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By Interaction Desk

USA is at war since 242 years excluding only 16 year of Peace. It has stationed its armed forces in 150 countries. But USA has never won except that of World War II which was won by Russian blood and American help, it has been narrated by Henry Kissinger in his latest article. China is working on Economic and technological levels to deter USA. Russia, enemy number one of USA has also travelled fast to rise militarily and economically. With the escape from Afghanistan, USA is after Pakistan and Afghanistan to destabilize together with Iran.

It has recently on 23rd November 2021 killed several Iranian soldiers in Arabian Sea. USA’s President Joe Biden on 17th November 2021 has virtual meeting with Chinese President XI Ping on Pakistan and Russian possible clash with Ukraine.  To Pakistan it would like keep under pressure economically and FATF. In Afghanistan it would to create chaos to punish Taliban by not releasing 9 billion dollars plus and through DAESH attacks which are being carried out every Friday.

Recent US behavior at home and abroad tends to reinforce questions over whether the United States is really a factor for stability in the world. One recent example: the Obama administration, after saying the US put its efforts against terrorism into the wrong war (Iraq) instead of the right war (Afghanistan), announced a ‘surge’ of troops in Afghanistan, only simultaneously to announce its intention to withdraw. Afghanistan’s neighbors heard the second part, and ignored the first. The United States’ reliance on Pakistan increased, but its relations with Islamabad rapidly deteriorated.

The Obama administration has announced the United States’ ‘return to Asia,’ and many old friends in the region welcomed renewed attention from Washington. But many Chinese suspect the United States’ return really means engaging in a form of containment of China. Some even say that since the Taiwan Strait has become calmer with the ascension of President Ma Ying-jeou, the United States is turning to the South China Sea as a new pressure point to keep China in check.

At home, the US legislative process appears broken. The latest debate over the US debt ceiling seemed to accomplish nothing, while diverting legislators’ attention from doing the important things that need to be done. This has contributed to post-Great Recession calculations that the United States is declining as China is rising. To top it all, the United States is now entering a new election season, meaning what has seemed chaotic up to now will soon appear orderly in comparison to what’s coming.

For election campaign USA has enough material flash points of wars; Strait of Taiwan, South China Sea, Ukraine while withdrawing forces from Iraq and Syria.  But its efforts are either for War or destabilization of one country or the other.  This time it will would like keep China neutral and clash with Russia or engage in a threat of war with China and destabilize its friends like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan has realized after a long time that from Russia to China could be one block but it has engaged India to use it as its new playground of mischief.

Russia is trying to convince India but also selling equipment like S-400 which may damage Pakistan’s instance to keep USA out of this region. In this regards, China and Russia has to play positive and decisive role to keep India isolated or to join with the region. This in the interest of all the regional countries, as India is unreliable ally. Here Russia and China has to keep the economic interest aside and the peace of the world their priority, this will let India rethink to join USA block and may prefer the regional block.

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