by Jiten Nandi, Shamik Sarkar, Md. Helaluddin, Subhapratim Roychowdhury, Anupam Das Adhikari and Amita Nandi on behalf of Manthan Samayiki, a bi-monthly Bengali little magazine from Kolkata, West Bengal We, associated with a Bengali bi-monthly little magazine, ‘Manthan

American lady talk

I believe, the prestigious National Defense College situated in Islamabad invites visiting dignitaries and others for addressing the directing staff as well as students. About 10 days back, came the American Lady Ambassador to give her annual talk. When she

Russia launches military satellite

Russia successfully launched a military satellite on Sunday from the Baikonur cosmodrome, part of a drive to modernise the armed forces’ space infrastructure, Russian news agencies reported. The Kosmos satellite was launched aboard a Proton-M rocket and was successfully released

What will happen to Pakistan’s Nukes?

Henry Kissinger once quipped that being America’s ally is more dangerous than being its enemy. The latest example: Washington is abuzz with leaks the Bush Administration plans to dump its faithful but embattled Pakistani retainer, Gen. Pervez Musarraf, and replace

Chapter Five: Pakistan’s Nuclear Oversight

From the dossier of International Institute of Strategics Studies (IISS)  A.Q. Khan’s proliferation activities were not the only source of international concern about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear assets. In October, 2007, shortly after the terrorist attacks on the world

Nuclear Command and Control Reforms and other steps

Compiled by Nashia Mirza 1998 May:Pakistan tests six nuclear devices. Oct: General Pervez Musharraf appointed chief of army staff. Dec: Strategic Plans division (SPD) informally commences activity. 1999 Musharraf submits plan for a national command authority (NCA,) with the SPD