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The greatest threat to the USA is not China, but Peace. Peace in the world would bring an end to the evil American Empire that is built around war and a war economy. When there is Peace in the world, the Americans would be lost. They would not know what to do, many employed just to agitate for wars would be jobless. The whole Military Industrial Complex would be out of business. All the American military bases in the world would be redundant, so would all the aircraft carriers, military aircraft, ICBMs, weapons of mass destruction and all the supporting war industries.  Employment would become the number one problem in the USA when the American war machine is crippled due to its irrelevance. All the CIA operators would be out of work. All the fake news about threats and enemies would become jokes. The nearly US$1 trillion military budget would be totally extravagant without wars, without enemies. When there is Peace in the world, the Americans would have to create jobs for themselves, to make themselves useful again as responsible people, not warmongers and murderers, not merchants of war. There will be no one to buy their expensive war machine, no more needs for military gangs aka allies. The latest peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia brokered by China is being condemned by the Americans, calling it a threat to American interests. The Americans are all out to break this Peace deal. This is how evil the Americans are, all set to create war and against Peace. Peace is against the interests of the Americans, an evil Empire thriving on wars and instability and selling weapons to kill and destruct in wars. China’s proposal for a ceasefire in Ukraine and to start Peace negotiation is condemned by the Americans and the Americans also said there cannot be ceasefire. The people of the world have woken up to the evilness of the Americans. Everyone wants Peace except the Americans. Only the blind and idiotic are still supporting the evil Americans in their warmongering and evil ways.

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