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Pakistan to Assess its Strength

Pakistan is currently faced with a unique issue. It seems that the current system of governance is in shambles. One government has been overthrown but not completely and the new government, while being supported by all institutions, does not has

Imran Khan Survives No Confidence vote on Technical Ground – National Assembly Dissolved for early Elections

Pakistan is experiencing a unique era of re-building and re-inventing itself. Since its inception, Pakistan has faced severe problems but due to the resilience of the nation and mainly due to ALLAH’s blessings the nation has endured. We Pakistani’s witnessed

Operation Swift Retort – evidence of Pakistan’s defense capabilities

February 27, 2019, was a day of pride for Pakistanis because despite the tall claims of the enemies of Pakistan its defenders proved once again that they are capable of defending the motherland and are prepared for all eventualities. The

2022: Year of Kashmir’s Liberation?

The British, while leaving the sub-continent purposefully created many disputes to ensure tensions between Pakistan and India and also to punish the Muslims of the Sub-Continent. Among the issues, the most problematic and the most dangerous was the issue of

Complete Failure of Governance

Prime Minister Imran Kahn came into office in 2018 and while many had reservations regarding his victory but a majority of the general public had great hopes from his government. Prime Minister Imran Khan succeeded in winning the hearts of

War of Nerves

Mirza Kashif Baig Editor                           The world is increasingly becoming inhumane and chaotic. With each passing day, humanity is becoming nonexistent. Human lives have become worthless and are being

Humanitarian Crisis – World should help Afghanistan

By Mirza Kashif Baig Afghanistan has remained a battleground for over two decades thanks to America and its allies. The western world has committed countless human rights violations in Afghanistan and has left the country in a deplorable state. It

Pentagon betrayed American administration

By Mirza Kashif Baig Pakistan and the USA have shared a very strange relationship. America has called Pakistan its ally but has done everything in its power to destabilize and destroy our country. If one thinks about American behavior should

A word of caution

By Mirza Kashif Baig The victory of the Afghan Taliban against the US and the western powers is a great achievement for a militia like the Afghan Taliban while at the same time it is a great strategic success for

Internal Situation going out of Control?

Pakistan is very unique in many ways and one aspect which sets the country apart is the fact that the most grievous threats faced by the country are ones posed internally. While the nation is quite capable to handle external