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India is burning by hatred campaign and plan to convert it to mono-religious country. RSS which killed Mahatma Gandhi and distributed sweets over his death and celebrated it as its big success is now ruling India.

Although Indian economic growth is dazzling, its IT industry is source of attraction but behind these cosmetics there is a draconian India, a night mare and worst place for minorities. After Muslims and Sikhs now, Christians are target of RSS led hate mongers. Gandhi’s tolerance, peace loving philosophy is completely buried in India. Manipur is the recent example.

India always hides its ugly face behind its economic development, its advancement in information technology, its aggressive foreign policy, its weapon of mass disinformation means its media and film industry, and it takes advantage of being the biggest consumer market. It is also a strategic ally of United States of America.

So, despite gross human rights violation, killings, biased policy, Hindutva policy, RSS dominant government, so called human rights champions who have dual standards of human rights and had given license to Isreal and India to do whatever they want. Some slight tone reports they think are enough for them.

No sanctions, no penalties rather they encourage them in one or other way. It is a fact that India is the worst place for minorities on the earth. The ruling party and its Prime Minister have a history of violence, hatred and anti-minorities policies.

It is worth mentioning that once Narendra Modi was banned in USA at that time he was called, “The Butcher of Gujrat” who was involved in genocide of Muslims and his hands are red with the blood of thousands of innocent people including women, children and elderly people. Narendra Modi is darling of America but history would not forget those who are ignoring the atrocities of Indian government, its forces against minorities.

Previously Muslims and Sikh were prime target of extremists but now it is the turn of Christians. RSS Philosophy is in full swing in India. Gandhi’s India has sunk under the burden of Hindutva Titanic and now on the surface it is RSS and Nathuram Godse’s India.

For the last one month there is worst violence continued in Manipur where three hundred churches burned to ash or razed to ground. Manipur after Kashmir is the second most violent hit area in India. It is the second biggest law and order failure in India.

The situation is turning worst in the eastern border state which is surrounded by Myanmar and China. Situation is so worst that even Schools, hospitals and ambulances were not spared. Although Hinduism like other religions does not teach violence and the father of India Mohandas Gandhi preached non-violence and “Ahansah” but the current Indian government is the follower of killer of Gandhi. Meitei Christians are pressurized by extremist Hindus to convert back to Hinduism or to traditional Meitei religion.

This is the ugly, fierce and dirty but the real face of India, which now cannot be hidden behind its development drum beat. When you lose humanity, you lose everything and mark my words your development can not save you. It is the sunnah of Almighty Allah. Gandhi knows it but present rulers of India don’t.  

According to “Bibles for the world” 1,900 houses had been attacked and destroyed. More than 300 churches were destroyed. Manipur Hindu majority people group and Christian’s tribal minorities have lived in tension. Modi’s government and Hindutva’s followers threw fuel into it. Over 45,000 people took refuge at various camps and safe places. RSS, BJP and Hindutva followers want India free from all minorities including Muslim, Sikh and Christians.

The situation in Manipur is the worst as various types of diseases and pandemic broke out in affected areas. Manipur Christians are considered as the worst enemies and BJP and RSS are fully back this perception. It is well planned and organized butchery. It is a campaign of cleansing minorities.

On 4th June, 2023 alone, 15 villages, 15 churches and 11 schools in the Sungnu areas in Manipur were set ablaze by extremists. Earlier on 30th May, 2023 eight villages, in Chandel and seven villages in Kongpokpi were burned down.

Surprisingly, licensed guns that were initially submitted to the concerned districts superintendent of Police officers were found to have been used by Arambai Tenggol in the attack on the Kuki Zo community. This indicates that police is helping extremists. Everything which has a Christian identity or Christian marks was attacked by the majority community in Manipur. Lord Altom of Liver Pool raised this issue in UK before its government. Bishop Truro described it “genocide of Christians”.

A few days before a mob attacked at Manipur University which is administered by Christians Kukis, free hand was given to extremists they killed people mercilessly. It is a barbarism and the Christians are surprised why UNO, USA, EU and international community is silent over their genocide.

Manipur is a hill state in north east India, bordering Myanmar to its east and south, the central inhabitable are is the Imphal valley occupying about 10% of the land area of the state, which is mainly populated by the Meitei people. The surrounding hills are inhabited by hill tribes, who are classified as Kukis in the Southern portion and Naga in the northern portion.

The Meitei’s who are largely Hindus, but also have Muslims and Christians and Buddhist are also reside there represent 53% of the population. The tribal population consisting of predominantly Christians, Kukis and Nagas form 40 % of the state’s 3.5 million population. The Mitie dominate politically in the Manipur Legislative assembly out of 60 seats 19 are reserved for scheduled tribes i.e. Naga and Kuki.

Remaining 40 are general seats out of which 39 are occupied by Mitie. To counter RSS and Hindutva philosophy and hatred three militant organizations are working there, among them Kuki National Army (KNA) and Zoni National Evolutional Army (ZNRA) are working.

On 20 April, 2023 a judge of Manipur has given a verdict and directed the state government to give Mitie a schedule caste status while they are in majority and have political and economic dominance.

The Kuki feared that the Schedule Tribe Status (ST) would allow the Meitei’s purchase land un the prohibited areas. A widespread protest was started and violence broke out. On 28th April, 2023 curfew was imposed, internet supply was cut off in eight districts of Manipur.

Numerous witnesses and members of security forces have put much of the anti-Kuki violence on two Meitei extremist organizations called ‘Arambai Tenggol’ and ‘Meitei Leepun’. An army officer likened them to the Hindutva organizations behind the Ram Navami procession violence in other parts of the country, and stated them to be responsible for setting homes, businesses and churches on fire.

The officers also alleged that the organizations had the support of the state government, and that they had marked Kuki homes with red paint in advance in order to be able to identify them. These groups are said to have formed 23 years earlier, and were linked to the chief minister Biren Singh and the Member of Parliament Leishemba Sanajaoba. On 28 May, a fierce gunfight was reported between militants of surrendered Valley-based Insurgent Groups (VBIGs), now operating under the Arambai Tenggol banner, and a unit of Assam Rifles.

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