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The Zionist occupation of Palestine started with the support of the Western world who have championed the process of stealing land by way of genocide of the indigenous people. Since 1948, the Zionists have steadily, by use of force and violence, acquired more and more Palestinian territory, all the while subjecting the Palestinians to the worst form of oppression and the entire world has turned a blind eye to these matters. The Hamas-Israel conflict which began on October 07, 2023, seems to be deeper than the obvious dispute arising from Zionists’ occupation of Palestine. According to some intellectuals, it is a false flag attack like that of 9/11 staged by America and the Zionists.

As per this theory, the war should be viewed together with the Ukraine war which is in line with the four-pronged American agenda to maintain global hegemony whereby, Britain was to exit from the European Union, there is to be a mass migration of Asians, and Africans back to their home countries, Global inflation and eventually war. Wars in this case are well thought out to have maximum benefit for America and the Zionist regime. Russia was forced into a war with Ukraine with heavy support to Ukrainians being sent by Western countries.

This has benefited the USA by keeping Russia in check, similarly, this current war between Hamas and the Zionist regime is staged to corner the Muslims of Gaza and eliminate them from the land. Also, this war may be aimed at Iran as well because it is rumored that Iran has achieved 83% uranium enrichment, and at 93% it will become a nuclear power. An attack on Iran would prevent it from becoming a nuclear power. Iran understands this threat and has therefore distanced itself from the war in Gaza and is doing its best to convince the Western world that it is not an active supporter of Hamas.

Also, this will pave the way for 1 or two more wars to cement American hegemony and to successfully conclude the greater Israel Plan. Alternately, it is also believed that this attack on the Zionist regime was a response by other global powers to the USA and to distract the West from the Ukraine war. Even though this theory is considered, the swiftness of the response illustrates extreme readiness, and it seems to be serving American interests. Therefore, it is believed that similar to the 9/11 attack, the Americans and the Zionist regimes were aware of the plan, and they let it happen to fuel their agenda.

The American establishment understands that the biggest obstacle in the path of tyrannical designs is their own nation, which is why they conduct such false flag operations to get their people to support their actions. While this American philosophy works in the short term to justify the actions in the long run these wars and atrocities have destroyed American society. School shootings and violent crimes have increased drastically in the USA. US soldiers are increasingly suffering from severe mental illnesses, but all this is acceptable damage for the US regime. Whichever theory is considered, the global situation is grim with destruction and death in every corner.

The world needs to understand that the Gaza dispute needs to be effectively addressed with a two-state solution. There is a dire need for a permanent ceasefire, leading to a permanent settlement, and the Zionist regime needs to be forced to stop the genocide in Gaza. At this moment, the anti-Zionist sentiment has reached its peak globally due to the atrocities they are committing in Gaza. Global powers need to band together to prevent a spillover of this conflict, which would engulf the whole world as this is the final act of the USA and its Zionist partner to ensure their hegemony.

Right now, emerging giants like Russia and China are competing against each other and are trying to fight back individually which is not enough. They also need to establish a decisive strategic alliance with regional powers such as Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan if they wish to emerge victorious from this scenario. This conflict must be diffused through decisive collective measures; otherwise, it could escalate and evolve into a world war.

Some writers and intellectuals assert that, regardless of how the war in Gaza concludes, Israel has already lost. Others emphasize the perceived double standards of the USA in the Gaza and Ukraine conflicts, attributing it to Western hypocrisy. The Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister is calling for reforms in the global security structure, highlighting the perception that the system is skewed in favor of the USA and serves American interests.

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