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Military vs Civil Rule

Military vs Civil Rule

By Lt Gen (R) Tariq Khan I have often been accused of promoting military rule in Pakistan and that I am recognised favouring military dictators over democratic governments. I appear overly critical of politicians while reflecting a benign tolerance towards

Pakistan flag becomes protesters’ new weapon

Pakistan flag becomes protesters' new weapon

By Yusuf Jameel Pakistan’s national flag is now increasingly becoming somewhat an integral part of protests in the Kashmir Valley, where the unrest triggered by the killing of Burhan Muzaffar Wani, the Internet-savvy poster boy of militancy, entered the 94th

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Shutdown continues in occupied Kashmir on 135th consecutive day (update by Nov 21,2016) SRINAGAR – The shutdown is being observed as part of the protest programme issued by the joint resistance leadership comprising the All Parties Hurriyet Conference Chairman, Syed

Pakistan-Russia’s emerging best friend?

Pakistan-Russia's emerging best friend?

The Russo-Pakistani relations Pakistan-Russia relations have witnessed ups and downs since 1948 when diplomatic, bilateral ties were first established. The ties were strong when Pakistan was under civilian control, until 1958. Attempts to improve ties have been made later through

With pushing and plodding, India-Pakistan may still engage

With pushing and plodding, India-Pakistan may still engage

President Barack Obama is an avaricious statesman. He has not yet given up on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement as a fine legacy of his presidency. Therefore, much depends on how focused Obama could be as regards India-Pakistan tensions and Kashmir.

The Regime Change Phenomenon in Pakistan

The Regime Change Phenomenon in Pakistan

By General Mirza Aslam Beg, Former COAS, Pakistan The regime change through undemocratic means is nothing new for Pakistan. It has happened four times in the past, through the manipulations of the nexus, called Four A’s  America, Army, Adliah, Allies

Severe Political Crisis in Pakistan

Political Crisis

Pakistan is faced with severe political crisis as the ruling political party Pakistan Muslim League, PML (N) and Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf fight it out with each other all in the name of public interest. The dispute started with Imran Khan’s call

Nukes in the Hands of Extremists Endangers World Peace

nukes in the hands of indian extremists dangerous for World Peace

Nuclear weapons have a profound destructive capability one which the world witnessed in World War II when USA used an atom bomb on Heroshima. This bomb wiped out the entire population of Heroshima and its radiation haunted the people for