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Nuclear-armed nations spent $82.4bn on weapons in 2021

Nuclear-armed nations spent

Int’l Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons accuses nuclear-armed nations of ‘obscene’ spending and notes extensive industry lobbying The world’s nine nuclear-armed countries spent $82.4bn upgrading their atomic weaponry in 2021, eight percent more than the year before, a campaign group

India is becoming a Hindu-fascist enterprise

India is becoming a Hindu-fascist enterprise

The practice of bulldozing Muslim homes and businesses for purely punitive reasons is proof that India is ‘transitioning pretty brazenly into a criminal Hindu fascist enterprise’, By Arundhati Roy Over the last few months, authorities in Indian states governed by

Why India is the sick man of Asia?


By Sarah Khan The unabashed BJP-RSS Hindu-chauvinist nexus is ‘othering’ Muslims and other minorities under the watch of the international community. This vividly illustrates that India’s demonization of Muslims is a global phenomenon and an extension of the Clash of

Understanding Indian strategic culture


By Fakhar Alam Strategic culture is a collection of ideas, customs, belief systems, value systems, religious associations, and historical experiences that influence a nation’s policy decisions collectively. There are many causes and motives for a country to act in a

New India army plan may have ‘devastating consequences’

New India army plan may have 1

Narendra Modi’s scheme of short-term contractual soldiers is motivated by financial constraints but will have a direct bearing on Indian society By Sushant Singh “It’s the economy, stupid.” The iconic phrase that guided Bill Clinton’s victory over George H W

Why did India listen to Arab govt before its own Muslim citizens?


By Barkha Dutt Nupur Sharma, the now-former spokeswoman for India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, has been shamed on the global stage for insulting the prophet Muhammad on prime-time television. After unprecedented backlash from Muslim-majority nations  starting with Qatar and including

India is paying the price for politics of hate

India is paying the price for politics of hate1

If you love India, you cannot weaponise religion to stay in power By Ramesh Menon  India’s religious festivals have changed, possibly forever. Remember how religious festivals were like just a few years ago. It was punctuated by a riot of

New World Order and Ukraine


By Interaction Desk After the cold war, a unipolar world was established with the USA as the sole superpower. In the book, The Grand Chess Board, Zbigniew Brzezinski mentions that the center of power has historically remained in Europe or

Russian President will come to the Summit in Turkmenistan

Russian President will come to 1

Russian President Putin’s press conference at Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) after the Caspian Summit The keynote of the G7 summit in Germany was punishing Russia as much as possible. Also, jokes were made about, I apologise, your naked torso. Everybody had a

A foolish war, poorly waged

A foolish war, 1

By Eric S. Margolis A blitzkrieg Russian invasion of Ukraine it was not. Marshall Zhukov, the Soviet Union’s famed tank general, must be rolling in his grave. Had Stalin still been in the Kremlin, Russia’s generals and defense minister would