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Russia, Iran open a trade route heralding a bloc


Consequent upon the Ukraine war, as the Sea of Azov becomes an inland sea for Russia, bracketed by the Crimean Peninsula and the mouth of the River Don, the sea and rail networks of the region extend to Iranian hubs

‘Cold war never ended’ says Angela Merkel


Former chancellor refuses to apologize for Germany’s reliance on Russian gas, arguing alternative energy was too expensive Written on Jorg Luyken Angela Merkel has said “the Cold War never ended” as she admitted she should have spent more money on

SCO’s effectiveness yet to emerge


Written on Interaction Desk With Russian Ukraine conflict Russia’s importance has increased manifold. It has shown mussels to Europe as well as shown sympathy with them in supplying gas in winter. It has offered Pakistan also to supply gas and

The west waging Media war against Russia


Written on Ahmad Ali Khan The west’s best weapon against its opponent is media war in which West has the best tools under control and very advance in propagating machinery right from Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and other associated countries.

A German-China-Russia triangle on Ukraine


Germany defies US by maintaining constructive engagement with China, which Berlin sees as uniquely placed as peacemaker in Ukraine. The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken probably thought that in his self-appointed role as the world’s policeman, it was his

Ukraine war tolls death knell for NATO


The defining moment in US President Joe Biden’s press conference at the White House last Wednesday, during President Zelensky’s visit, was his virtual admission that he is constrained in the proxy war in Ukraine, as European allies don’t want a

Italy distances from ‘cancellation’ of Russia

Noam Chomsky once wrote that the astronomical cost of the Bush-Obama wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, estimated into trillions of dollars, is a major victory for Osama bin Laden, whose announced goal was to bankrupt America by drawing it into

 Art of war:  What does the Russian withdrawal from Kherson signify?

By Murat Sofuoglu Kherson is one of the strategic regions located between the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula and eastern Ukraine. The Russian retreat might mean the end of Moscow’s aim to reach Odessa and further southwest Ukraine. Over the centuries, the

The stage is set for us combat troops in Ukraine

The stage is set for us combat troops in Ukraine

By Mike Whitney There’s no doubt that the retreat from Kherson was a black-eye for the Russian Army. There’s also no doubt that the general who ordered the evacuation made the right decision. True, the optics are terrible, but optics

Going forward in Ukraine

America is left with three options, none of which is ‘propitious’ By M K Bhadrakumar US President Joe Biden spent  with a record number of ‘presidential actions’ but almost all of it devoted to America’s domestic agenda  employment opportunities and