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Assassination of Pakistan’s top Generals and the President – 17 August 1988

Assassination of Pakistan's top Generals 1

By Zaid Hamid The crash of the C130 of Pakistani president General Zia in 1988 was one of the greatest tragedies to befall on the Muslim world in the 20th century. This man was so dangerous for Israel & India

Pakistan, back to bad old days

Guarantor of peace

By Babar Cheema It is abundantly clear that Pakistan has decisively re-joined the American camp after a brief interregnum. It is the same old transactional relationship now. Pressure was piling up on Pakistan because of dire economic straits. Confronted with

Center for International Strategic Studies Sindh (CISSS)  “Physics and Mechanics of Nuclear Technology and Its Applications”


by Dr Ansar Parvez —- 1- 4 August 2022 Dr Ansar Parvez, Advisor (Nuclear Power) National Command Authority, former Chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, conducted a four-day workshop at CISSS from 1 to 4 August on “Physics and Mechanics

The rise and fall of political dynasties

The rise and fall of

By Ashok K Mehta Sri Lanka has witnessed its Arab Spring moment. Accused of enjoying extra-constitutional authority and with 27 military-led task forces in governance, the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) has steered clear of intervention in support of Rajapaksas. The

Mortal and immortal heads of hydra terrorism strikes back in Pakistan

Mortal and immortal heads of hydra

By Ihsan Ghani The reality is that terrorism like Hydra was never over, its mortal head (extremism) is still alive. It got multiplied, resulting in a worsening security situation. Pakistan’s focus was mostly restricted to Tactical Counter-Terrorism (TCT) and no

Comparative analysis of the nuclear doctrines of India & Pakistan


By Hafeez ullah Khan The Credible Minimum Deterrence doctrine adopted by India dictates the minimum nuclear arsenal necessary only to meet security requirements. This doctrine, in essence, is defensive in nature and non-aggressive in nature, unlike the Strategic Deterrence doctrine.

PTI Foreign Funding Case

PTI foreign

Documents show a money trail from Abraaj Group to the PTI, claims the Financial Times By Simon Clark The PTI Foreign Funding Case awaits the announcement of the reserved verdict of the Election Commission of Pakistan and had been under

Imran Khan rewrites Pakistan’s political history

Imran Khan rewrites Pakistan's political history1

Against the odds and powerful rivals pitted against him, former PM Khan’s win in Punjab elections is a victory for democracy and Pakistan’s sovereignty By M K Bhadrakumar It is an unsavoury proposition always, be it in India or Pakistan,

Time for truth about the murder of Pakistan’s leader, Zia Ul-Haq

By Eric S. Margolis The 1988 assassination of Pakistan’s President, Zia ul-Haq remains one of our era’s abiding major mysteries. Only the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy has produced wilder speculation and more conspiracy theories. A recent article

Jacinda sees a bit of Benazir in herself

Jacinda sees a bit of Benazir in herself

By Anwar Iqbal Paying homage to the late Benazir Bhutto, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recalled what the first woman to lead a Muslim majority country had proposed 30 years ago, an association of states to protect democracy and