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Visit of Uzbekistan by Chief Editor Interaction Mr. Nusrat Mirza

Visit to uzbekistan by Nusrat Mirza

As an International Election Observer For Presidential Election—– 4th December 2016   The Election Commission of Uzbekistan chaired by Mirza Ulaq Baig on 28th November 2016 qualified Four Candidates to contest the presidential Election on 4th September 2016. This post

Power struggle continues inside Afghan Govt

Power struggle continues inside Afghan Govt

By Catherine Putz  Two weeks after dismissing seven ministers with votes of no confidence, the Afghan parliament has urged President Ashraf Ghani to respect their decision. While the parliament was on a firing spree earlier this month, Ghani had urged

The global heart of darkness

By Nadia Barhoum In mid-November, more than 100 locals on the island of Chios descended on the Souda refugee camp in the middle of the night. Refugees were terrified; they had nowhere to go and no one to turn to

Asia’s moral duty to the Rohingya

By : Surin Pitsuwan Four years ago, violence between Muslim and Buddhist communities in Burma’s Rakhine state left scores dead and entire villages smoldering in ash. Some 140,000 people, mostly ethnic Rohingya, were internally displaced, and tens of thousands more

PM Modi set to enter Guinness world records

By M K Bhadrakumar Mongolia’s apology to Beijing and its promise never again to allow the Dalai Lama to set foot on its soil is in reality a slap on India’s face if there is such a thing possible to

Trashing Nirbhay?

By Bharat Karnad The fourth test-firing of the vertically launched Nirbhay subsonic 1,000km range cruise missile ended in failure with the wings failing properly to deploy in horizontal flight to target. In four test launches so far, the missile has

India’s demonetisation quagmire and its victims

By: Probhat Patnalk On November 8, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on television that in just four hours’ time, 86 percent of the total currency of the country would cease to be legal tender. People were asked to either

Mongols expect an Indian rescue mission

One of the saddest experiences I had in the Foreign Service was in Sri Lanka while serving in the Mission as First Secretary. The year was 1983, the turning point in the Tamil insurgency.  During the anti-Tamil pogrom in Colombo,

My views on reviews

By Shafique Ahmed Shafique Book’s Name:Lamha Lamha Teray Naam Author’s name:Noon Javaid Javaid Muhammed Khan “Shafaq” of yester-years — now only Noon Javaid is a known fiqure of Urdu literary world, especially in Urdu poetry having a rich literary background.

MI6 spies infiltrate ISIS HQ

British spies are risking their lives daily in Islamic State heartlands to “take the fight to the enemy,” the head of MI6 said recently. Alex Younger stressed agents recruited by the Secret Intelligence Service had penetrated IS “upstream” to stop