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The world is on the verge of a global war. A few years ago, the most prominent intellectual and the former foreign minister of the USA said that those who don’t hear the drums of war are deaf. This was mentioned in an article published throughout the world. The Monthly Interaction magazine has repeatedly mentioned several times that the primacy of the USA has been challenged by China, Russia, and other growing powers. The 9/11 episode has proven a setback for the unipolar world system and thus for America. Post 9/11 the USA decided to destroy five countries namely Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iran out of which only Iran has survived but is facing great pressure. America received another setback in Afghanistan when it withdrew its forces without fighting all the while blaming Pakistan for its defeat. Pakistan may be one of the reasons for the American defeat in Afghanistan but the Russian and Chinese support for Afghans can not be ruled out.

Supposedly, in 2005 America decided to restore its primacy over the world in a four-step process. Firstly, weaken the European Union by way of Brexit to ensure that the EU may not become strong enough to challenge the USA. The second step involved the mass migration of African and Asian immigrants from the developed western world to provide jobs to the local population. This is evident from Donald Trump’s policy who promised to bring jobs back to the USA. The third step was to create hyperinflation artificially which, according to IMF, will increase to 35%. The last step was of starting a world war which started with the war between Russia and Ukraine. The war started because America encouraged Ukraine to join NATO which was against the understanding that America would not move eastward post the decline of the USSR. America didn’t respect the agreement and gave membership to many eastern European countries earlier. Russia remained patient and tolerated this but Ukraine was the red line for the Russians as it completely undermined the security of Russia. Russia made it clear that it would not refrain even from a nuclear war if push comes to shove. Despite the Russian warning, America interfered in Ukraine and overthrew a genuine Ukrainian government in favor of a puppet regime that is in place now. Americans slowly and gradually increased their presence in Ukraine to the extent that they established a biochemical weapons facility in Kharkov. Russians were able to successfully capture this facility when they invaded Ukraine along with the top military brass of Canada, Britain, and other countries which were operating and safeguarding the factory. America, Britain, Canada, Poland, Austria, and other mercenaries from allied countries are also fighting in Ukraine against Russian forces.

America imposed heavy sanctions on Russia, post-Ukraine invasion, and banned the imports of Russian oil by European countries. This was supposed to cripple the Russian economy which is 80% dependent on its oil exports but this backfired as the European countries are heavily dependent on Russian oil and China rescued Russia by purchasing all the Russian oil. Furthermore, India also purchased cheap Russian oil while Pakistan was banned from doing so and was punished through regime change in the country for even considering the option.

Earlier America was dealing with Russia- Ukraine and Taiwan-China issues separately so that they are not able to help each other beyond a certain point. Considering China’s role to help Russia, America fueled the Taiwan-China conflict and decided to increase pressure on China either through a direct war with China on the Taiwan issue or create a war-like situation so that China doesn’t remain in any condition to support Russia to the extent it is doing now. This is evident from the announcement of Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan which is a direct provocation to China implying American acceptance of Taiwan’s existence as an independent country. This is not acceptable to China, which has threatened that they will not allow her to land in Taiwan. America, however, is adamant about provoking China to the extent of war. It is also been confirmed by some military chiefs of the USA and the UK that this will be tantamount to World War III.

Neither Russia nor China wants war, but America and its western allies are provoking them to point that their very existence is in jeopardy. The USA and its allies are very active and multiple developed economies in their block something that China and Russia lack.

China should analyze the situation and understand the importance of Pakistan in this matter. It has been stated by many leading intellectuals of the time that whoever has Pakistan’s support in this global power struggle will be the next superpower. This is the time for China to cement the iron bond it shares with Pakistan.

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