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Back off US, says Putin Putin warns US to back off in Ukraine

Back off US, says Putin

The Biden Administration’s geopolitical agenda is to prolong the military conflict, weaken Russia militarily and diplomatically and make Europe heavily dependent on US leadership By M.K. Bhadrakumar The Western narrative of the two-month old war in Ukraine imbued with the

Return of Pax Americana

Return of Pax Americana

Ukraine crisis is about US strategy to reimpose Western dominance on Asia By M K Bhadrakumar India’s current entanglement with the United States as to whether to buy or not to buy Russian oil wears a surreal look. After all,

American sponsored Ukraine crisis

American sponsored

By Interaction Desk The United States of America is playing the role of a tyrant and it intends to maintain its dominion over the entire world by spreading terror and bloodshed, all the while claiming to be the champion of

Nuclear weapons for protection

Is it a fait accompli? By Sikandar Azam Khan The Ukraine crisis imitates those major states that will try to win wars if it involves nuclear weapons. The recent statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov implies that the next

Re-discovering strategic autonomy thank you, Ukraine Crisis!

By Bharat Karnad Diverted by the prospect of easy pickings west of the Dneiper River, which did not materialize with the Ukrainian resistance showing more mettle and staying power than Moscow expected, Russia is getting back to achieving its original

Playing Russian roulette with the foreign policy

Playing Russian roulette with the foreign policy

Khan’s acolytes acclaim his public tirade against the EU, a declaration of independence from an imperialistic West By Saria Benazir Jadoon As the Prime Minister’s ship begins to sink, the captain and his team have started to cry foul. To

Alexander Lebedev – The KGB spy who helped put Putin in the Kremlin

The KGB spy who helped

By John Sweeney The UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, was not keen on Boris Johnson, then British foreign secretary, now prime minister, going to bunga-bunga parties thrown by Evgeny Lebedev, now Baron Siberia, in his palazzo in Umbria. But why?

Gen. Wilsbach needs to learn key lessons from Russia-Ukraine conflict

Gen. Wilsbach needs to learn key

Gen. Kenneth Wilsbach, commander of Pacific Air Forces, on Monday said he hopes that one of the “key lessons” the Chinese are taking from the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine is “the solidarity of the global community” in opposing

The west v Russia why the global south isn’t taking sides

Why the global south isn't taking sides1

By David Adler On 2 March, as the number of Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia’s brutal invasion reached 1 million, the United Nations Security Council called an emergency session of the general assembly. There, 193 nations reviewed a resolution on Russia’s

Ukraine in mind, India needs a nuclear option against China

By Bharat Karnad Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement on 24 February upped the ante for all the parties involved in Ukraine. Sounding verily like his friend Donald Trump, his former American counterpart, Putin warned the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization