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Chinese military paper urges increase in nuclear deterrence capabilities

China must strengthen its nuclear deterrence and counter-strike capabilities to keep pace with the developing nuclear strategies of the United States and Russia, the official paper of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said on Tuesday. US President Donald Trump’s administration

The destructive dynamics of political tribalism

By AMY CHUA By now we all understand that America is in the grip of political tribalism. We lament and condemn this phenomenon even as we voraciously engage in it. But by fixating on the symptoms, we remain blind to

‘China deploys warships in Indian Ocean’

Chinese naval contingent deployed near the Maldives 1. A Chinese naval contingent has been deployed in the East Indian Ocean 2. This comes at a time when the Maldives is undergoing a political crisis Indian Ocean region: New tug of

Pakistan’s development by-product of China’s global integration

By Dr M Amanullah & Muhammad Usman Khan China has undertaken the One Belt-One Road (OBOR), which is the path for increased connectivity through diplomacy, trade and economic cooperation. While global trade talks have stagnated, China seeks new trade routes

China is winning without fighting

Notwithstanding the ongoing gradual surge in target killings of Chinese nationals, security apparatus of the country has already done its bit by bringing marked decrease in the recurrence of terror acts across the country By Muhammad Ali Baloch “America has

Industrial transformation in China

After experiencing rapid economic growth over the last three decades, China has been moving towards a new phase of development. The overall policy direction for this transformation stems from the 13th five-year plan (2016-2020), which was adopted by the Chinese

‘Belt and Road’ Imperialism with Chinese characteristics

Gigantic Belt and Road infrastructure plan  spearhead for Chinese dictatorship’s economic and geopolitical strategy By Vincent Kolo The gigantic Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has assumed increasing importance for the regime of China’s ‘strongman’ Xi Jinping. The BRI, also known

Very dangerous situation developing US massacres Russian personnel in Syria

By M K Bhadrakumar Veteran soldiers are known to have dark humor. While talking to the press party accompanying him on Tuesday, the US Defence Secretary James Mattis chuckled over the deadly air attack by American jets on a column

US to raise Kurdish force in Syria ignoring Turkey’s warnings

The Turkish President Recep Erdogan scaled up his rhetoric against Washington dramatically as the countdown begins for the visit by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Ankara on February 15. Addressing the Turkish parliament, Erdogan hit hard that the

Israel gets bloody nose in Syria:  What next?

On Saturday, when Israeli jets undertook yet another bombing raid  this time an audacious attack on a drone base at the T4 airbase in Homs province deep inside Central Syria  a nasty surprise awaited them. They were confronted by the