Indian Hegemonic design and Quad

Indian Hegemonic 1

By Nusrat Mirza

Many Western writers in the past were talking about different types of terrorism just to pressurize Pakistan and keep it under control so that it could not look towards other than USA. Sometime USA described that Terrorism is used for the glory of Islam.  Whatever the case may be Pakistan has after great efforts has controlled the terrorism which USA could not and has not controlled. Now it is spread in USA itself.

The Americans to keep their primacy over world built a numbers of alliances and pacts such as SEATO, CENTO, NATO and now the Quad. AS per USA it is to contain China. With a mad man Modi in Power in India whole region is disturbed. It has been doing Nazi style of work. Agni V has been installed to cover whole of Asia, including China, Pakistan, Central Asia, some parts of Europe and USA and even its once close ally Russia which has supplied bluntly so much weapons for the sake of money and now Modi is after the destruction of the whole world.

Modi has been pumped by USA by providing sophisticated weapons like Hornet Air jet planes which can land on the air craft carrier Vikram and Virat like helicopter. This jet has the capability and extra fuel capacity that can fly 10000 hours. No country may affect with it except Pakistan. For American and other countries it has no significance that Pakistan could suffer the most if India becomes militarily powerful or the balance of power is tilted toward India.

Indian design from the very beginning to become world power and now it is dreaming super power superior to USA and Russia. If any person don’t believe this, he or she may visit India and ask any Indian Hindu he or she will openly say this without any fear or any doubt. Though India cannot become powerful with the so many handicaps and contradictions but the intentions are to subdue Pakistan.

Pakistan has sufficient potential to undo Indian design; Nevertheless, USA after USSR and Russia goes on providing sophisticated weapons to an apartheid government that is worse than South Africa. The question is what these powers are up to. To destroy the world? Russia has taken a better stance now but the USA is very eagerly and lust power and design to restore its primacy over the world working day and night to arm India neck to feet. With the QUAD, USA will not get the result it will desire to contain China but it will use weapons provided by USA against Pakistan.

This action of USA will be considered very irresponsible attitude of a super power. USA must reconsider its policy towards India which very irresponsible state, looking to become world’s Super Power. As per their mythology, they were once the super power. Though India was not even was the super power or superior race as Indian consider but the poor Indians consider it true and they looking for their lost glory and enemy is Pakistan or China.

The question is why America is making QUAD in the presence of ASEAN and APEC which is serving the region effectively. The answer is that Quad serves American interest while other organizations are serving in the interest of the regional people. Further QUAD is a military alliance and ASEAN and APEC are economic ones. Pakistan and China are worried about Quad but not about the economic organizations of the Far East or China.

Moreover, India has established many NGOs against Pakistan all over the world which has now been discovered by European Info Lab. Under the circumstances India should not remain a nuclear power, should be divided to smaller countries as it is very difficult to manage a large India with puny mind. It has become necessary that all countries support UN dogmas to maintain equal international relation between all members.

In the prevailing circumstances Pakistan has long before in the year 2010 decided to keep good relations with regional powers and when and if necessary to be united together as a group to face any threat to its stability and existence.

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