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Ashraf Ghani’s war strategy will fail

Ashraf Ghani's war strategy will fail

By Aimal Faizi Suffering from a frenzied response to the increasing terrorist threats emanating from Pakistan, President Ashraf Ghani has hardened his position on war and peace in Afghanistan. Under a recent presidential directive, the Afghan security forces are ordered

Panama Papers and Beijing bases add to Sharif’s burdens

Panama Papers

By Ahmed Rashid As though it were a giant spider, the Panama Papers leak has another victim caught in its web. Iceland’s Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson stepped aside as prime minister amid the fallout from the revelations and now Nawaz Sharif

India’s bid for ‘ second strike capability ’ to put pressure on Pakistan

India's bid for 'second strike capability’ to put pressure on Pakistan

Indian moves towards ‘second strike capability’ would compel Pakistan to follow suit, says an official of Strategic Plans Division (SPD), which serves as the secretariat of National Command Authority. “Development of second strike capability … would put pressure on Pakistan

Pakistan’s tactical nukes, India’s strategic dilemma

Pakistan's tactical nukes, India's strategic dilemma

By Kunal Singh For someone who does not follow nuclear warfare tidbits, it would not make much sense that low-yield and short-range nuclear weapons of Pakistan could cause more headache for strategic thinkers in India than high-yield and long-range nuclear

Is Pakistan ready to diversify its economy?

Is Pakistan ready to diversify its economy?

The Gulf States have responded with unprecedented speed and daring to the possible impact of the oil crisis on their economies. Led by a new generation of leaders especially in Saudi Arabia they have crafted a sweeping new vision for

Over 400 men connected to Yadav nabbed in Pakistan

Yadav nabbed in Pakistan

Pakistani security forces have arrested more than 400 people/saboteurs belonging to Kulbushan Yadav network operating in Pakistan for over a decade. Soon after the arrest of Kulbushan, three Indian engineers working in Ramzan Sugar Mills of Sharif family have been

Time to Acquire Second Strike Capability

Time to Acquire Second Strike Capability

Pakistan has always maintained that its nuclear program is India specific and it has developed its nuclear arsenal as a deterrent and not with the intention of engaging in a nuclear war. Despite this, Pakistan has specified since long, that