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Predators at work Venezuela – Is war on the Horizon?


Here’s How Trump’s Poised to Manipulate the Humanitarian Situation in Venezuela By Andrew Korybko There’s a very high likelihood that the US will commence a limited multilateral invasion of Venezuela if Maduro continues to block the Trojan Horse of a

India and Pakistan Rattle Their Nuclear Sabres


by Eric Margolis  While Americans were obsessing over a third-rate actor’s fake claims of a racial assault, old foes India and Pakistan were rattling their nuclear weapons in a very dangerous crisis over Kashmir. But hardly anyone noticed that nuclear

ISI, Maoists, urban naxals Why the 2019 LS poll is the most threatened one


By Vicky Nanjappa There has been an intelligence report from the United States that suggests that there would be a spike in Pakistan sponsored terror attacks in India. This comes in the wake of several such intelligence reports in India

US intelligence damns BJP’s Hindutva


The portions relating to the regional security scenario in South Asia in the report titled “Worldwide Threat Assessment” by the US intelligence community presented to the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in Washington on January 29 make grim reading.

The real reason America is scared of Huawei – internet-connected everything


Five things you need to know about 5G, the next generation of wireless tech that’s fueling tensions between the US and China By Will Knight There was a time when the world’s two great superpowers were obsessed with nuclear weapons

‘America First’ means nuclear superiority


The US president’s annual State of the Union address traditionally focuses on domestic issues but it also throws some light on the foreign policy priorities. President Trump’s speech on Tuesday adhered to the pattern and if anything, the portions on

A new phase in the great game


U.S., Soviets, India, Pakistan vied to shape a new Afghanistan in late 1980s U.S. Ambassadors Dean and Raphel warned Washington unconditional support to Pakistan and fundamentalist factions of mujahedin was destabilizing the region Reagan administration supported India’s active role in

NATO Russia’s new missile lowers bar for the use of nuclear arms


By David Reid Russia has failed to agree with the U.S over a missile it has developed.NATO has called on Russia to come back within the terms of a treaty signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987.The Russians

PM warns Iran Attack Israel and ‘it will be the last anniversary you celebrate’


After IRGC commander threatens to raze Tel Aviv and Haifa if US strikes and pledges support for Hezbollah, Netanyahu tells it not to make ‘terrible mistake’ By Toi Staff Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday threatened the Iranian regime with

Iraq seeks US presence but rejects occupation


The US President Donald Trump has been struggling to terminate America’s ‘endless wars’, but without much visible success so far. However, the terminator in the White House may be succeeding in spite of himself in one major Middle Eastern theatre