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China’s Economy is on Rebound

Yangshan harbor of Shanghai

The heart of the matter is that China’s GDP growth of 3% translates as a year-on-year expansion of its economy touching $18 trillion China’s economic data for the year 2022 has been released in Beijing on Tuesday. The striking part

China preparing for ‘water war’ with India

China preparing for 'water 1

By Hemant Waje China has stepped up preparations for a future water war with India by accelerating the construction of a huge dam on the Mabja Zangbo River, just a few kilometres north of the trijunction border with India and

Chinese Yuan is the new dollar


Chinese entrepreneur Wang Min is delighted about Russia’s embrace of the yuan. His LED lights company can price contracts to Russian customers in yuan rather than dollars or euros, and they can pay him in yuan. It’s “win-win”, he says.

Inflation is a bigger danger than red China

Inflation is a bigger

By Eric S. Margolis A few billion here, a few billion there, and suddenly we are looking at real money. Even more important, is real inflation. Governments all over have been spending like drunken sailors in a desperate attempt to

No reduction in strength of Chinese troops at LAC

No reduction in strength 2

Army Chief on Eastern Ladakh Standoff The situation in eastern Ladakh is “stable but unpredictable”, Army Chief Gen Manoj Pande said on Saturday amid the over 30-month standoff between the Indian and Chinese troops in the high-altitude region. In an

‘Xi will wait for the Modi government to make the reconciliation moves’

'Xi will wait for the Modi government 1

By Bharat Karnad “The Chinese leadership considers the Galwan surprise a great tactical military success, and wants to wallow in it,” about the screening of the Galwan Valley footage where Indian and Chinese troops fought in June 2020 at the

‘China wants to keep India on the hook’

'China wants to keep India on the hook'1

‘This was Indian land the PLA advanced on and occupied’ ‘The Chinese then ‘negotiated’ a pullback of their troops a small distance on Indian Territory even as Indian jawans draw back further into India from the forward position’ ‘An apparently

China could overtake us in space without ‘urgent action,’ warns new Pentagon report

China could overtake us in space without

America needs a long-term goal in space to be able to compete with Beijing, Pentagon industrial-base group By Jacqueline Feldscher The United States could be eclipsed by China in orbit unless it unites around a common goal for space, as

After Pelosi’s visit, most of the Indo-Pacific sides with Beijing

After Pelosi's visit, most of the

Almost the entire region backs China but the regime’s behavior has also crystallized support for Taiwan By Derek Grossman U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan this month prompted China to conduct unprecedented military drills that included surrounding the

China’s military was built to defeat America in a Taiwan war

China's military was built to 1

By Daniel Davis Taipei on Saturday warned that significant Chinese military drills in the seas around Taiwan and in the air over the island represented a simulation of an attack. On Monday, China announced that it was extending the maneuvers,