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A rogue 3-ton piece rocket debris just collided with the moon

A rogue 3-ton piece rocket debris

By Elizabeth Howell A rogue rocket stage ended its seven-year space odyssey today (March 4), finally slamming into the moon. The event took place at 7:25 a.m. EST (1225 GMT) on the lunar far side, experts say, meaning it was

What happened before the Big Bang?

What happened before the Big Bang1

Has our universe cycled through numerous “big crunches” and “big bounces?” By Paul Sutter In the beginning, there was an infinitely dense, tiny ball of matter. Then, it all went bang, giving rise to the atoms, molecules, stars and galaxies

Myths against Islam

Myths against Islam

By Shamoona Zia The reality of the countries who are involved in such inhumane acts is so acrimonious that on one side they claim to be modern, on contrary, consider Islam as a conservative religion. Nonetheless, in reality, their thoughts

Climate change – a real threat to Pakistan

There are some efforts in addressing climate change at the global and national levels By Dr Muhammad Imran The International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) published a 3675-page report earlier this week which should not be ignored due to the

New atomic clock loses only one second every 300 billion years

By Elizabeth Howell The device could help hunt dark matter or search for gravitational waves, scientists say. A group of physicists has announced one of the highest performance atomic clocks ever made. The instrument is said to measure time so

Joint statement by ‘P5′ countries restrains AUKUS practices


By Wei Dongxu Leaders of the five Nuclear-Weapon States, namely China, France, Russia, the UK and the US on Monday issued a joint statement on preventing nuclear war and avoiding arms races. This is the first time for leaders of

Winter is a gift for believers


By Bismah Mirza Its winter and that time of the year, where it rains, snow, and the sky has shades of grey, gloom and blue. Many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, during this time people stay sad or suffer

The EU state set for a big fight with Brussels in 2022

By : Paul A. Nuttall –  is a historian, author and a former politician. He was a Member of the European Parliament between 2009 and 2019 and was a prominent campaigner for Brexit. This year has seen Poland join Hungary

Spectre of war is haunting Europe


A fateful week is ending today for international security with the Russian Foreign Ministry releasing the two documents on security guarantees that Moscow had proposed to Washington as the basis for discussions to ease the tensions over NATO’s eastward expansion

The world nuclear club


While 32 countries generate atomic energy, nine have nuclear weapons and seven countries have both. By Mohammed Haddad and Hanna Duggal With the 26th UN Climate Change Conference over, nations are making plans to move to green energy in a bid to tackle