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FO rejects ‘arbitrary’ US assessment of religious freedom By: Kamran Yousuf |November 18, 2021 ISLMABAD: Pakistan has rejected what it calls “arbitrary and selective assessment” by the United States of its religious freedom credentials, saying the exclusion of India from

The world nuclear club


While 32 countries generate atomic energy, nine have nuclear weapons and seven countries have both. By Mohammed Haddad and Hanna Duggal With the 26th UN Climate Change Conference over, nations are making plans to move to green energy in a bid to tackle

An Interview with Consul General of China H.E. Mr. Li Bijian, at Karachi


China & Pakistan are determined to carry forward the CPEC projects  for win-win cooperation. An Interview conducted by Mr. Nusrat Mirza ‘Chief Editor Monthly Interaction’  with Chinese Consul General H.E. Li Bijian, in Karach  on Monday the 29th November 2021.



Written by:  Lt Cdr Raheel Await PN If you are a student of history, a military man, a warfare practitioner, a person who Is interested in developing leadership skills & team entrepreneurship, and especially if you belong to a group

How missile race is destabilizing

How missile race is destabilizing 1

South Asia’s strategic environment? By Dr. Zafar Jaspal This action-reaction cycle pessimistically impacts the South Asian strategic environment and alarms the probability of deterrence instability between India and Pakistan. And this is where Pakistan needs to focus as a strategic

Why is Abhinandan being awarded by India at this point in time?

Why is Abhinandan being awarded 1

By Andrew Korybko Indian President Ram Nath Kovind awarded Group Captain Abhinandan Varthaman the Vir Chakra military honour for supposedly shooting down a Pakistani F-16 during the air battle in late February 2019 that resulted in he himself infamously being

Will India host US bases for attacking Afghanistan?

Will India host US bases for 1

India and the US have comprehensively expanded their military-strategic relations over the past few years By Andrew Korybko Speculation has been swirling since the US’ panicked evacuation from Afghanistan in late August that it’s trying to set up regional bases

Understanding India’s collapse in the Indo-Pacific

Understanding India's collapse in the Indo-Pacific

It symbolised that Delhi had convinced the Pentagon that it could serve as a counterweight to China in the Pacific theatre, while also destabilising China’s economic interest across the regionparticularly, the CPEC project By Saad Rasool The Cold War between

US destabilizing the world including Asia Pacific Region

US destabilizing the world 4

By Interaction Desk USA is at war since 242 years excluding only 16 year of Peace. It has stationed its armed forces in 150 countries. But USA has never won except that of World War II which was won by

Biden just announced date for WW-III

By Finian Cunningham The Biden administration this week brazenly announced its intention to walk over China’s red line warning on Taiwan. The move by the US is a recklessly provocative step that dares an inevitable military response from Beijing. If