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Corporate boards, consulting, speaking fees:  How U.S. generals thrived after Afghanistan


Written By: Isaac Stanley-Becker, The Washington Post When Stanley A. McChrystal was the top general in Afghanistan, he would ask his troops a question: “If I told you that you weren’t going home until we win – what would you

Blood in the Sand


By Jeffrey D. Sachs For decades, the American political class has intervened relentlessly and recklessly in countries whose people they hold in contempt. And once again they are being aided by America’s credulous mass media, which is uniformly blaming the

Afghanistan and the role of regional powers


By Mirza Kashif Baig Pakistan has played an important and very positive role in the Afghanistan transition process. Pakistan has maintained from the start that the solution to Afghanistan peace is through dialogue and that a military option is not

No peaceful transition of Power in Afghanistan’s and Chaos at Kabul airport


By Mirza Kashif Baig The recent victory of the Afghani Taliban over the US and its allies has been received with mixed reactions from different parts of the world. The western allies are spewing venom against the new Afghani regime

A turning point in the history of Sindh


By Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh  History is replete with instances of small events giving birth to mammoth change. One such event in the history of Sindh was the Manzilgah communal riots of 1939, which proved to be the parting of

What Pakistan and the Muslims of today can learn from the rise and fall of past empires


By Muhammad Aslam Shad Unless and until we go deep into the study of history, it keeps agitating our mind as to how an archipelago of rainy islands off the north-west coast of Europe came to occupy nearly a quarter

Pakistan’s hand in the Taliban’s victory


As the Taliban swept across neighboring Afghanistan, some Pakistanis saw it as a reason to celebrate By Ishaan Tharoor Islamist organizations in a number of Pakistani cities doled out sweets to locals. On social media, some people crowed over the

Corruption of 118 billion found in Pakistan


Post under PTI Minister for Communications Murad Saeed By Shamim Mehmood A corruption of 118 billion of rupees in digitization of Pakistan Post has been reported, Public Accounts Committee (PAC) ordered thorough investigations to submit the report. Sources said that

Long shadows of Nawaz Sharif


By Barrister Iftikhar Ahmad The British Home Office’s refusal to accommodate Nawaz Sharif’s request to extend his visa in the UK so what options are left for the former Prime Minister? He further talks about the possibility of Modi offering

How Russia and Pakistan are supporting one another on Afghanistan


Russia’s and Pakistan’s defence of one another in the face of third-party criticism is newsworthy By Andrew Korybko Russian and Pakistani officials are winking at one another on Afghanistan as evidenced by recent statements. Russian Special Presidential Envoy for Afghanistan