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Japan should be open to China joining the CPTPP

Japan should be open to 1

Beijing’s application is a one-off opportunity for Tokyo to exert influence By Wang Huiyao In 2012, two U.S. analysts penned an article in Foreign Policy headlined “A Tale of Two Asias,” describing the continent’s contrasting Jekyll and Hyde sides. On

China’s remarkable rise in economic, technological, and military prowess is radically reshaping the world order during an uncertain age, but will the future bring Cold War-style rivalry, collaboration, or both?

China's remarkable rise in economic1

By Graham Allison It takes a lot to impress Professor Graham Allison when it comes to geopolitics. He is, after all, the Cold Warrior’s Cold Warrioras one of America’s most influential defense policy analysts and advisors, he was twice awarded

Wanting peace with Russia to focus aggressions on China is just being an imperialist warmonger

Wanting peace with Russia to focus aggressions

By Caitlin Johnstone Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz criticized the Biden administration’s dangerous escalations against Russia on the House floor on Monday, not because he thinks needlessly ramping up cold war brinkmanship with a nuclear-armed nation is an insane thing to

China’s Eurasian power and world dominance

China's Eurasian power and world dominance

By Muhammad Usman Karim China is becoming a powerful Eurasian state, and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) may give an opportunity for China to better interact with the area and accomplish its geopolitical objectives. Furthermore, the project underscores China’s

‘China may resort to new types of warfare’

'China may resort to new types of warfare’

‘War will take place in the realms beyond the border’ By Archana Masih “The social contract of the Chinese Communist party with the people of China will be severely damaged if there is a border war and if there are

China digging in for long haul in Ladakh

China digging in for 1

By Jayadeva Ranade The Chinese have been rapidly building defence infrastructure along the Line of Actual Control indicating that they are preparing for a long period of tension with India. While all may appear quiet on our northern front, much

India watches as China ‘accelerates’ construction along border with Bhutan


US allows international banks to transfer aid money to Afghanistan China speeded up construction in 2021, according to new satellite images and experts, erecting more than 200 structures in six areas along the disputed frontiers with Bhutan, a tiny Himalayan

Himalayan bridge project sparks fresh China – India tension


By Bilal Hussain The tension between India and China is mounting again in the Himalayan region of Ladakh over a new bridge constructed by the Chinese on the banks of the Pangong Tso Lake in eastern Ladakh. Analysts say there

Xijinpingistan is why India should co-opt Pakistan


By Bharat Karnad It is my perennial lament. I pen it again, with sorrow, on the country’s 73rd Republic Day. (Yea, I watched the parade but what’s with the marching columns with .303 rifles of World War I vintage, or

Mixed signals from Ladakh


By M. K. Bhadrakumar Is the glass half empty? Or, is the glass half full? How would you choose to describe the recent meeting of the Indian and Chinese army commanders at Chushul-Moldo border in Ladakh? It may not seem