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Ghost experts, non-existent think tanks fuel India’s disinformation drive

ZAKI ABBAS In spite of two major exposes against the wire service in 2019 and 2020, Asian News International a major Indian ‘news’ agency continues to peddle disinformation using “non-existent” sources and ghost “experts” to target regional rivals, particularly Pakistan

Invest in defence modernisation

ASHOK K MEHTA The only surprise in the defence budget was no surprise: static, in real terms, a negative budget for modernization- the litmus test of capability enhancement for maintaining deterrence in order to meet the two-and-a-half threat challenge plus

India’s got the BRICS blues

India's got the BRICS blues

India’s got the BRICS blues The Brazilian news agency reported that Lula da Silva’s inauguration as the new president on January 1 for a historic third term amidst a carnival-like backdrop was attended by over five dozen foreign delegations, composed

Causal sequence of India’s drive to resume Nuclear Testing

Causal sequence of India's drive

India’s economic potential and the presence of large numbers of Indian Americans in American think tanks and in the current administration have created a conducive environment for tolerance of any transgression by India By Komal Khan “India may be compelled

Turkey’s paramilitary SADAT meeting discussed deploying foreign fighters to Kashmir, Palestine

Turkey's paramilitary SADAT meeting discussed

By Abdullah Bozkurt The idea of sending foreign fighters to Kashmir and Palestine against the backdrop of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict was raised during a meeting in Turkey that was organized by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s secretive paramilitary group SADAT.

Hindutva fascism calls in question India’s assertion to be a secular democracy

Hindutva fascism calls in question India's3

Barrister Sultan Mahmood Choudhary “Kashmiri diaspora has played an important role in mobilizing the global public opinion in favor of the situation in Indian occupied Kashmir. They have maintained that the rise of fascism is a clear threat to the

Danger ahead

Danger ahead1

Unresolved land border issues continue to shackle India in the north By Pravin Sawhney A good method to assess India’s military power is to understand the dynamics of its two military lines with Pakistan and China. The Line of Control

IAF will finally get a strategic bomber

IAF will finally get

By Bharat Karnad The Indian Air Force seems to be getting over the strategic hump, perhaps with a little push from the PMO, and will soon acquire the advanced and upgraded version of the Tu-160 Blackjack called the ‘White Swan’.

‘The colonisers never really left’

How the UK is enabling India’s violence against Muslims The British Empire left behind an unfinished project that the Modi regime took on By Bhavani Kunjulakshmi On 9 May 2022, the community of Shaheen Bhagh, one of Delhi’s Muslim neighbourhoods,

‘Modi has done little to punish China’

'Modi has done little to punish China’1

‘It is only when Beijing sees a country with an infirm political will such as India that it acts up as the PLA has done in eastern Ladakh’ By Bharat Karnad Will Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan have a domino